Do housework, so that adults and children at home more love home

Children love family housework adult

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with a group of children, they are a drawing contest winners, small 5 years old, the 13 year old, my daughter is one of the least. Queuing on the toilet, I often found in front of a child out, did not flush the toilet.

the end of the trip that day, in the tourist bus, tour guide after a phone call, asked 213 and 305 who lives in the room, a few children raised their hands. "How can the room get so dirty, the instant noodles box is stacked on the bed, next to the garbage can. The cleaner aunt cried. "

's last sentence was a shock to me. Tour guide is the Northeast China, and later to chat with her, she said, "the Korean people especially love clean, they can not understand the behavior of Chinese children, think it is a deliberate insult to her work. "In fact, I know, we Chinese children, may be used to it, at home are parents to help do. "

is ah, parents help to do, including flushing the toilet.

neighbour's baby, than my daughter a year old, often come to my house to play, every time she finished the toilet, the daughter will shout: "Mom, Lucky did not flush the toilet. "Because it's very familiar to the neighbors, I remind the child's mother once. "She is always forget, I don't bother to say, have the power to speak, I would like to move on. "She said.

I know further discussion, she will think I Big deal.

our education, there has been a utilitarian, that this thing is good, whether it can be a medal, to help further studies, to make money, to find a job. Flush the toilet this little thing, obviously not in this category. who does not rush to the toilet, and never rush to the toilet can not die people, even after the marriage, but also to find a person who would like to help him flush the toilet. "Love him is to help him flush the toilet", wow, too warm.

didn't flush the toilet boy, probably not cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the room, because the parents do not care training in this area. Their life is gradually becoming a model: learning is done.

however, learning is for the sake of life. Life is the skill that we need to learn. regardless of people or things, the details of the cultivation of feelings, if you feel that life is a burden on the small things, the need to outsource to others, I doubt if such a person is able to love life.

singer Gong Linna talk about the difference between Western and Chinese education, when it comes to a small detail. When her husband in the old Gong son two years old, began to let him down the urinals, and rinse. He told the child: "it's your responsibility. "Gong Linna's mother, the rules changed, afraid of children dirty hands. However, when the grandmother grandson volunteered to help flush bedpan, children are crying, said this is my responsibility.

"this is my responsibility, how big, has the sense of achievement of a sentence. Let the children feel happy, not always be taken care of, on the contrary, they are like adults, hope that they are a useful person, can make a contribution to the family.

parents deprive their children of the family contribution to the sense of accomplishment, often in order to meet their own care of the child, become a sense of accomplishment out of their parents, this hidden selfish, it is easy to be disguised as a selfless.

wealthy son of Kenneth Fok himself to go to the supermarket to carry rice, and Mrs. Guo Jingjing together with the children to do housework. To the Rio Olympics, was asked why did not come to her wife, he said, because his wife at home with children.

this is life, there is a temperature of life. whether one eventually get much success, there is no escape from the life, it is a little bit of responsibility in everything themselves, gradually build up the life of emotion and passion to the family.

"as long as the children will make money, what can be done after the nanny. "This kind of thing, I've heard it more than once. Logically seems good, but from the child's growth experience, they lack a sense of life and the important lesson of the culture, do not know to keep their own living environment clean, is a kind of Yue has .

summer, daughter Mei can't always watch TV, children don't play with her every day, she would yell at home: good boring.

whenever this time, I will propose to clean up the room with her, this activity will be able to cure her "melancholy"".

brother in a few years ago has begun to take charge of their own room. He is a management control, each of the books on the shelf, when each toy play, in particular order, he will find a people. This thing to make him a sense of accomplishment, especially love his own cabin, he stayed there to learn, listen to music, chat with students, write a diary.

whether adults or children, do housework is to cultivate the love of home. why mother's love, because of her home. Spend the most time. A table, the first wipe the time is out of duty, the 1000th time to wipe it clean and bright, is out of emotion, your temperature and its texture has been integrated.

such feelings and pleasure, should not only belong to the mother, but every family member, this is our responsibility, it is our happiness.

all arranged on the surface of the child's parents, pay more, actually being selfish: subconsciously, they hope their children will never grow up, do not take care of themselves, so they need to be forever.

so, I saw more and more learning to live a good life. College graduation also with parents living together, cooking and washing clothes to clean up by their parents.

such a child, learning to be good, is not a good education.

the highest level of education is to cultivate the children into a good understanding of the fun in the ordinary life, always be able to take good care of their own people. There is aesthetic, requirements, responsibility, regardless of the final situation of living, living villa or apartment, all by hands and wisdom, live quality has become a taste for the environment, for themselves and for others responsible person.

this is a successful education in my eyes.

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Do housework, so that adults and children at home more love home

Do housework, so that adults and children at home more love home

Do housework, so that adults and children at home more love home