"Monster hunter XX" new intelligence cover strange suddenly

Cover intelligence upper eyelid snow white

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-12-07 22:58:24

before the release of the magazine sneak information, we can know the "four cover" monster hunter XX in the front in this work have become the two strange, is to have the title of the monster. Including the dragon, green edge out arc electric main power, dragon eye Fox and Silver Ridge global behemoth.

green electric main power dragon looked than the general "blue" so that in addition to the common attack before the collision, on the ground there is a slow moving electric ball, should be used to play down the role of the hunter.

Silver Ridge monster nose turned to snow white, this can be a snowball at it, then sent a large range, a moment of snow spray attack.

and fox bubble dragon jet bubble turned blue, after the explosion seems to hit the hunter.

new style "about the game's gold style", you can click here to watch the report before. The style can even blasting the monster boom down from heaven.

in addition, after the hunters in the assembly had strange things seem to have a Buff, like the collective to start, the specific effects of the unknown, in short is certainly strengthened by.

is also the mysterious Buff, if four players choose "for hunting meow mode", also trigger cat cannon (tentative name), very handsome. The meow star people already can hunter with hunting skills, the use of "instantaneous avoidance", if not then will become stronger.

after this, live members also challenge the cover of strange days comet dragon, it moves very bold, in addition to drop from the clouds killed a group of people moves, shooting is the range of wings the station is very large, very easy to be all together. Day dragon comet will give game player made Jackie Chan attribute abnormal, very troublesome.

XX "Monster Hunter" in launched in March 18, 2017, at present it is certain it will be landing 3DS. Before the introduction of the courage style, we can watch the video below:

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