The second child no quarrel between husband and wife staged fight World War II

Second love war husband and wife

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2016-12-08 21:22:37

Modern Express News (correspondent reporter He Jie a) husband and wife love for many years, gave birth to two lovely sons, because life and both family grudges, husband and wife two people against each other, in order to compete for the two son's custody, two people court. Recently, the Suzhou Industrial Park, the court heard a case like this.

Qian Ming and Guo Xue met in 2007, love for a period of time after the two married. 2008 two people's Congress son was born, so two people spent a quiet three or four years, with the children grow up to be on the primary school, the couple gradually light up the friction of each other more. In order to further enhance the feelings, two people decided to have a child, in 2014, second of the two sons were born, but the feelings are not "repair", the friction between the two and more, often the cold war.

the same year, the couple quarrel because of a trivial quarrel two. Angrily, the money from home and moved to Home Furnishing parents live, never go home. In early 2015, the money Ming Sue divorce, Guo Xuebu agreed to divorce, the court did not judge them to divorce. But two people are still not signs of reconciliation. By the end of 2015, the money again to the court for divorce, the court rejected. In 2016, the money that the couple's feelings have been broken, has been unable to repair, once again sued for divorce. Because the house for money the marital property, so the property division this piece of two people dispute, two people in two custody of her son Qian Ming that their each one sticks to his argument, there is real property, so the custody of the two children, Guo Xue thought he had a stable job, also very understanding of the situation of children that should get custody of the two children.

court that, given the money and Guo Xue degree quite, two people have a stable job and income, good parenting skills, with two people over a more intense expression of willingness to support, so the court judge each raising a son. Considering the big son of long live in Ming and Guo Xue's money in a new house, the house is the money premarital personal property, according to the related education policy which has been read into the nearest school; if the money raised Ming son, son to the greatest degree of protection of life and learning, the court according to the principle of maximizing the interests of minors judging by the money, Ming directly raised the son. Another small son is currently still under five years of age, has been born and mother Guo Snow live together in this age need companionship and care of the mother, according to the principle of maximizing the interests of minors, the court ruled by Guo Xue raised his little son. (characters in the text is a pseudonym)

(editor Yin Xin)

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