7 ten days old man spent 6 years to build the 1:67 ship model

Warships 70 model proportion

micaihujunshi· 2016-12-07 22:56:30

North Ring Road Street community of urban homes Qinhuangdao harbor area, Hebei province

" the seven year old Ji Fuan, is the middle-level cadres, retired Electrical Engineer glass factory. Since the retirement of a total investment of 60 thousand yuan, spent more than 6 years of painstaking efforts to produce the Shenzhen missile destroyer dynamic model. All the functions and the domestic 167 missile destroyer Shenzhen, on air and sea Goods are available in all varieties. device of missile remote sensing device, radio equipment, helicopters, artillery, radar, lamp, power system, can accomplish 66 "action by remote sensing". NN Ji Fuan old man (front row left) for community residents to explain warship model.

" it is understood that the model of the ship is 2.5 meters long, maximum width of 0.36 meters, the maximum height of 0.82 meters, weighs 45 kilograms, the whole circuit assembly is composed of 1076 short, thick thin wires, ranging from 7401 for model warships parts elaborate a manual device. NN Ji Fuan old man check warship model distribution board.

Ji uncle said: "I put the model of the ship as a health fitness of their own way, can learn professional knowledge on them. Through the organization to visit the warship model, so that the community residents to learn more about national defense knowledge, enhance the patriotic enthusiasm". NN this is the shooting of the old man made a special do not start logo. Class= img_box "

Ji Fuan to check whether the distribution board line is wrong. Do

Ji Fuan Claus for warship model line.

" Ji Fuan old warship model diagram display. Class= img_box id= "

Ji Fuan in 2010 to play the warship model in the water 90 degrees turn video.

" Ji Fuan old man wiped the model shell protection layer for warships. Class= img_box "

this is the model of the warship made by Ji Fuan.

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