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Massage salary delivery courier services.

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original title: 2016 industry rankings released! Are you on the right line?

courier income over a million, room income of over 10000, parental income of over a million...... When one is "over ten thousand" news has repeatedly been mentioned in the media, as a white collar you, whether there is an impulse to escape the office, to join the "income of over 10000" in the ranks of.

, a large blue collar recruitment platform 58 city recruitment of special investigation according to the income of city service industry, combined with the recruitment of 58 city background big data released 2016 City paid services list.

"center" TOP10 which ranked high paying jobs were masseuse, fitness coach, Yuesao, mechanic, beautician, air-conditioning installation work, courier, delivery, driver, cook. Among them, the highest income of the massage therapist salary of 17669 yuan, while with the fitness craze swept, fitness coach with an average monthly salary of 15225 yuan in second.

high salary reason


. City people suffering from "lazy" errands "cancer" money

O2O with the vigorous development of buddies from happiness within slowly accepted, convenient consumption let us suffer from "lazy cancer" - Zhai popular culture: buy buy, buy homes to eat eat. Thus, family run errands market rose to the courier, delivery staff representative ", the strong market demand that their wages climbed the peak.


58 city recruitment data show that the north, on the broad, deep four first-tier cities in the room, the average salary reached 6829 yuan; the average salary is 7028 yuan courier. When 618, double eleven, twelve electricity supplier carnival, courier salary is easily over a million.

courier paid more than in the first tier cities in the performance, in the second tier cities are also very eye-catching. A well-known brand of Nanjing express company leader Mr. Gao said, "normal month, we can get the courier average salary of five thousand or six thousand yuan, and send a peak in" double 11 ", some send pieces a month income can reach more than 10 thousand yuan."


. Light luxury consumption touted

paid to Yuesao massage with people's pocketbook bulging slowly, some personalized, high-end service demand coming into sight, to massage, private education, childcare Sao as the representative of the city service industry position is becoming increasingly popular, salary stalls also repeatedly hit a new high.

58 city recruitment data show that in the first three quarters of 2016, the salary of the massage therapist, fitness coach at the forefront of the increase. In Shanghai, for example, the average salary of the massage division reached 17669 yuan, an increase of 26.5% over the same period last year.

rising consumer demand for skilled practitioners of the service level also put forward higher requirements to the parental market demand as an example, from the simple to accompany with professional nursing knowledge and rich parenting experience, with the gold month sister-in-law ordinary Yuesao salary difference up to 2 times. Affected by the high salary, some of the nursing students also joined in, making this industry has become highly educated, highly skilled practitioners arena.


. "Lan Xiang" more than network red technology workers' income

market economy, the relationship between supply and demand determine the market price, some city service industry salary rise. To a certain extent, also reflects the surge in demand for labor in some segments. With "Lan Xiang" as the representative of the professional and technical school has already from the network to the reality.

air conditioning installation, for example, 58 city recruitment data show that in the first three quarters of 2016, the position of the national employment gap was 114 thousand. Corresponding to this, the average wage of the national air conditioning installation significantly in 2016 has maintained a rising trend, in September the average wage of air conditioning in Beijing has reached 8310 yuan. In the installation of air-conditioning season, more well-known air-conditioning companies to pay to attract air conditioning installation workers.

well behind

"to express the general salary basic salary + commission delivery" to calculate, to send more money only, "and they can brave the wind and dew daytime work norm. And courier work of similar nature and delivery, in bad weather in the north, the delivery staff must be delivery to the hands of users within the specified time, it is possible to obtain Commission 5-6 yuan / single, if later than the stipulated time to this one may go.

, relatively speaking, a fitness coach and Yuesao safer work environment, not exposed to the weather". But in fact, parental responsibilities more, a little accident, the salary is likely to come to nothing.

, the 58 city recruitment director Liu Kan said, "many people only see the courier, delivery staff, salary Yuesao over 10000, but actually did not know the hardships behind."

in contrast to the salary of blue collar workers, white-collar salary situation is what kind of?

"2016 China University students employment report," published in 2016 paid career (white-collar class) ranking.

"computer science and technology both in half a year after graduation three years after graduation salary or wages are ranked first. In addition, the "business management" (4738 yuan), "real estate business" (4673 yuan), financial (bank / Fund / Securities / futures / money) "($4663) and graduates engaged in occupation high salary.

salary increase faster professional has

in addition to high paying jobs, the fastest rising career category is also subject to the attention of job seekers. Data show that the 2012 graduates engaged in 3 years after the monthly income or the largest occupational category is "Art / design / creativity", from 3117 yuan after six months to 3 years after 6703 yuan, or up to 115%. "Construction project" and "sales" category of occupations were 106%, 103% of the monthly income gains, ranked second, third.

promotion fast professional has


promotion faster professional ranking and the top two are not the same. Art design, international economy and trade, the degree of the top three Chinese language; and ranked in the employment rate, income in the top computer science and technology, the same law, mechanical design and manufacturing automation, in the end.


. These words: the turnover rate in the ten major professional, low turnover rate of civil engineering major, three years to replace a small number of employers, is the most stable professional. International economy and trade and art design professional is relatively the most unstable.

. Professional work of civil engineering and accounting professional work and a high degree of correlation, have reached more than 80%. But the international economy and trade is only 52%.

read the two reports, is not found, Wen Road has, industry specializing in surgery, although at the blue collar wage is high, really is not an ordinary white-collar workers want to change careers can turn. Do the work at hand, enhance their professional strength, than not come too much to consider!

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