Wonder woman and Wolverine fight, you say who wins?

Diamond woman Lasso Lance

jihewang· 2016-12-08 15:08:17

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famous Youtube short channel batinthesun after a lapse of four months has finally updated! This is the long-awaited Wolverine to wonder woman, everybody through comics, games and movies should be very familiar with the two heroes, the entire film production standards are quite good. (content provided by day @ uncle engage in day day)

X is a member of the X-Men wolverine. With super strength and quick response nerve, quick acting ability, special transformation of the bones. Marvel has also issued the "ultimate: Wolverine Hulk" (Ultimate Wolverine vs. vs Hulk) comic, visible Wolverine strong fighting force.

" wonder woman is one of the main members of the Justice League. New Misia Princess Diane. The basic ability of flight, healing, fitness, and proficient in melee fights. But the most powerful wonder woman is her equipment. The truth can be infinite lasso elongation, trapped people must be the answer. Magic bracelet can let Diane block almost all attacks, collision between the bracelet will produce strong shock waves. The second is also equipped with a headdress (like "yuezhimian"), magic swords, shields, spears and other weapons.

" wonder woman played by Tatiana Dekhtyar in addition to plane model work, often physical exercise, and learning China Kung fu. So beat the play is handy for her.

of the film in the early July 2015 when the fight has been shooting part. Other scenes were shot at the end of 2015, so the production time is still very long, and ultimately we see the quality of the film can also afford to have the fans look forward to.

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