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Millet curve closed new products

shoujizhongguo· 2016-12-07 20:17:34

[mobile phone China News] in December 7th, all the chips released the fifty-seventh phase of the new pre heating up the last poster, combined with all the information revealed by the point of view, the new product is likely to be the ceiling light. December 8th morning 10:00 new products will be formally launched.

millet raised new

12 5 July millet released a new preheat posters, and with "Moonlight hazy beauty, never missing words, second poster wrote" a card in the twinkling of an eye, lights up the room again, finally a poster almost reveals what is new, "close the mirror is no longer the accumulation of dust flies".

overall, this has a soft light, the appearance of simple fashion and other features, easy to install, of course, the specific information to wait until tomorrow to know. Although millet did not disclose, but this new product prices should not be too expensive.

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