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12 6 Reddit for [group] the Blizzard balance related Q &

mentioned Tassa Dahl, Uther, Renault, Ba son, Grey Camine, Azmodan, Abasse, Alsace, Dehaka, Naz wave, Sal, Lana, Di Yabo, Luo Lu, Varian, Maddie, the Regal

and mobile speed, maps, tanks, recovery of the ball adjustment of

" in the early days of the notice, 12 On the Reddit, the 6 day of the month, a question and answer session was organized for the storm balance group. The event began at 12:30 in the Pacific, and lasted about 1.5 hours. Now the event has ended, here I will carry some points ~ (by cutting out the superfluous if someone found Reddit or have valuable replies I'm not handling it, reply that I will fill the blue text)

in this paper, and at the end of a day, for the completion of. About

Tassa Dahl:

asked: now the tassagh point method basically confined to "shield + wall", but he is the high templar Lord ah, his psionic storm, his output, there is no chance to make his white ball move more attractive?

answer: we fully agree, we are testing internal changes some tassagh, coming soon. In addition the white ball trick will restore its former glory! When we adjust the other

had about a year ago, we had a purpose is very simple, is through the change as little as possible, to make tassagh milk in the game can quickly as soon as possible. The result is that we do have to do more sloppy at certain levels of talent, bringing the problem to the tree. These will be resolved in the next redo.

of mixed type:

does not currently intend to put more heroes to "mixed", although Tyrande monk or hero the play has been very rich. The future may be further explored.

about Uther:

we'll look at Uther in the next few months. His current situation is acceptable, but the need to further strengthen his role as an "flat type auxiliary". Ideally, we hope to be able to draw the "Uther +bruiser" (for example: Sonya) without Tanzania lineup. You will probably be in the second quarter of next year (see also is 4~6 months?).

in addition, Uther in the face of the continuous output of the weaker situation is normal, his position is the outbreak of milk. The current lineup is consumed and the protracted war, Uther winning low is normal.

about Renault:

's skill is really simple, but we do intend to let some of the heroes. Of course, simple skills and talent obsolete are two different things, although we do not have what the current plan for Renault, but we are looking at him when needed, we will make some improvements on


auxiliary: we have no current plans for large-scale redo auxiliary, but we are really considering to make some small modification of their location. But the job is not easy, and may require some other system level correction to begin. We can only say that we are really doing this, but there is no other thing that can be published at present.

on the Ba son:

we are testing his internal redo. At present there is no news, but he'll want to redo a few months, and then out in tassagh after.

we are still exploring how to do it better, but the current plan is not to let him focus on the back of the tower as before.

about Grey Camine:

will usher in a number of changes to the wolf. We are ready to re design the bullet strokes, put it into an open group with the ultimate in (relative to R1 as a close the head for ultimate). In addition, his wolf form will get some armor.

currently has a lot of good level A heroes, our goal is not to hope that the wolf is just as a substitute for them.

of Azmodan:

purple is a very interesting hero, because most of his abilities are from his talent. We think this idea is actually quite good, although we discussed this, but in the end we think this is one of his characteristics. We feel that his main problem now is that, unless you put a lot of talent into the beam, it doesn't make sense.

we are ready to make some minor adjustments in the next one or two months, the first of which is that his ray from the start will allow mobile. In simple terms there will not be much change, but his ray (whether it is a point of talent, or before the point of talent) will be a little bit better.


: the gift from Blackpool Azi arrest strokes, is bug. Will report to repair.

: on Abasse Abasse to the mirror juggernaut but not to wear a hat, wearing a hat is bug Nova mirror. Will report to repair.

on the horse moving speed adjustment:

we are satisfied with the previous horse movement speed adjustment. We had met the horse moving speed adjustment will strengthen the status of the global flow, but did not foresee in the professional game will reach this level. We had decided that if this adjustment will make the global flow problem becomes serious, then we will be adjusted, so yesterday we adjust the patch, increase the ability of the global mobile cd.

our idea is that the storm this game is still relatively new, with the players to understand the global force continues to deepen, the global force will become more and more influential (especially in the high-end Bureau). Therefore, if we will come back later to further adjust the global flow, do not feel strange.

overall, before the adjustment is not likely to move the horse to withdraw. We will continue to discuss the relevant issues of the global flow within the end of this question and answer.

