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" in Starbucks, you may see such a scene: ordinary young coffee, young artists to hold the computer work, 2B youth: Hey, my pickup hill?

recently, Starbucks employees leaked a series of internal memo shows that the company may announce cooperation with Niantic in December 8th. In the upgraded Go Pokemon, the United States Starbucks Cafe will transform the PokeStop or road, a small number of Starbucks due to Niantic technical reasons can not be achieved.

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) in addition, you can also buy Pokemon theme Frappuccino at Starbucks stores. A Starbucks employee to HollywoodLife.com broke the news that the new taste from vanilla beans, blackberry and raspberry syrup blend.

according to the leaked documents, in cooperation with Niantic Starbucks choice, had been set to PokeStop or Road Museum merchants have gained significant sales growth, Starbucks hopes to replicate the successful model.

12 7, Niantic in the official blog confirmed that the second generation of Pokemon Go will be launched in December 12th. Earlier there were rumors that the new version of Go Pokemon will add 100 little elves. Therefore, do not rule out the possibility of Starbucks Road Pavilion and the new elves at the same time. Go

Pokemon since July this year, only 63 days, through the Google and Play iOS app store in the world to earn $500 million, becoming the fastest in the history of making money hand travel.

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) however, because the game mode is single, Pokemon in soon after the explosion of red also ushered in a period of fatigue, many users in fresh leave quickly. In addition, the server is used to collapse, the player to cheat and the game loophole, and further aggravate the loss of users.

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Niantic update on Christmas Eve, perhaps by means of holiday marketing to re ignite the enthusiasm of game player. In addition, players are also looking forward to the Watch Pokemon version of the Go Apple. In September of this year's apple conference, Niantic promises Go Pokemon will be landing at the end of this year Watch Apple, so that only three weeks and a half of the rest of the. Figure

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