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lead: a few days ago, Ano Hidea, from Dongbao, the new "Godzilla" latest resources cooked meat also reached out, subtitles will not affect the viewing level, after viewing, deep sleep is a different Godzilla works. See the kernel share articles, they have many ideas, with a spirit, cast the first draft nuclear machine.

Description: 14g=2014 Hollywood version of Godzilla 16g=2016 Ano Hidea

for twelve years. A version of Godzilla, king of monsters

long separated from Hollywood after Menzerna 14g after a lapse of two years, we ushered in a new 16g. However, non series fans may not pay attention to, 16g is actually the Dongbao 12 years shooting only a sequel to godzilla. Since the final battle of 04 years, the history of the most powerful and influential legendary monster on the screen second times disappear. (for the first time in 1975 of the "mechanical" Godzilla counterattack after the same, Dongbao to stop Godzilla's creation for nearly ten years, until 1985, "Godzilla", to the 30 anniversary as an opportunity to restart the Dongbao series.)

was Dongbao Fangchuhualai, not making use of leather Godzilla movies, king of the monsters will be a period of silence, and then go on to more advanced technology active. For many fans and tokusatsu series, in the 98 years of "fish Ezra" heavy bombardment, already on Hollywood don't have any expectations, but in shooting monster movie has its unique charm can not be replaced, so 04 years many of the audience burst into tears, as if this is a farewell. When making 16g information release, and confirm the depth of many tokusatsu director anno, although I really love in just five years, the mood is also very surging, although the 14g before, but no fun two hours really can not meet the fans, after twelve years, a real Godzilla movie. It is a carnival.

04 "final battle", a great piece of pure, as the final, but does not lose about why

restart, Dongbao's attitude to the 14g and the brief history of Godzilla in Japan, a variety show about the many ideas also reflected, recommended to watch (and close barrage)

two. Is good? Is evil?

Beastmaster thousand faces to understand the Godzilla series of different works, including our new book, we must first understand the positioning of Godzilla itself. Many do not understand the Godzilla or seen 14g friends will often have many doubts, Godzilla in the end is just what kind of creatures? In addition to

strong ability that has been preserved and almost invincible (Ezra 98 fish except, but the animated version of the sequel, the son of strength is worthy of a member of the family, strange beast) in some works, such as the first in 54 years, he is the enemy of humanity, and then combined with the background of Godzilla set (nuclear monster), it is easy to understand, in the first, it should represent nuclear weapons and other nuclear technology may bring disaster. But

is also the enemy, in the 2001 "Moss La king ghido Godzilla monster attack" pull is described as a collection of the victims of the war in the Pacific resentment, because people forget the history of the past, those forgotten resentment and regret that the Japanese attacked. (note that, with Japanese relatively one-sided anti war means)

" in the "big monster attack" in the debut of the seven generation eye white eye Godzilla, also known as Diablo 16g before the

more ferocious interestingly, in another part of the works, including the 14g, it seems to be a human helper. Aside purely for the child to work, these settings are not the same, 14g it is a symbol of the natural order, in the "Godzilla vs Biollante", not a real human ally, even the enemy, but with a kind of grief mood. Of course, a pure mountain can not be two tigers (similar to Su Lu and God God grams of medieval dispute), different location tend to express different ideas.

vs "Godzilla" Biollante in plant monster Biollante as white God, daughter, rose, G cells three in one lead to

then, the history of the highest fullness only the most Godzilla and represent what color? In addition to the continuation of the nuclear concerns and fears, whether there is more? (a new sauce is called 16g for the new sauce) is the destruction of God after another Godzilla, Godzilla and purely for destruction. God of destruction and the Pacific Ocean war dead dead this set here, the Costa pull it without purpose, repeated like a line in the film, "it is only in the walk, not what the end, just don't stop walking, did not have the strength to recover, after a period of time, will wake up, even his failure is the flow.

I think, perhaps only in the birth of Japan's nuclear crisis after Godzilla represents pure is a disaster, and also a man-made disaster, it is unconscious. This makes many people think that the lengthy text reflects the riffraff idea, I think this 16g ruffian hero, not a new sauce, but the Japanese people. Once, back to the core concept of Godzilla in the beginning of the birth, such as the supervision of Honda Choshiro said, after all this is the story of people.

