The two generation of the storm hit the army star husband crying apology major general wife: do not have to


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"star husband to you! I suspect you of tax evasion, illegal income, consumption of funds of unknown origin, usury, oppress the poor people, illegal transfer of assets, in collusion with the underworld money laundering etc. in addition, now, for the sake of justice, all charges to your wife suspected of joint star Aum Lukkana "-- the wrath of police.

BAll" (below) interview choked said: "I, me, I can go to the hospital to see the beaten son commander? By the way I speak, really, I really want to see how well the injury rehabilitation, but also seriously? "

to the 38th army commander Benyanuva (Mrs. hall beat mother) said:" no! "

victims was hit after photo comparison of

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to the 38th army commander Yi tailles mansion photo

12" on Sept. 5, the official: "a son beaten generals still slowly go, now listen to each department, the suspect Ball of all kinds of financial sources to check upside down, if found suspicious sources of funds, immediately seized any associated black organizations and individuals awaiting trial! "The police and the judicial financial units responded:" all kinds of Ball and related property, including houses, shops, cars and other related items, will close one by one investigation, and for bank deposits and consumer financing will in accordance with the single number of inventory, and then test the existence of illegal tax evasion and black income! For the suspicion of usury, the police special investigation team has been set up, and never let go of any clues! "

news review summary

Thailand generals son was involved in [[

] the star incident review] beaten generals son said, the evening of November 25th, I was in Chiang Mai Malin sky 23:30 bar, on the toilet, the door is 4 bodyguards refused to claim, the star is on the toilet, exclusion no need to avoid their own conditions, to feel unfair treatment, but forward to no avail, had to run to the female toilet, but after returning to the bar was just 4 bodyguards around beating him, the way to beat the bar lift, finally around college students with the help of the 4. Just hit bodyguard was separated, but when he has been delirious, almost fainting. [

] the left eye were severely hit not open, can affect vision, secondly, the upper end of the nasal bone and soft tissue burst, cheek and right shoulder hit, bruises, abrasions serious knee joint sprain. A man is 23 years old this year, Chiang Mai is a University of economics and Management Department of senior, father of thirty-eighth army military commander Yataye's difficult.

[related star] Lukkana Aum (as well as her boyfriend BAll), Mark, Taew, Mew. Mew [Taew Mark

collective response] 4 bodyguards belong to the hotel security system, did not bring security personnel to enter, so to see the event also did not know. The police statement, will no longer be the star as a survey!

[Aum Lukkana] truth boyfriend Ball is behind, he is the boss behind the bar, do not know the identity of the case was hit, personally ordered 4 bodyguards to play dead! And after the event, "I'm a star husband! Star husband know?!! Who am I afraid of! Ah!? Have the ability to tell me ah!? [results] "

involved bars have been removed in situ, operating without a license, a permanent stop suspected of illegal business, collusion Chiang Mai underworld gang affray, intentional assault that seriously injured! Police have begun a comprehensive collection of evidence, not to pass any offense can be prosecuted! Please see below after [December 3rd]

[news summary December 3rd news summary]

Thailand generals son was beaten in 1 - hit to house 38 military commander prayudh son, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ba Yi will attracted great attention, in December 2nd, the bar was directly involved in the demolition, and all kinds of crane the demolition equipment will soon leveled the bar. In addition, the local Chiang Mai army has been deployed, the local black gang doomed.

Thailand generals son was beaten in 2 - Background: Hard House 38 military commanders son was beaten, although someone's bar has been razed to the ground, but Thailand's army did not stop, and no forgiveness! That night, the military and police station overnight all Chiang Mai bar (about 350) responsible person pulled out, and said that any Chiang Mai bars are registered according to the law and obtain the legal right to operate, if there is collusion illegal underworld bar to make trouble, so the beaten involved bar is your future!

Thailand will be hit by the son of the generals 3 - now hit people and how to fight?

12 3, the afternoon, the authorities in an interview with reporters, said: "the beating is not how ah! (), people do not care too much about the beating, because we are still slowly a conviction! How can so quick! In addition, being hit while injured 38 military commanders to house the son of major general Yataye, currently in Chiang Mai the hospital, but the family refused to accept any interview with reporters, and the son of ward area around the heavily guarded military officers.

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