Now the children still need to eat anthelmintic?

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" by a few friends and reminiscing about the past, imperceptibly speaks of "the pagoda", believe that most of the 80 children know, actually "enyrtic-coated" is a kind of insecticide, for the treatment of children with Ascaris and Enterobius infection, it can be said to be a symbol of our time.

I remember when I was young, almost every household in the children had "enyrtic-coated", there are a lot of kids eat "enyrtic-coated" with the stool a roundworm. In recent years, along with the people living standard and health awareness, parasite infection opportunity gradually reduced, "enyrtic-coated" also gradually fade out of people's vision.

so, now the children do not need to eat "vermicide"? How do you know if there is a parasite in the baby's stomach? What are the common parasites, how to infect, and what are the hazards? Today we're talking about parasites.

, a parasite which Ascaris

believe that we are not particularly strange to the worm, it is the human intestinal parasitic nematodes, parasitic children is the most common, mostly in poor sanitary conditions in rural areas.

is mainly through the ingestion of Ascaris eggs with food (not clean fruits and vegetables) and children infected with Ascaris infection, fever, cough, loss of appetite or different degrees of paroxysmal abdominal pain, malnutrition, insomnia and other symptoms of molar.

if not timely treatment, Ascaris torsion can be formed into a group of ascaris intestinal obstruction, drill into the formation of biliary ascariasis, into the appendix caused appendiceal ascariasis and intestinal wear, even worms into the brain. In addition to these circumstances can cause severe pain, but also because of serious complications of life.


is also the human pinworm Enterobius (especially children) of common intestinal parasites, was linear, so there is a place called the nematode, often send born in large intestine.

in my hometown, pinworm is also known as "ass bug", because they often breed in the anus, anus in breeding, eggs can be scattered in the underwear, bedding, toys, land, food, by mouth or by air inhalation and other ways to make other people infected.

"light buttocks play big" is often used to refer to the deep feelings of two people. However, in the countryside, when we were young we always wearing pants sitting on the ground to play, if a child infected with pinworm, soon, the other kids will play naked pinworm infection.

is the earliest pinworm infection in children, the most common symptoms of perianal itching, the itching, the children will be hard scratching, easy to cause the skin around the anus, hyperemia, rash, eczema from scratch after. Even cause purulent infection. If untreated, pinworm will be more and more, their metabolites can lead to children with mental excitement, restlessness, insomnia, night terrors, and even bite children to heterophil symptoms (eating dirt, cinder etc.). Pinworm infection can also occur serious invasion of the appendiceal appendicitis, even peritonitis.

three, pork tapeworm Diphyllobothrium

is a huge intestinal parasites, although none of the above two kinds of common parasites, but great harm. People often eat without infection properly cooked pork, beef or fish tapeworm after.

infection may exhibit tapeworm, appetite at first, gradually emaciation, weakness, loss of appetite, dizziness, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

pork tapeworm cysticercus, can in any part of the development of the body, caused by cysticercosis, its harm is far greater than the adult tapeworm, symptoms and severity for cysticercosis and number of parasitic sites varies. Subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue as a good site, the performance of subcutaneous nodules. Cysticercosis in the brain caused by parasitic brain cysticercosis, the greatest harm to children, children can cause increased intracranial pressure, headache, vomiting and seizures, severe can cause death.

four and other

other parasites such as schistosomiasis, hookworm, filarial infection is not very common, this does not explain.

infected with parasites how to do?

although it is said to be infected with the parasite may be a serious complication, but after all, are a few cases. Infected with parasites, standardized treatment in a timely manner, will soon be cured. For example, when we eat the insecticide "enyrtic-coated" is a very good! Prophylactic use of


there is a saying that good, "preventive", since the parasite infection could lead to serious complications, so can the routine prophylactic use of anthelmintics?

my point of view is not required.

when we were young, due to poor economic conditions, parents are busy with farm work, neglect of all aspects of our health management, we are a group of 351 were wild, many children are infected with parasites in imperceptibly. Therefore, most kids are taking a vermicide.

but now is not the same, now the good economic conditions, health conditions, children are cared for, even in kindergarten is the teacher's life care, significantly reduce the chances of parasite infection.

vermicide is mainly to kill the parasites, and then excreted. Three drug, anthelmintic to kill the parasites in at the same time, will also have a negative effect on children's growth and development, drugs into the body through the liver metabolism or excretion by the kidneys, the development of children liver and kidney is not perfect, improper use may appear dizziness, headache, vomiting, liver damage and even kidney.

in addition, because most vermicide will add sugar to make good taste, when adults do not pay attention, little friends will regard it as candy too much to take, harm. Therefore, do not recommend prophylactic use of anthelmintics.

what is the case to suspect that the baby belly with worms?

so, as a parent, in the end when to suspect that the baby has worms in the stomach?

1 baby, poor appetite, special foods showed interest: some babies love to eat this paper, etc, to exclude the pinworm infection caused by pica symptoms;

2, slow growth and development of the baby, emaciation and malnutrition;

3, the baby often complained of abdominal pain, gastrointestinal peristalsis in parasites may cause symptoms of abdominal pain;

4, the baby crying at night or on tenterhooks, often complained of perianal itching; suspicious worm or egg white

5, stool in.

PS: a lot of people say, baby (or adult) molars because there are parasites in the stomach, but, really is this? To this end, I have consulted a lot of experts, the conclusion is that Ascaris kids may appear bruxism, but most teeth at night and not because of Ascaris, but caused by mental stress.

even suspect that the baby may exist parasitic infection, it is not recommended to buy medicine for parents to treat their own. Recommendations with the baby to the hospital for stool, specific types of parasites after the symptomatic, regular medication.

how to reduce the chance of parasites infecting your baby?

1. to teach children to form the good habit of washing hands before and after meals;

2. do not eat raw food, barbecue, barbecue and other rare food may cause the meat is not fully cooked, the parasite was not completely killed;

3.: home cooked separately cut chopping board raw and cooked food separately the best use of

4.; the careful selection of fruits and vegetables: many parents think pure, natural, without any chemical composition of the crop is the most secure, therefore, some parents in the choice of fruits and vegetables, farmers love natural fertilizer (excrement) watering vegetables, however, this increases the chance of parasite egg entrance.

reference human parasitology seventh edition edited by Li Yonglong

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