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huanqiuwang· 2016-12-08 15:05:24

data figure: Chinese fighter 11 heavy fighter in the plateau encamping

according to the American media reported on December 7th, data shows that in recent years, China strengthen military deployment in the border areas of Xinjiang and Tibet, the number of advanced fighter and all kinds of artillery and aircraft increased significantly, two areas of Xinjiang Tibet military aircraft are more frequent. India military expressed great concern.

The Associated Press reported, according to the latest information, China military in Tibet near the border of the deployment of weapons and equipment increased significantly, including the J-10, 11 fighters, 500 police warning aircraft, as well as a variety of guns and missiles etc.. The Associated Press said, Shenyang production of the f 11 fighter jets, a twin engine jet fighter in 1998 the first batch of production, its competitors are twin engine jet fighter typhoon F15 Eagle fighter jet McDonnell Douglas Group production and production in europe.

Canada "Kanwa Defense Review" a new report said, China army military deployment in Xinjiang is also strengthening the deployment of the army, the rocket's medium range ballistic missile and fighters 11BS fighter. Hetian Airport to carry out a large-scale expansion, from the beginning of 2014 in the J-10, often see the H6K bomber. And comments that the large-scale deployment of troops China adjustment means to India indeed in the strengthening of combat readiness.

and close to the airport several comments that the Sino Indian border troops in Tibet are more frequent. Shigatse airport, Lhasa airport has repeatedly appeared military aircraft. From the Chinese army in recent years, the literature, the military combat thinking, exercises in the article, about 20% of the content involved in the fight against the cold mountain border". The status of the Tibet military region in the ongoing military reform has been upgraded, it is directly subordinate to the army headquarters, the same treatment with other groups, while the other provinces of the military region is the command of the Department of defense mobilization.

and comments revealed that senior officials of the Navy and air force in India has repeatedly said, they noticed China in the Sino Indian border area greatly strengthened the deployment of military action.

experts pointed out that, in India, China is undoubtedly its biggest potential rival, so the Chinese military's every move will make the India media is not calm. But in fact, in the border areas of China and India, India's military activities and arrangements are far more active than the Chinese military. Including in the Sino Indian border deployment of mountain combat troops, imported from the United States C-17 and C-130 transport frequently in the border areas of landing, imported from Israel. "Heron drones are mainly deployed india. Not long ago, India also plans to "Brad Moss" supersonic cruise missile deployment in the so-called "Arunachal pradesh".

, in contrast, the Chinese side in the border areas of the deployment and military activities have been very restrained. Indian is not to China the most threatening national border, although from time to time the confrontation, but on the whole is relatively stable, so Chinese did not put too much attention and resources on the printing direction. China in the border areas of China and India in the deployment of equipment and exercises are mostly verified, mainly in order to accumulate experience, improve the plateau operational capabilities, and the formation of deterrence.

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