Wuhan "breaking bad" manufacturing factory, products are exported to overseas

Wuhan exported to Europe and the United States death the public prosecutor

chutiandoushibao· 2016-12-06 13:35:28

" Wuhan associate professor at a well-known universities majoring in chemistry Zhang friends opened joint drug companies, together with chemistry graduate Powell et al., a class of psychotropic drug production control of the country exported to Europe and the United States, monthly sales of about $600 thousand, called the Chinese version of "dead poison".

was eventually pulled out when the parcel Customs seized drug manufacturing dens, gang members have been arrested. Yesterday, Zhang and other 4 people suspected of smuggling, trafficking, transportation, manufacture of drugs in the Wuhan intermediate people's court for trial.

2005, an associate professor at a famous university in Wuhan Zhang and friends Yang et al, the production and sale of psychotropic drugs conspiracy has not yet been included in China's regulation, and set up a chemical limited company in the Han dynasty. After the training of workers manufacturing, products are sold to countries and regions, such as Britain and the United states.

company was founded in the beginning, by Zhang provides a synthesis method of some products, Zhang Yang, according to the change of customer demand and control system, and actively develop new products can replace the pipe products, the number of products for reimbursement, and the preparation of the production process. The main production and sales of

products for 3,4 - methylene two oxy methcathinone (company known as No. 4), precursor chemicals needed in production were obtained through to the private illegal purchase and other non normal channels. Tracing to evade Customs, to overseas shipping take fake name way to muddle through.

2014, the company's flagship product, No. 4 and No. 5, No. 13, No. 20, No. 45 and other products, was included in our class of psychotropic drug control directory, but because of huge profits, Zhang, Yang et al before obtaining the psychotropic drug production license, still in the illegal production and sale the product.

company legal representative Yang is responsible for product sales orders and customer contact, Associate Professor Zhang is responsible for technical guidance, pingmou is responsible for payment of the goods, production orders issued, procurement of raw materials, packaging and delivery of accounting work, chemistry graduate Powell is responsible for research and development of new products, improve product technology and guide production workers.

2014 in November, the Wuhan customs in Tianhe Airport from the company sent to the outside of the parcel seized suspicious items.

2015 in June 16th, the Wuhan Customs Bureau of investigation personnel in a district of Optics Valley has arrested pingmou, Zhang, the next day in the company laboratory captured the Powell, in July 6th of the same year, Yang surrendered the initiative.

identified the express parcel of goods and drug manufacturing dens seized products are a class of psychoactive drugs seized control of the country, a class of psychoactive drugs about 4 kg, suspected state control of psychotropic drugs more than 20 kilograms.

it is understood, seized in the case of "3,4 - methylene two oxy methcathinone" is a new spirit of hallucinogenic drug is very strong, can cause hallucinations, nasal bleeding, nausea, vomiting and blood circulation, skin rash, anxiety, paranoia, mydriasis, even death, commonly known as "zombie drug". The drug

has been banned in Europe and the United States, China in 2014 will be included in the control of psychotropic drugs directory , its harm is not inferior to traditional drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine.

court, Zhang, Yang, Powell, pingmou and other 4 people accused of a crime that no objection, but argued that the research is not any chemical technology company.

public prosecutor said that 4 people were illegal manufacture and sale of state control of a class of psychotropic drugs amounted to 31.9 kg, a huge amount, its behavior has constituted the crime of smuggling, trafficking, transportation, manufacture of drugs. The court will choose a sentencing date

. (Reporter Yu Hao Intern Guo Jiahui)

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