Men illegally parked stickers slapped police: give me to delete

Man net friend police hat intersection

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roadside a car illegal occupation of non motorized vehicles, traffic police on the car window on the road to the notice of the illegal parking. That he did not expect is that far from the scene of 3000 meters, the owner actually caught up, asked him to remove illegal evidence to stop, after failing to actually move hands.

was hit by traffic police: heavy hit two slap in the face, head, chest also hit

yesterday morning 8 am, Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Traffic Police Brigade police Wang riding a motorcycle in the vicinity of Yuquanlu Road inspections. 8 45 points, to the Yuquan Road, Izumi North Lane intersection, he found a red Chevy sedan illegal parking in the non motor vehicle lanes, the car nobody. "At that time, it was an early morning rush hour, and the car was parked illegally. Wang said, he waited for a moment did not see the owner, he posted a notice of illegal parking.

Wang said, after handling this illegally parked, he continued to move toward the west five hundred or six hundred meters. About 5 minutes later, when he was at the gate of the food and Drug Administration in the area of the food and drug administration to the other illegal parking stickers, Chevrolet car chased over. "The car down two men and a woman, which a burly about 40 years old man pointed to scold me, asked me to delete illegal evidence to stop. I said I can't deal with it, let him go to the traffic police brigade, he hit me. Wang said, this man gave him two slap in the face, still in his head, chest, respectively, played a few times, his police hat, radio and law enforcement recorder has been destroyed. On the other side of the beating of his whole process, he always did not fight back. < p > yesterday, in the incident near a shop, the landlady said, she was heard outside noise, go out to look, a tall man is pushing a traffic police, the people around said police were hit. "His own violation of the right to stop, but also to play the traffic police, it is too much. "The hostess said. < p > the batterer: parking for five or six minutes stickers, gas, but to begin < p > yesterday morning 9 am, Chinese newspaper reporter in Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Qindu Wu Jia Bao police see Wang, his face can see the swelling of the traces. From Wang enforcement recorder captured video can be seen, the hit man has been in harsh rebuke: "you also secretly gave I posted a note, to delete my to & hellip; & hellip;" video, and the man walk of men and women although in discouraging, but the man was still the hand to Wang call back, with the pops two recorded sound, Wang enforcement recorder began to shake, then can see Wang hat fell to the ground & hellip; & hellip; < p > "I ye may secretly posted a note, under normal circumstances, if the car have people we are advised to leave, I waited for a while not seen the owner posted a. "Wang said, was the man to beat his process lasted for about 5 minutes, if not around the kind of mass block, he would have been beaten down. < p > Wang said, who kick after man is ready to leave, he would follow him closely. And through the intercom call colleagues came, then everyone together in the vicinity of Quan Bei San Xiang control hit man and seized and turned over to Wu Fort police station. < p > yesterday morning, Chinese business newspaper reporter learned from the police station, Wu Jia Bao, hit man surnamed Wang, 43 years old this year, is native of Xianyang. He claims he was in the vicinity of eat breakfast, occupy the non motorized vehicle lane is also the five or six minutes, did not expect to wait for him to come out, the car was a note posted on the, he looked offended just catch up to call the police. Afterwards, he felt regret.

at present, Wang has been controlled Wu Jiabao police station, the case is still under further investigation. China Daily reporter Yang Haowen / figure

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