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xinlangkeji· 2016-12-06 07:17:52

" Sina Technology News Beijing time on December 6th morning news, market research firm IDC released the latest report, smart watches Apple Corp Apple Watch is still the most popular, in the overall market share of about 40%, but the 1 million 100 thousand sale only scrape wearable smart devices list of the top five, the reason is that the market is dominated by cheap fitness wristbands, this trend from the beginning of the year has continued.

report shows that Fitbit, Xiamo and Garmin production of fitness tracking equipment sales were higher than the Watch Apple. In these wearable smart device manufacturers, only the Apple Corp's sales have declined year on year. estimated that the number of Watch Apple sold in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period last year decreased by 71%.

for investors, Apple Watch sales decline is worrying, this is because the Apple Corp in the third quarter released Apple Watch Series 2, in GPS, processor, waterproof function and display improvements. Watch Series Apple 2 until the end of September began to sell, so the decline in sales of some of the reasons for the user is likely to wait for new products listed, but because of the lack of inventory has not yet started. But in any case, sales fell by more than 70% is not a good thing.

in the overall wearable smart devices on the market, the Apple Corp accounted for 4.9% of the share, occupy the market leadership is Fitbit, its share of up to 23%.

but the IDC data also showed that only on the smart watch market, Apple Watch will continue to occupy the top spot, accounted for about 40%. Garmin use vivoactive Garmin and other low-end products to the second place, while the Apple Corp in the field of smart phones, the main rival Samsung in this market column third. Over the past year, the Apple Corp in the smart watch market share gradually decreased; in the third quarter of 2015, the company occupies a total of 70% of the overwhelming share.

Apple Corp in the two aspects of software and hardware are improved, respectively, launched the watchOS smart watch the new operating system and hardware Apple Watch 3 new Series 2, but consumers feel that this improvement is still time.

is worth mentioning is that the Apple Corp did not disclose the official Watch Apple sales data, all related data are based on the expectations of IDC analysts, so there is a large deviation may be. Watch Apple sales, investors can only be understood through the Apple Corp's other products business revenue data indirectly, this business covers the Watch Beats, Apple, iPod and other products.

the current market is focusing on Watch Apple in the holiday shopping season sales performance, the reason is that many analysts believe that this is a very strong seasonal products. In the Christmas gift frenzy, this product sales is likely to soar. (Tang Feng)

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