Taiwan Fan Bingbing due to steal 2 gold bars were sanctions

Fan Bingbing female gold wrapped

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-07 13:32:14

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Fan Bingbing Zhang Chuman when the idol, and even the modeling are as far as possible to follow. According to

Taiwan's ETTV cloud coverage, a 38 year old Kaohsiung Wang tutor before the complaint, in March this year, 19 year old girl named understanding hotel in the hotel, quickly fell in love, after living together but the woman stole 2 piece of gold to raise Jiuai slag men, let him heartbreak hotel, now sister identity is from the end is. Small southern Zhang Chuman racquet circles "Chu goddess", because the appearance of the spirit of Fan Bingbing burst of red, but love the wrong person failing to accept legal sanctions, a lament.

Wang tutor at the beginning of March in the hotel had known each other women, who had served as the plane model, in order to meet every week at 1 to 2 times a year spent 3 million, and finally successful woman living together, in order to show sincerity, also take the initiative to inform the 3 piece of gold for two people to get married, did not expect to have an old woman lover, secretly and 20 year old Qiuxing former boyfriend and exchanges, Qiu Nan urged by theft, stolen from home bars and fled to Tainan.

, according to media reports, the news at the end of November after exposure, there are so many photographers have recognized female identity is actually well-known small die Zhang Chuman Southern outdoor field, because the slender and majestic Wai, makeup artist Fan Bingbing in, plus pictures of large scale and Waipai price 1 times 10 thousand yuan, than the average 3 to 6000 the market price of many private, is to work in the hotel, every day was a game.

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