" for this release before the slogan "Japan of Godzilla" also reflected from the theme of

three. All Japan vs monster king, after the catastrophe of Nirvana

viewing just ten minutes, the Japanese government complex description of the riffraff program (such as changing the meeting place) and the government officials and scholars at several times (for example, several biological scholars loved by the attitude, several contrasting roles) plus anno settings (i.e., the protagonist) let me think the Japanese government wants to take criticism. A Lenovo to efficiency after the Fukushima incident the government concern, so setting but also accord with the characteristics of the times.

three passers-by scholar

Godzilla series by the government or the scholars from the perspective of narrative, there have been many times, but the overall style of acting resolutely and firmly attitude but in fruit dare 16g the first ten minutes disappeared, but the low efficiency of the government in Japan several times after the failure of efficiency is significantly improved, with the establishment of the special departments to combat Godzilla, gradually moving towards the right track.

friends think this is a Japanese government history there have been changes in the process, in times of peace in order to make the pursuit of stable efficiency of compromise, but in front of the unexpected disaster have been defeated, had to change strategy, the establishment of special emergency department, out of the system, significantly enhance the efficiency. (of course, the blind pursuit of efficiency in the history of Japan has undoubtedly accelerated the rise of their militarism.

so this lengthy text, ruffian describes a Godzilla history of the most authentic Japanese government, often had to compromise, weigh in the multi pressure, finally out of a way out. The final flat form of the organization will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the fight. So what was the ruffian irony? Still want to tell the audience, the government is the normal operation of the process is normal? I did not answer, but an wild success sparked the audience think, this also can bring some practical significance. Obviously

is destroyed, the cabinet ministers helicopter in a nuclear ray sauce, young officials grasp the overall situation, at this time, the Japanese Nirvana (from some lines of neon or feel an wild young people have considerable expectations), the state machine running at full speed, assume their responsibilities the national final temporarily defeated disaster in the face of disaster.

and I think the best is the "temporary" - unlike 54 years, black technology will destroy the oxygen destroyer early (although later......) This time, the new paste became a living shame, like "MGSV" in the Sahel ape, he constantly remind us that all this is not the end, one day it will come back. Godzilla is a lot of social problems of concrete, is a haze of Japanese national heart, may think these things are black, Japanese can never get rid of, and now must learn to face it, to learn, learn to reflect the "symbiosis". Only in this way, in the coming disaster as we prepare to.

and ruffian also left a hole, Dr. (forget the name) to hate Japan how deep, Japanese society is wrong, will be buried under this great disaster seed, do not know whether the Japanese audience thinking.

really get a good look like the statue of

four. The incoming auto guard dispatched!!

rascal has been much talked about in the plot, the wind in the valley of the Colossus, nerv EVA of the apostles and the organization are full in taste, often appear in the EVA score (or just very similar) this appears in Godzilla, but in fact, the EVA score actually full of tokusatsu feeling. Dong Dong battle music and auto guard out exactly the same way.

was the riffraff into his feelings in animation, and now he used his experience in animation in the tokusatsu (but the good luck in not redraw the map), shell volley like EVA the first word apostle struck, listening to shells I feel the roar, for a long time did not see a monster movie. Comfortable feel special.

Dong Dong Dong Dong, la la la la la la.

five. Conclusion and recommendation

huge success with the same huge pit the sequel plate nail, but ruffian as external director, follow-up will follow Godzilla is not known. It is suggested that whether the tail split? Follow-up if there are other monsters? Really looking forward to.

anyway, in order to sell toys and crudely made in many younger age or extremely in flooding the market today, riffraff contributed to a series from the Heisei GAMERA I love most of the tokusatsu works, thanks to the rich and the ambition of Dongbao, thank. "After 60 years as a series, each of his works, more or less reflects some social phenomenon at that time, this is 16g. Serious attitude made in works, always full of "not perfect" charm, just like the pixel game, the development of the times, still enduring, I think after ten years twenty years will not change.

finally to recommend a few nuclear public production is very good in the film, in the promotion of culture: "Heisei GAMERA Trilogy"

" by 16g Higuchi Matsugu as the same in supervision, at the time a black Heisei Kamen Rider

reach the peak of perfection the two part: "hukou" Kamen Rider J "Kamen Rider"

" the two use of technology to achieve the tokusatsu special effects in Hollywood blockbusters effect, just look at those making several masters design props makes people greatly. (with a tokusatsu history of the sexiest geek, female bee)

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