Beijing flight 65 aircraft collision after the fire


beiqingwang· 2016-12-06 15:19:44

capital airport cargo flight 65 aircraft after the fire emergency avoidance

Chinese according to civil aviation network news, December 1st night at 22:20, the capital airport aircraft flying from Beijing to Seoul Airport in foreign airlines cargo flight after takeoff on the left side of the engine fire, North China Air Traffic Management Bureau staff immediately enable the engine fire control command and disposal plan, the remaining 65 aircraft in the air and ground flight wait, avoidance, circling, security fire flight safely.

it is understood that evening at 22:20, the flight from the capital airport to take off from the south to the north, 100 meters off the ground, will be transferred to the next control unit, the tower controller found its left engine on fire, the crew immediately notified to the unit, wait for a reply. Later again and check the tower controller unit to unit inquiry inspection, unit second wait for a reply. The unit after the inspection notification tower, confirm the engine failure, and declared a state of emergency, requiring immediate landing. The controller then enabled director of engine fire disposal plan, and notify the supervisor in consultation, landing runway for the east to the capital airport runway, and inform the relevant units of special.

then, controllers immediately command other aircraft to avoid radar guided fire by flight to return as soon as possible, and to limit the flight. The director of fire and ambulance controllers notice immediately dispatched to emergency commander, east tower station director informed the nearest landing runway for the eastern runway.

22 points 26 points, fire rescue units to the designated location on standby, to control the command to empty the relevant runway, runway. At the same time, the command drop height, command and other aircraft collision avoidance, and asked the number of persons on board and non dangerous goods. Then, the controller command as soon as possible to join landing procedures, and informed the distance to the ground. At the same time, the controller also to ask whether it will affect the landing landing weight, and confirm whether the unit safe landing. After

2 minutes, East Taiwan director controller directs the ground flights to avoid, in order to prevent the East runway the plane stopped by waiting for a long time, the adjustment of the East runway flight controllers use runway clearance. In the meantime, the approach controller command other flights in the air to avoid conflict.

22 32, the tower to the unit again informed emergency rescue is in place, and issued landing instructions.

22 points 34 points, flight safety landing runway.

from the discovery of the aircraft engine fire, to the plane safely landing, sharing 14 minutes. During the night landing capital airport is in the peak period, according to statistics, in the emergency disposal process, affected by flight 65 sorties, units are fully cooperate with the controllers to avoid waiting.

according to the deputy director of North China air traffic control tower control room Hao Yalin introduced, because the controller have good work habits in the usual process of command, often at the runway, observe the aircraft attitude, to precede in the special unit of fire engine, to observe the first time feeling and timely disposal to ensure flight safety return.

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