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users exposed a music as employees in the company's HR service center line up for leave procedures photos. Source:

financial news network NetEase today December 7th superimposed music as sports layoffs, LETV shares fell 7.85% after a series of rumors and emergency suspension after the storm, a piece of music, long queues for employees leaving online photos caused a lot of attention.

NetEase to finance as the holding insiders confirmed that the pictures do for the company to apply for leave office, the whole group of personnel structure optimization adjustment involves 10% employees, about 1400 employees facing turnover, resulting in short-term paiqichanglong.

yesterday, according to bear sports news, music as sports has decided the overall internal layoff rate will reach 20%, of which the intelligent hardware sector layoffs will reach 50%; music as sports editor Ao Ming has submitted his resignation, and outgoing; the business section has been adjusted, determined next to the media, the line and equipment three block as the main line, as the core of the media business.

although the music as sports to clarify this, saying the structure adjustment and optimization of the proportion of the whole is only about 10%, but this message was once thought to lead to the music, as the share price plummeted. Yesterday, SkyDrive music was a drop of 9.9%, a record set by the resumption of trading after a record low of 35.01 yuan / share, a slight rebound until closing, to close at 35.80 yuan / share, down 7.85% on the same day.

just LETV shares plunged puzzle unsolved on the occasion, this morning, LETV issued a suspension notice, said that because of important matters to be disclosed, the stock opening from the suspension, resumption of trading after the announcement. Since then Jia Yueting had a burst of "Mustang financial pen LETV stock pledge open line is 35.21 yuan, that is to say, as SkyDrive fell below the sum of equity pledge and the pledge of stock open line, a total of 507 million 332 thousand and 300 shares, Ganja Yueting stake up to 64.81%".

this argument is soon to be denied as the music, Jia Yueting also denied the rumors of equity pledge on micro-blog. This afternoon, the first financial quoted sources as saying that the trigger because of suspension LETV's music to new financing is currently, this round of financing is the process, investors, investment matters such as one by one to finalize the details after may be announced. LETV held by Jia Yueting

of the equity pledge temporarily no risk, open line should be around 20 yuan, a broker on the NetEase Finance said, but he also pointed out that, as the capital chain tension has been selected in this financing, after the crash by emergency suspension, the most direct purpose is to stabilize the stock market, which is related to the as the overall stability and investor confidence, especially just to 45.01 yuan / share issuance price of shares investors, floating losses of about 900 million yuan.

more investment bankers to finance NetEase pointed out that some of the listed companies is set by the case will be hidden on the gambling agreement to a certain proportion set by the promise once the stock price fell below the fixed price increase, by large shareholders and other objects to make up the difference compensation terms reveal. But these people said it is not clear whether there is a bet on the music, the current music network 35.8 yuan / share price is about 80% of the price increase of about.

music as the storm again by Jia Yueting as a "black", today the micro-blog voice: "one of the series of events yesterday, planning perfect enough, black enough shameless. But music as people will be shot down? The answer is: more black, the stronger the battlefield, see". (NetEase finance Zhang Yan gzzhangyan@corp.netease.com)

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