: this wave on Naz made some minor adjustments to the Naz wave. We often talk about him, but we don't quite agree with the mainstream view that "he can't use it.". Overall, we are satisfied with the last redo, but will remain concerned. About


Alsace is less commonly used in some areas (especially North America), but according to our data, in fact, he did well except film inside, he always abused. We are really going to bring him some talent adjustment, we are in the internal test.

about Dehaka:

ask: Dehaka's D currently has a problem. For example, you have 50 essence, you press D to eat, recovering; then you from the soldier has absorbed two essence, according to a D, then the latter is the former directly covered, you haven't added to the blood lead.

A: I have discussed this with Dehaka's designer Jade, but there is no way to change it now. We need to discuss this with our programmer and see that it can't be improved. I understand your confusion, and I totally agree with that.

(Translation: the storm, from the same source recovery always which covers the former, such as the Q to the same continuous marfa people, will only recover the length without superposition of the speed of recovery; but this mechanism in the Dehaka "although from the same source, but the amount of recovery may be different circumstances there is a problem, so need to change from the angle of the game mechanism.

) ask: 1 speed task talent Dehaka, is actually weakened after redo; originally in the high-end office and everyone will go to choose to strengthen soldier injury, strengthen its single ability, why do you want to cut this talent? I understand that you want to put the 13 talent together, so that the 1 point level you don't have to force the speed consumption of a tier 13 talent, but it is really no problem?

: Well, this is what I referred to in the patch notes inside the content. At that time we redo Dehaka at the later stages, we feel that if the grass move speed bonus provided directly to Dehaka as a basic trait, better able to meet his "stealth shadow" story background. If you give him a basic version of the grass migration speed, then in many cases you do not need to move quickly, and then a whole board game to eat the line to do the task. Even so, since we have to balance the four talents in the first level, the speed shift is likely to be less valuable, but in general, we feel that this change is on his buff. Hero about Cycling:

: at present, some of the other games of the balance of the practice is that some of the heroes will be periodic, intended to be too much to strengthen or weaken. For example, Muradin is a popular candidate for a long time, then you will feel that it is not intended to weaken the Mu Latin made him T4 completely unable to use. Or D for a long time no one to use, then it is not intended to be too much to strengthen him to get him into the T1 and thus be used in a large number of. Support this approach, the people believe that this approach can enhance the diversity of the selection, making the lineup from time to time to change, so that the game remains interesting. Then, the storm balance group in support of this practice?

answer: if you choose a hero's rate of time or length of winning to keep an excessively high level, so the game is harmful, then we will weaken him (or enhance any hero), but we do not say "no matter who is the current candidate and then we cut to make the squad like wave, the map pool as often for wheel rotation". We will not deliberately put a hero to be completely unable to play, or to enhance the incomparable imba.

our ultimate goal is to let each of the heroes have their own place, in the right lineup, map or the right players in the hands of the election will have his reasons.


for thrall: 20 strengthen the ground strokes of Sal, if we want to move the talent, it may be also a little redo sal. We do realize that the current selection of his talent is relatively simple, but his current balance and popularity in a fairly good position. Maybe he will try to make adjustments to him in the middle of next year or even later.

on Varian:

actually for a long time, we have always believed that the Varian 4 level Warbringer (another talent shield wall outside) is weak talent, because we feel that "all damage invalid" too much, how to choose the shield wall will give up another gift? Then we will continue to strengthen the Warbringer, because we are worried that if the last released shield wall has become the mainstream of talent, that we want to reverse the game player ideas, to let people try to choose another talent requires painstaking efforts.

obviously we did a little bit too much...... But overall we feel the diversity of talent Varian is beneficial, because we can slowly strengthen or weaken the shield wall Warbringer to gradually balance.

last patch slightly weakened too strong Warbringer. We understand that a lot of people are recommended to reduce the charge of the CD a little, we do have to consider this matter, but we are very worried about doing too, because, pro, shield wall is really strong ah.

on the loo La, not Lana, not Nana, loo, loo, not...... Fawn:

we are not likely to jump to the deer protection plus any strokes.

