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wangyiyouxi· 2016-12-09 08:04:41

the content of this article is translated from polygon, the 178 hero alliance.

the movie competitive gaming and eventually became a reality! Legendary Pictures announced that it would be filmed in electronic games as the theme of a big movie, then Dota2 world champion champion Evil Geniuses and League S1 world champion Fnatic will play!

legendary pictures today (December 8th) announced an unnamed movie project, they will invite Will Farrell to shoot the e-sports as the theme of a big movie, Will Farrell is a very famous comedy star, starring works include "anchorman" and "Daddy alone" etc.. And the screenplay will be written by SpongeBob SquarePants 3, Kvamme Michael and Dunn Jordan screenplay.

" although not yet determine the details of the film, but said the Legendary Pictures movie theme style similar to Will Farrell before participating in the "Taradi and Eve", with athletic passion and blood inspirational content, the film tells the story of Bobby in the NASCAR arena battle suddenly, by the strong challenge F1 Racer Gerrard, Bobby finally overcome the demons heart racing has become fully deserve the king. But this movie gaming will also tell the conflict between an older gaming players and young players, because now most of the electronic athletics occupation player young at the age of 20, some even smaller. So

, this film will appear many real-life E-sports players, the Evil Geniuses and team Fnatic have taken roles in the movie, the two teams have won the league and Dota2 world champion. By virtue of their popularity and now the gaming population boom, this movie might create a good box office.

in the middle of the year, legendary pictures also launched a video game as the background of the "world of Warcraft", has very high box office in China. In January of this year, Wanda Group CEO Wang Jianlin acquired legendary pictures, and his son Wang Sicong is the founder of the IG team, under the League branch in last month's 2016NEST won the championship, the DOTA2 division IG.V team has good performance in the Boston autumn race.

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