Bill Gates recommends the five favorite books of 2016: the name is better.

Bill Gates name love recommended

qudongzhijia· 2016-12-08 08:54:03

Microsoft founder Bill · Gates today on a personal blog to update his favorite 5 books in 2016, covering the content of tennis, tennis shoes, genes and leadership, and other different content. Every year Gates would recommend two books on the blog, respectively is the summer and the Christmas holidays list list.

", the following is the main content of Gates's personal blog:

I had never felt like this day with learning ability. When I was young, I almost couldn't choose what to study. My parents have an encyclopedia of the world's books, and I read it in alphabetical order, but unlike today, there are no online courses, video lectures, or a podcast to introduce me to new ideas and thinkers.

however, reading books is my favorite way to learn about new topics. From an early age, I read a book on average every week. Even when the time is out of control, I squeeze a lot of time to read.

if you want to find a Book vacation to read, the following is one of my favorite books, covering a variety of topics, from tennis to tennis shoes, from the genome to learn class leadership. Are all very well written, I give unexpected insights and fun.

"string theory" (Theory String), the author: David · Forster · Wallace (Foster Wallace David), ().

" this book has nothing to do with the physical, but if you read on the train or plane, the title will make you look super smart. String theory, a collection of five articles on Wallace's best article, I gave up this sport in the Microsoft work, and now re burning passion. You don't have to play tennis or even do not have to love this book. The late author of your life, like Roger · Federer (Roger Federer) with the same racket skill. Other outstanding works of this book is as spectacular as Wallace, his painting will be able to use your head like a metal spoon bent. "

" (Shoe Dog) dog shoes, author: Phil Knight (Phil Knight) ·.

" this is Nike, a founder of writing memoirs, truthfully remind the trajectory of successful readers attention enterprise: out of order, cannot keep night, and full of mistakes. In recent years, I met a few times with nate. He is very nice, but very quiet, very difficult to shenzhen. In the book, he disclosed a few things a few CEO is not willing to do. I don't think this is Nate want to teach the reader to learn what, instead, he put other things better. He told the story of his story, a great story.

"gene" (Gene The), the author: Siddartha · Mukherjee (Mukherjee Siddhartha).

" the doctor is considered "three hand", because they have to take care of the patient, teach students to carry out research. At Columbia University, Mukherjee had to do all these things, in addition, he was also a Pulitzer prize winning writer, so he was "four hands"". In his latest work, Mukherjee led us to the past, present, and future of genomic science, with particular attention to the enormous ethical issues arising from the latest and greatest genomic technologies. Mukherjee is writing this book for lay readers, because he knows that new genomic technologies are at the forefront of the times and will affect all of us in a profound way.

"strong leader myth" (The Myth of the Strong Leader), author: Archie Brown (Archie Brown) ·.

" this year fierce fight an election prompted me to pick up this book published in 2014, the author is a research scholar at the University of Oxford's political leadership, and the good, the bad and the ugly to deal with the leadership of more than 50 years. Brown believes that the greatest contribution to history and human beings is not generally considered a strong leader". On the contrary, they tend to be people who know how to cooperate, authorize, and negotiate, and admit that no one can or should know all the answers. Brown did not predict how his book would resonate in 2016.

nomination Award: "grid" (Grid The), the author: Gretchen · Buck (Bakke Gretchen).

" this book is that we are aging power grid, which belongs to the type I most love the writing: "ordinary but truly fascinating things. "I think this topic is fascinating in part because of my first job, in high school, to write control software for the northwest power grid enterprise. However, if you never spend a little time thinking about how you are transported to the power socket, I think this book will convince you that the grid is one of the greatest engineering wonders of the modern world. I think you will understand why the modernization of the power grid is so complex and how the building of our clean energy future is so critical.

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