we don't have to change the law of the deer shield plan at present, but the future may reconsider. We thought this is a gift that can mimic the Warcraft 3 inside to purify the feeling of Treefolk allies. We think we can further strengthen this talent, after all, this is a 20 level of talent.

we will not give the deer with short bring moving speed buff skills (weakened version of level 20). This is her weakness, she does not have the ability to move around the world, but we are in the adjustment of her time is always remember this point. The current

on our list of very low priority. Maybe you'll see her later.

a lot of people about D: we propose to the active switch D to avoid wasting 100 soul stone died in non critical moment, we have conducted internal testing, but which is not satisfied, so there is no plan to join this change. The main problem with this change in

is that the player will be closed in most cases, unless the game late in the game especially when the resurrection of the time to open. Some people say: "this is the purpose of this change." however, the original design idea pineapple is modeled on the background of his story, he was able to play in the process of continuous power savings, then sacrifice this power in exchange for the resurrection; if you make this change, then the game player will hardly raised open, until the game at the end of the game lost and afraid to fight to win or die. We feel that it is necessary to maintain the context of the story in this matter, so that it can not be controlled. In addition, not allowed to control the D, but also makes the soul stone's addition to the effect of the balance of the adjustment is more simple.

on the map:

a long time ago, at the time when the game is also called Blizzard all stars, we tried four line four line map, sometimes together to become the two line, in short is a very interesting map. Now, of course, the game is completely different. But the future we will try to do first a four line map to all try?

in addition, we have not specifically designed for some special hero map. We have designed the principle of the map has been to be interesting, to be able to cause the conflict between the two teams, but also in line with a certain theme; a map designed to come out, there are some natural heroes more suitable for it. For example, we had designed the box, and not specifically for the reixa design; however this map out, we found that the special advantage of accounting point rexha. Overall, we think this is a good thing.


Novak: her current winrate in about 50%, we have no plans to change her.

~ ~

on the design aid project earlier hero

design poses a problem that some heroes "what can do", so if there are two heroes similar words, then one might not be entirely chosen, such as Tekes and Vera earlier. Over the past year, what we do is design hero / redo hero makes them have a unique style in the team, it now appears to be successful, greatly improving the diversity of the hero, satisfied. Ideally, the hero can play is the need to adapt to the changes, see the opposite pick a hero, can quickly find what we choose for their hero.

's question about the

tank is one of the most difficult issues we have recently discussed. What kind of Tanzania is useful to everybody? Many people think that a flat set of skills and talent to be exhaustive, to control, displacement, have opened; but on the other hand, the storm in one or two years, almost every Tanzania have dominated era and even Alsace, and suture strange skeleton king, but they did not have control and displacement and open group. So is this a numerical problem, or just popularity, or some other factors? Overall impression was not only by his basic skills of design decisions, at least the history proved to be; and if it is determined by the basic skills of design, the design of our future Tan greatly limit.

about the hero a hero positioning fuzzy positioning (Sonya vs Muradin vs, tassagh MafA) situation, our internal discussions, we also want to improve, but some things higher priority. One day we will have the chance to improve it in the future, but this change will have an impact on the user interface, network interface and so on, so the moment is also not immediately. About

after the new hero balance time of

when we check out Leah, in a very short period of time we have to decide whether to hand on the extremely limited data to make an immediate change. At that time I forced them to make an immediate change, unfortunately it was clear that we had done the first, and then we had to re buff once again.

after that we thought about the time to check Leah lightning is beneficial to the hero / change the game. In the future, I think we still have to maintain the balance of the two week after the adjustment of the strategy, but in some cases may be necessary, we can also be a little faster.

Samuro's balanced adjustment is entirely due to the impact of the carnival and postponed. About

grams of

hero we know exactly the moment some hero restraint is very powerful, such as Li Min of fish / Vikings, or Tekes of gujars. In the past year we have been trying to make some of the hero's restraint, so that players can feel their hero ban selection and talent to make the right choice to make the right choice. It is hard to tell whether we are doing enough or have done too much, and I believe that we will be repeated in the future.

, for example, I personally love Li Min to fish / Viking restraint. The characteristics of these two heroes is in their heads is not important when the strong, and that Li Min certainly can use this point. But small bundles of strokes is a strong threat to Li Min, and short invincible, so the small fish can actually kill anti Li Min. Similarly, although the Viking by Li Min restraint, but hardly said opposite elected Li Min we're lost.

