Xi'an next month from the implementation of the five standards are not standard vehicles will not be registered

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days ago, the Xi'an municipal government issued a circular, since January 1, 2017, the implementation of the country's five emission standards for motor vehicles in the administrative region of Xi'an. After the implementation of the policy, the market in the new car to be in line with the national five standard, has been listed on the country four vehicles are not affected by the use of the country four car can still be normal trading.

yesterday, the Xi'an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the trade and Industry Bureau and the public security departments jointly held a press conference on the implementation of the Xi'an motor vehicle five national standard policy interpretation.

gas station gasoline in our province has increased to five

in October 1, 2014, Shaanxi Province gas station supply vehicles with gasoline and diesel has been entirely by the national standard of four to five national standards. Day ago, Xi'an issued on the implementation of the fifth phase of the national motor vehicle emission standards, the notice said, since next month, Xi'an will be based on the requirements of the state, phased implementation of the country's five emission standards. Since January 1, 2017, in the city of Xi'an in the administrative area of all production, import, sale, registration and transfer of registration of light-duty gasoline vehicles, light-duty hybrid electric vehicles (except for diesel fuel consumption), light dual fuel cars, light vehicles and single fuel gas of heavy duty diesel vehicles (only for passenger cars, buses, sanitation and postal purposes), shall comply with the requirements of national emission standards for five.

Internet access available vehicles purchased by


Xi'an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the Ministry of environmental protection issued the standard models announcement, announced the environmental standards models directory five countries to meet emission standards. There is a demand of the public can visit the Car Buying vehicle network (http://www.vecc-mep.org.cn), the Xi'an Municipal People's government website (www.xa.gov.cn) or the Xi'an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau website (www.xaepb.gov.cn) query, can distinguish four, five cars abroad.

Xi'an Municipal Public Security Bureau will be published in accordance with the preceding paragraph of environmental protection standards, to meet the country's five emission standards for new cars and foreign cars into the vehicle, not to register and transfer to the registration. If people do not check the above website to buy vehicles are in compliance with the national five emission standards, can go to Xi'an City, the vehicle exhaust pollution monitoring and monitoring center to apply for a query, Tel: 029-85459074. Effect of

for many owners worry about is whether vehicles in use, the China Daily reporter learned from the meeting, Xi'an city to take the new standard for new cars, the old standard method of old cars, as long as the implementation time of nodes in the policy before the purchase and the licensing of vehicles are on the road.

enterprise illegal sales of the maximum penalty will be 3 times the value of the amount of

according to the regulations, the Xi'an City motor vehicle sales enterprises will be in January 1, 2017 to stop sales do not meet the national standard of five vehicles, and inform the sales in the vehicle when Car Buying.

if there are business sales of the country's four new car how to do? Yesterday, Xi'an city Industrial and Commercial Bureau market department deputy director Dong Huike introduced, for illegal sales of non-compliance in five vehicle emission standards of the enterprise, will confiscate the illegal income and sales enterprise, the total value of more than three times the fine.

according to the introduction, the vehicle enterprise sales do not meet emission standards, the business sector will be selling enterprises responsible for the repair, replacement or return, causing losses to buyers, sellers will oversee compensation for losses. China Daily reporter Xiao Lin

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