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The danger signs of

during pregnancy following symptom of

" during pregnancy, the best go to the hospital immediately.


: the most severe vomiting. Early pregnancy morning sickness will be uncomfortable and worried, but not what particular harm.

. But if you vomited badly, very often that can not drink, urinate, you must go to the hospital immediately.

. Because of severe vomiting, hard water body can cause severe dehydration, the alignment of mother and fetus are very unfavorable.

. This may be the signal you are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. This is one of the most severe morning sickness, and will continue throughout pregnancy.

2, not eating for two days:

for two days if you do not eat into things, or if you have food poisoning, or vomiting accompanied by fever, you must immediately go to the doctor. This kind of situation, you usually need to go to the hospital to do IVfluids examination to diagnose.

3, abdominal pain: strong

. 12 weeks of pregnancy before the mother, if you feel there is a severe side (violent) sense of restraint, and you are ready to do ultrasonic inspection, you have to take this situation to inform the doctor.

. The doctor will first for your investigation, you whether the ectopic pregnancy is fertilized egg implantation in the fallopian tube, rather than the uterus. If this time

days after pain or repeated, you still have to get timely medical help, because it may be a general contraction, may also be appendicitis attack.


. This is vaginal bleeding: a danger signal recognition is popular. Doctors still want to remind mothers, regardless of any time, if you have the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding, you should immediately go to the hospital.

. In the middle of pregnancy or pregnancy, vaginal bleeding may mean that your placenta has torn, or other needs to diagnose the problem of ultrasonic.

. Although in the understanding of people, pregnant women and bleeding, and more will be linked to abortion. But in fact, most of the bleeding in pregnancy is like a chronic problem.

. Especially in the bleeding at 12 weeks before (as long as it is not a lot of blood), probably does not mean that the threatened abortion. So, if the mother found bleeding, do not panic, first go to the hospital is the key. A swelling or systemic

5, serious:

if you just in early pregnancy will appear severe headache, or frequently appear migraines, it may not have what problem. Similarly, with the pregnancy, if you have some swelling in the ankle, it is just that, it is your body retained the role of the liquid.

. However, if in the middle of pregnancy or pregnancy, you very sudden onset of severe headache, or your hands and face strange swelling and not fade, you need to go to the hospital immediately, the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

. This phenomenon is likely to be the precursor of preeclampsia pregnancy (i.e. pregnancy hypertension, is what we often say that the pregnancy induced hypertension).

. In addition, another sign of pregnancy with preeclampsia is suddenly blurred situation, if any, will tell the doctor promptly.

6, there are a lot of body liquid outflow:

. This kind of signal, is widely known as a danger signal. If in the days of the date of delivery, the lower body is flowing out of the liquid.

it is likely to be delivery precursor, breaking the water, immediately rushed to the hospital to lie down. If it is in 37 weeks before (at any time), the body of a sudden liquid ejection phenomenon.

. Probably amniorrhexis, to go to the hospital immediately, because it may be premature to children.

. Or, of course, do not be too nervous. Sometimes, when the baby in your stomach and kick and kick, it is possible to squeeze into your bladder, and make the outflow of urine. You may not be feeling yourself.


. Contractions in pregnant 24 ~ 36 weeks, a sudden and sustained contraction, one of the basic signal is premature. If you're in bed at once and don't get any better, and the pain is severe, or accompanied by bleeding, you should immediately go to the hospital.


: decreased fetal movement if you have an hour to think the baby is not like usual move so much, don't panic immediately.

I try to drink a cup of juice (juice sugar is the belly of the baby's blood sugar also increased, which is likely to he began moving up), or in a quiet room lying on the left half an hour.

if your movement in the middle, less than 3 ~ 4 times, the best record (details of the day, what specific time, before eating, what did what, how the mood, etc.);

. If this situation occurs, in detail recorded at the same time, also need to keep all of the situation and timely communication with the doctor, ask him what the investigation if there are abnormal.

. It is important to note that the fetal condition usually can be detected by the number of self roughly in different periods of pregnancy. Specific reference to how to "self monitoring". The other symptoms of

also need attention:

. There are some symptoms, they need to pay more attention to you, but do not need to go to the hospital immediately. You can go to the hospital later (second days) and ask the doctor to make a diagnosis and treatment.

9, vaginal itching and burning

symptom: vaginal itching, burning, redness, abnormal leucorrhea increased, a yogurt like.

may be:

in the diagnosis and treatment of vaginitis: the doctor will give you some particularly suitable for use in pregnancy ointment or suppository, rather than pharmacies selling ordinary ointment safe, so you mustn't indiscriminately.

10, painful urination or blood turbid liquid:

symptoms: painful urination, frequent urination, or burning, turbid urine or blood

may be:

diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infection: if the urinary system did not receive timely treatment, a few days or weeks, easy secondary infection of the kidney, it will be very easy to happen preterm birth.

11, systemic and uncomfortable itching:

symptoms: itchy, especially the hands and feet of

may be: pregnancy cholestasis (blocking), which is more common and generally a liver metabolism disorder diagnosis and treatment of

: the doctor will be based on your actual symptoms to diagnosis and treatment. If it is a typical anti-inch meds, will be more dangerous, but very short circumstances cause premature delivery.

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