, of course, I do not have the brain that "strong restraint on the game is good", such as the small fish bubble fish is a second clean, and there is no counter means, the opposite of the selected hunting space means that a small fish less skill.

overall, the key to this question is "how strong restraint is appropriate", we need to ensure that even some of the strong restraint on the occasion, can also use their skills to counter the opposite. About

in the design process we Regal Regal in fact is to allow him to cast the enemy shield, we removed mainly:

1. is difficult to distinguish between the shield end is friendly or hostile, even with the team colors.

2. to the enemy with the shield almost let this skill provides additional stable output, then we will certainly weaken the skills, then you can not put the shield in the crowd into the opposite one's own hero, and it is our hope that the main power of Regal (one of the strong into the hero). The 500

on Maddie

asked: how do you look at the Maddie, the winning rate is extremely bad, but actually in good organization and training team has extremely strong.

answer: for Maddie, this hero, we have to accept this fact: the Maddie article in a good organization of the strength of the high end of the board into an exponential rise. In some ways, we think it's cool, and we're happy to see this example.

for most of the other heroes, we can see the positive relationship between technology and winning, but for Maddie paper which is very extreme. From the micro level, we would like to see some specific talents, strokes and use method can produce different effect in different populations.

but we also do not want this kind of "a whole hero for the majority of the population can not be used" too common.

: you asked about the ability of expansion of capacity expansion note thing? More and more new heroes can do, such as Varian's strong control of the entries, Samuro eat line, check the Leah Qiangbao teammates.

answer: of course we are concerned about this. As we continue to explore more design possibilities, design more interesting heroes, and constantly try to think of the original, this is also a very natural trap. The hero design team is fully aware of this, so the ability to expand in the new hero will also be interested in its design weaknesses as a supplement. Fortunately, we have been constantly looking back, looking at each of the old hero, adjust their ability to make it close to the current general situation of the game, as well as to make it close to its background story. I think you can look at our recent work on pineapple, bishop and Dehaka change! Recovery adjustment of

on the ball before we think the adjustment is beneficial for the game, it makes people feel more meaningful to collect the ball, and don't stop eating line slightly a little bit easier.

we are looking at whether to modify some of the eating ball task talent, an example is to restore the master:

- we have the internal and external feedback, said the 30 ball is really difficult to complete.

- we think it's very difficult to be able to, if you can always have two lines, then you should be aware of this when you choose this talent. And don't choose this talent in the eternal battle field.

- we may try to give the award is divided into two smaller rewards, such as when the recovery master 20 balls is the first prize, then the 40 ball was second? In the exploration, but the rough looks good.

- I personally hope no limit tasks, such as soldier A Zi (softball task, you generally don't stack full) or Muradin's 1 stage double hammer task. Recovery Master limit is 30, to some extent, is not a no limit of the task, but you generally eat less than 30 balls to eat does not mean that we should reduce the task limit to 20 or 25.


ask: your most difficult balance adjustment in the past two years,

answer 1: how to reduce the experience is poor, so as to reduce the snowball effect. To this point, we have changed the entire hero numerical growth system. Once you make this change, you can't turn back, and almost touch the entire system. I wish to let you see the huge table we had to make a balance adjustment as this is done in the list we need to modify accordingly every hero, maps, mercenary camps and experience data. And ensure that the data are properly modified in the game.

answer 2: purification. Or, there is no purification. Answer 3: Nova


asked: you are a hero or a test, do a large number of heroes with the test? Before such remarks: "if Li Min were tested together with hunting free, we can understand why Li Min was so strong. Answer: "

this thing and hero changed much, but overall, the hero will go through a lot of test stages, including on-line content, immediately on-line content, even ready but very very long time and not on-line content. The changes we make will also affect the following many development teams, so for what changes will be about to come, we have many aspects to consider. Some experimental or disruptive changes sometimes require a balanced team to give up their work to focus on a particular set of tests in order to get the right adjustment before the line.

asked: "we noticed the hero from some problems" to "between the hero PTR on-line adjustment" usually long intervals?

