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kekewang· 2016-12-09 12:49:52

This week

, Meizu finally put all the mobile phone products released in 2016, a total of 14 models, including the use of MediaTek processor models up to 13 models, "Meizu MediaTek company", "Meizu themselves" such questions as one falls, another rises ridicule remarks. No matter compared to the past Meizu or a comparison of friends, Meizu this year's rhythm can be described as crazy. This Meizu two executives Bai Yongxiang and Li Nanjun do not deny that the president Bai Yongxiang in the charm blue Note 5 conference during the interview said that the current strategy is to do some adjustments, 2017 will certainly be more focused, while MediaTek's CPU is no problem. OPPO "R9

(sales reached 10 million level) is using the P10 MTK processor, the price is still sold so high, there is no doubt that the processor is no problem. "

to do focus, Bai Yongxiang that" like the latest Charm Blue Note 5, one by one to build a star machine, let it at the user end, sales performance and financial performance are all good the performance, it is for us to change the strategy. "In the past two years, Meizu's Charm Blue brand, has achieved sales of more than 20 million units, but the charm of the blue is also accused of being robbed of the Meizu main brand of the mirror.

rumors for their products and the competition among the recent Meizu Charm Blue two brands to the separation of the Li Nan, vice president of Meizu said two brands has been independent, and never is not independent, but they are two different subsidiaries respectively in the Meizu marketing below. In fact, product sales, will split into Charm Blue and Meizu two sales companies, brands will be more open sales channels, but not as much as HUAWEI and glory share so open. Bai Yongxiang added that Meizu and Charm Blue still will share the resources in some aspects of product development and operation, will not end in the market like HUAWEI glory can not enter the HUAWEI store, Meizu still learning how to make resource allocation more efficient, will find out a characteristic pattern of meizu.

Bai Yongxiang had publicly revealed Meizu achieved a profit in 2016, when the media asked about the progress of IPO related topics, Bai Yongxiang said in 2016 on the basis of follow the prescribed order, only in 2017, 2018 earnings, IPO is completely can do Meizu, but not so anxious, mainly want to really do a profitable, make good products, can let users love the company, this is our pursuit.

" for the past Meizu official unreleased products has maintained a high confidentiality, but perhaps because this is the Meizu 2016 last product launches, meaning two Meizu executives some relief after the end, Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan finally has promoted to developing products the former, do not deny that Meizu is developing mobile phone screen surface, and is "very cow", but there are many challenges because of the process, to do business still has some way to go. Li Nan is pregnant said, "Samsung as both sides bend. The mobile phone is not difficult to do, Meizu there is more ambition and ambition. "Li Nan said, really let reporters off the anticipation, I wish this time is not routine, also hope that the next big move to come earlier meizu.

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