Live breeze Lianmai female song tiger "small lucky" lingering around the ball will comeback

Aftersound tiger wind wheel

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2016-12-09 09:52:20

recently has been low-key high cold ball war first male god breeze in the studio and news in the goddess Lianmai ball ring whipped up a small whirlwind, the studio number once again break records. Should the breeze, woman also sang a song of Hebe Tian "lucky", because of the sweet song of breeze, staged a strong comeback fight.

tiger ball brother Xu breeze live broadcast address:

" and as usual, the wind in time live open broadcast scan code with tiger team fly. If a woman is lucky enough to be the breeze and the wind and even teammates, wheat, it is understood that woman is a female college student, the sound crisp and sweet, just open a crisp to the fans, add unlimited taste for wind studio boss. Woman is to bring you a small fortune, a little lucky The tune lingered in the room., sweet heart, sing sing a bit more Orphean than the original!

" live bursts of laughter, laughing boys are not bad luck, the breeze is famous for his good temper. As with the breeze team buddy is a breeze through the two-dimensional code scan code to join the team, the technical level is very difficult to guarantee. Encounter Meng new is more common, but the group war mode Meng new operational errors, causing them to be eaten by the enemy. Team friends just shouted, the breeze gently said of his teammates, he will not play, don't worry, we start from scratch. In a word, to warm the hearts of new adorable.

" breeze eldest brother said opportunities are for people who are ready to play ball, if all smooth sailing to the end, lost the significance of the game. The breeze in the ball big battle in popularity is very high, often can meet fans, fans will sometimes naughty for interaction with the breeze, breeze, staring at the food, but the wind is still free from arrogance and impetuosity with perfect command and, finally, super strong judgment, perfect in the first name.

" live the significance lies not only in the learning skills of the game, more is the anchor positive and healthy outlook on life and values, and anchor communication, always learning to anchor the truth. Since the wind move tiger live popularity really, on the ball grow with each passing day, overall view, I only wear breeze.

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