A: how long does it take to change and how much of a great relationship. If this is a big change, it may last a few months or longer (especially if we need a new model / effect / map). This adjustment to enter the PTR generally have to spend a little time. And if that is released every two weeks a small change, generally takes one to two weeks (the first confirmed internal changes to data, and then test a few days, and then packaged into patches, and then deployed to the server).

asked: if a hero talent is too simple, such as the vampire like shield will tassagh point talent, the following three methods you will prefer? Let some of its own



3. will strengthen others undermine the talent

A: three is a feasible plan, but I think with the strengthen others to bring more play will be better.

about the relationship between balance adjustment and selection rate game player Q: when you in the balance adjustment, will the current squad into consideration? Such as the recent earthquake of iron fist and a series of buff, gives the impression that in strengthening the already strong talent, just because of its low rate of choice. Another example is the original check Leah lightning nerf and lightning buff, come to check what Leah actually almost no change, but her choice rate is greatly improved, because everyone around her quickly set up a set of system.

: we do think about the current lineup, but we are more interested in the choice. How big is one of the characteristics of the storm, and we are proud of this, so if there is a disparity in the selection rate between the two big move, so we will do it.

of Sal, we always feel the earthquake can be used, but the earthquake record really and fissure almost, but the selection rate is 2% to 98%. Of course, this also led to the number of samples of the earthquake is very small, so we do not say that winning is reliable. We can only say that we really want to balance the selection rate, so we made this change. Even after what need to weaken, but at least we have all noticed this big move, so it is worth it.

about the relationship between balance adjustment and winning the US don't need a hero winning, as long as he don't go 60% winning percentage or in a whole season is the first choice of object ban. There will always be a hero or talent in the current popular lineup is not suitable, not too common. In a sense, as long as you strengthen a hero, it must be in the weakening of another hero, we also always bear this in mind, and therefore make a prudent choice in balance adjustment.

from another point of view, our goal has always been to hope that more and more heroes and talent in all levels of the game has a place. In the past many months I think we are moving in this direction.

asks: I understand your recent Apple Design for apple, but it brought similar to the Nova 4 level or 16 level hierarchy that talent hunting space, choice rate is basically balanced, but the talent actually almost the same, so every time I have the same experience, I even when watching the playback to identify which is the talent selection. I love more than Rexha talent, although its diversity can only be said to moderate, but each talent is not the same, I prefer you to make this kind of talent, so a genius can be solo boss, another set of third sets of special talent control strength, talent survival ability is extremely high, instead of "A. You: let Pugong increase 50%; B talent: let your every two attacks 100% additional damage".

: a gift is designed, when you play a hero, because both sides will map, lineup, personal preferences, to adjust the current situation.

ideal situation is that each talent is very interesting, but also allows you to play a little different. Each talent should provide different play changes, are strong enough, but also allows you to play the 100th time and play the first time as interesting as.

but we are not always able to do this. But we think there are some "apples to apples" positive examples. We believe that limiting the "aspect" you can choose will bring more interesting talent options. For example, you play Illidan, and then you have to "choose a talent from survival, movement and injury" is no fun, because you will always give priority to survival.

asked: there are two kinds of talents, one is able to bring new ways "(such as the Dehaka submarine to move), is a" pure increase value "(such as Q, tau farther) how do you balance the two kinds of talent, talent to make" interesting "? What kind of love you more

? Answer: first of all, we must hope that all talent are" interesting "!

from a certain extent, I think the" pure numerical "talent can be very interesting, such as Reynolds point of time I feel very violent and interesting, although it only added a point of attack speed and attack range, but the matter with leap up.

generally speaking, I think we are the hope that talent can change the way a hero is used, to make a change in the player's understanding of the hero. As long as this, sometimes we change the skill mechanism, and sometimes, a skill, even according to the number of CD half hit to reduce CD, can greatly change the way you use the hero, which greatly become interesting".

: before the operation queue bug (right click to cancel the queue skills, such as the combo lead Kerrigan then not repair)? Answer: Kerrigan's

combo should have been improved significantly in the PTR, you can have a try. We have also been trying to make some of the optimization for the hero, such as today's update of the pineapple attack animation, to solve the problem of combo is not smooth.

construction completed ~

overall, I think this question quite a lot and some dry cargo, behind the details of this really makes me feel that this is not an easy thing to do a balance, a little tear.

finally with my signature as the end: my heart only storm hero, storm hero makes me happy

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