Century Huatong intends to 6 billion 939 million yuan acquisition of 100% stake in Beijing and little Little Cayman

Equity acquisition Beijing China

youxiputao· 2016-12-08 13:52:44

now has more and more domestic enterprises began to enter the game circle through the acquisition of game companies, recently acquired two century Huatong intended for overseas game market game company, the amount of nearly 700 thousand yuan.

century Huatong counterparty intends to pay cash and 2 billion 776 million yuan to 18.55 yuan / share issue 224 million shares at a price of 6 billion 939 million yuan, the acquisition of 100% stake in Little Cayman and bit 100% stake in Beijing. Company's shares will resume trading in October 10th.

Little Cayman and little Beijing R & D, mainly engaged in network game product distribution and operation of business, business covers all aspects of the network game industry chain. Little Cayman and little Beijing launched products mainly in the overseas game users, and in the business simulation game is a global leader. Trading partner's commitment to the company's 2016 annual to 2018 annual net profit of not less than 518 million yuan, 703 million yuan and 831 million yuan.

analysts believe that shijihuatong price before the suspension was significantly higher in the overdraft of asset acquisition is obviously positive expectations. Online game business is highly competitive, for the future profit prospects, temporarily should not be too optimistic.

subsequent acquisition can be approved by the Commission to review.

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