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2015 December 18th, sponsored by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, Chinese software and information technology services in a year was the highest specifications of the elite event -- the 2015 Chinese software conference and the fourteenth Chinese software and information service ten leader, leader, and influential man Fengyun enterprises grand opening awards ceremony at the Nikko New Century Hotel. After the fourteen session of the conference China software, dedicated to the recognition of outstanding performance objectively combing all walks of life in China in the informatization construction of enterprises and people, continue to promote the development of China's software and information technology services industry.

on the Merrill Lynch data technology Limited by Share Ltd chairman Cheng Hongliang won the" 2015 China software and information service influential man "award. As the industry's leading big data business leader, in 2015 Cheng Hongliang led the Merrill Lynch data into a big data fast lane. From the number listed on the new board to the wonderful Expo, from the establishment of "The Belt and Road" big data exchange to host the "2015 Zhongguancun big data", Merrill Lynch data continuously ability of layout, construction of enterprise core data advantages, and actively promote the development of the national data strategy.

vice president Cheng Hongbin and Merrill Lynch data China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Vice President Fan Huiwen

2015," Internet plus "," big data "to further deepen social energy release, from technology to change. A new generation of information technology, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet as the representative of the deep integration of modern manufacturing industry, and vigorously promote the e-commerce industry, the Internet, Internet banking, online education, intelligent transportation, medical wisdom, rapid and healthy development. Big data not only to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also the pattern of the impact of subversion. Merrill Lynch data to the customer as the center, is committed to the value of data mining technology and data through large data mining to help more intelligent transformation of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of the market. Data analysis products, industry big data solutions, data operations services are the three core business of Merrill Lynch data. At the same time, Merrill Lynch data continuously deep industry application, drive business to provide customized data, big data solutions to power, military manufacturing, finance and other fields, to help countries in 13th Five-Year planning strategic landing. This event not only have excellent business on behalf of the participants, from Sheng invited the Ministry of leadership, industry association leaders, academicians and experts etc. at the same time, discussed in the "Internet plus", "big data" in the era of new software and new value.

attending the event were the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Vice President Fan Huiwen, the Ministry of industry and information technology and software services division deputy director Chen Ying, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Peking University professor Yang Xueshan Chinese, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan, IBM Chinese Development Center Innovation Research Institute Wang Shouhui, Beijing Guodian Network Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wu Wen Chao, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing software and information service, data exchange President Hu Yong technology Limited by Share Ltd deputy chief Cheng Hongbin, vice president of HP Tan Ruizhong, Microsoft Asia Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Shen Yuanqing Nanjing langkun software company vice president Wei Xiaoqing.

read: Congress three highlights

highlights: the authoritative list, after fourteen years of authority issued Chinese, software and information technology services in the field of" Oscar "

back in 2014, Chinese software and information services ten leader: Nanjing NARI Group Corporation General Manager Shi Jie Shaw, VMware global vice president, Greater China President Song Jiayu IBM, vice president and general manager of Greater China Software Group Shi Zhong Hu, Kingsoft office software Geke CEO software, Beijing service and information exchange President Hu Yong, vice president of HP global cloud computing group China area general manager Zhang Yongjian, Wanda Touchplus information Corp chairman and President, vice president of Lenovo Group in Yibing Chinese district service business leader Li Xianglin, vice president of global IBM and Chinese Development Center General Manager Wang Yang, senior vice president of Neusoft group Neusoft hee Kang, chairman and CEO Lu Zhaoxia

Chinese software and information service of ten leading companies: Digital China(China)Co.,Ltd, HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., founder Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., international business machines (China) Co. Ltd. Greater China software group, Nanjing NARI Group Corporation, Beijing TEAMSUN Polytron Technologies Inc, Taiji Computer Corp, Beijing Kingsoft office the software company, Wanda Touchplus information Corp, Wen Hui Hai Technology Co. Ltd,

2015 Chinese software and information services of all kinds award is hot, the list of enterprises and coffee are what make us? Wait and see.

two highlights:" Internet plus from cross-border subversion "Promo shocking opening

each Chinese software conference opening video has become the most anticipated highlight of this conference, video industry will focus on the user and the service provider of software and information technology services representative, comprehensive and systematic summary of China's software and information technology services industry to achieve annual achievement. Further show the" Internet plus "brings to the development of the industry transformation and the initial results, Landing and implementation of power "Internet plus" action plan. Maybe you are familiar with the experts is the enterprise, for having heard it many times in the movie, "

Three Highlights: CIO of dialogue segments of the industry Internet plus from

conference special arrangements for corporate leaders and industry CIO, based on the segments of the industry to dig," Internet plus "under the background of the software form, business model, development model, organizational structure of enterprises and the whole software the software industry will face what subversive challenge. Software enterprise how to ride the wind and waves, courage in the "Internet plus" the tide of time. Style= text-align:center "

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