Men's possession of 10 fresh "sneak" big lobster was intercepted

Lobster man Zhengzhou water bottle gourd

zhengzhouwanbao· 2016-12-07 12:26:25

" Central Plains Network on December 5th, a reporter from the Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that, recently, the Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau at the port of Zhengzhou airport from an incoming passenger baggage, intercepted a number of illegal immigration to bring the living aquatic animal - lobster, this is the first time in Henan port.

it is reported that the staff at the quarantine inspection from Vancouver, Canada 3U8502 flight, from a male passenger carrying luggage intercepted 10 live lobster. The number of large lobster average body length of 40cm, with a total weight of 4.9 kg. After a question, the batch of large lobster is to bring people to buy in Canada, intended to bring back domestic consumption. According to the provisions of

, (raw or cooked) meat (including viscera) and its products, aquatic animal products are prohibited mailed. This source is unknown, the unknown channel lobster itself may be invasive alien species, the main source of infection and the media is also animal diseases and zoonoses, the potential risk is a serious threat to human health and other biological safety. The intercepted 10 large lobster, carrying people did not report to the inspection and quarantine departments, and can not provide the relevant quarantine approval certificate, inspection and quarantine personnel in accordance with the law on the implementation of the destruction of the disposal.

with the development of economic globalization and the deepening of opening up, at present, in our country the biological invasion, about 20% of aquatic organisms, which influence the piranhas, water hyacinth, snails, and other major rice grass is larger, has caused serious harm. These species by artificially carrying, mailing, secretly transmission of nature into China, because of its strong reproductive capacity and ability to adapt to the environment, coupled with the lack of natural enemies and increase in number, and the local species compete for resources, thus affecting the other creatures, causing local biodiversity loss, serious ecological imbalance the environment. In this

, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind passengers when shopping abroad, we must understand the relevant provisions of China's advance, refrain from carrying contraband entry.

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Men's possession of 10 fresh "sneak" big lobster was intercepted