False king Nana father was sent to the judiciary 13 responsible persons

Wang Na responsible person justice father

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< p >, the original title: "Wang Nana" incident investigation findings: 13 people being processed which three were handed over to judicial organs

today (April 29), Henan Zhoukou Wang Nana was false college incident investigation team once again announced the events of the latest survey results, 13 responsible person being processed, in which three people suspected of illegal clues have been transferred to judicial organs.

9, Hu Xiaolin was not received in the admission notice, to find Wang Nana was admitted to Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College notice, in accordance with the telephone set aside Wang Nana contact, and did not find Wang Nana. Hu Xiaolin thought Wang Nana had to give up school, then Wang Nana will be the admission notice to the tension.

successfully enrolled a stop and Wang Zisheng forged false to modify the file

due to the different identity information, even get the admission notice and does not guarantee imposter Zhang Yingying to enter a school smoothly, according to the investigation team announced the results, Zhang Yingying father Zhang stop and Wang Zisheng forged Wang Nana's identity information and ticket, and modify the Wang Nana archives. < according to the survey, Zhang Yingying Zhang and Wang Zisheng get the admission notice, in Shenqiu County found a typing shop, bargain with the shopkeeper, agreed fraud matters, typing shop produced Wang Nana's fake ticket, fake identity cards. Fraud spending a total of 1800 yuan. < subsequently, two people to Wang Nana's admission notice and fake ticket, false identity card, from Shenqiu County high Zhaoban took Nana King's college entrance examination of archival material. After two people once again to the store typing, by typing the store personnel made with Zhang Yingying scanning photos, stamped with the seal of the fake seal "examinee registration registration form", the examinee examination table "and the blank of the senior high school students in Henan Province registration form". After that, Zhang Yingying, Wang Nana, according to the contents of the archives, fill in the blank of the "graduates registration form", the Wang Nana's record of the real material replacement after re sealed. < / P > < p > Wang Nana / > is an imposter on University incident investigation team spokesman Zhen ran Zhao said: we ask the public security identification, proof file inside the two tables is forged the seal, forged Wang Nana my student status information. But the investigation team said that as a result of a long time, there is no time to find this type of shop at the time. < p > in this regard, Zhen ran Zhao explained that before 2008, individual industrial and commercial households are handwritten paper files, after 2008 the province of these files to electronic entry, if continue to operate, paper records, electronic files, if not continue to operate, no longer retain paper files, so on the typing shop no paper files. Did not find the relevant information, but also did not find the operator. 3 people

12 disciplinary punishment by the party or government has been transferred to judicial organs

although still did not find fraud operators, but the survey group staff said, the survey results for the final results. < in March 19, Zhoukou City Wang Nana incident investigation group has published a survey, after a lapse of more than a month, investigation group again announced results, their contents are not the same, the survey, said the group, because the parties deliberately conceal the truth, to divert people's attention, which leads to investigate the reversal.

3 March 19, Zhoukou City announced Wang Nana incident investigation results, but the findings did not answer questions from the public about the problems, for example, what is who took the admission notice of Wang Nana, who will modify a Wang Nana archives into Zhang Yingying information, investigation team said that due to handling Zhang Yingying's uncle Wang Bao together, has died, interruption of clues, also led to these problems can not find the answer. The report has also been widely questioned. < / P > < p > Wang Nana / > is an imposter on University incident investigation team spokesman Zhen ran Zhao told reporters that will put these clues to these false facts, a return to a, the people who died, the investigation group is take the problem seriously, expanded the scope of the investigation, extends the chain survey, to identify relevant evidence to prove that in the initial stage of the investigation, Hu Xiaolin and a stop is lying.

investigation group said Zhang stop and Hu Xiaolin in the early stages of the investigation, concealing the truth, against the investigation, resulting in difficulty of investigation and evidence collection, seriously affect the progress of the investigation, Hu Xiaolin year as Shenqiu County second high academic staff, contrary to regulatory responsibilities, lead to Wang Nana were false to school.

in this regard, Hu should bear the main responsibility. Give it expelled from the party; the alleged illegal clues have been transferred to judicial organs. Prince

wins, participating in a dossier, led Zhang Yingying to school name. Kaifeng branch of China Construction Bank has given Wang Zisheng expelled from the party, the investigation group suggest that the Banking Bureau of Henan Province in accordance with the procedures for the post. The suspected illegal clues, has been transferred to judicial organs, in accordance with the law. < / P > < p > Zhang Yingying / > father Zhang stop, to let his daughter Sybil school, forged archival material, shielding his wife's nephew, transfer survey line of sight, interference investigation. In this regard, Zhang stopped to bear direct responsibility. Suspected of illegal clues, the investigation team has been transferred to judicial organs, according to the law. < / P > < p > Zhen ran Zhao / > said that the investigation team work has ended, the survey of the truth, if someone is able to provide new clues, we will investigate the end.

investigation group: the harsh nature of the event have been to parties Wang Nana apology

investigation team believes that, "Zhang Yingying false Wang Nana Zhoukou vocational and Technical College" is in the 2003 Zhoukou City merit process along with serious cases of violation of law and discipline, of poor quality, social influence is extremely bad. The Zhang stopped, Prince Sheng, Hu Xiaolin suspected illegal clues have been transferred to judicial organs, investigation group to make recommendations, by the relevant departments in accordance with the law and discipline of 13 responsible person made serious processing. 12 of them by the party and government discipline, during the investigation, the investigation group has repeatedly sent to Luoyang and Wang Nana. Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College and Shenqiu County, the two highest in charge of Wang Nana made an apology. Before the day, the investigation team has been sent to Luoyang to Wang Nana feedback the results of the survey. Wang Nana on the rights of the demands of the law, the investigation team has been coordinating the judiciary to provide legal aid, to help them through legal channels to solve.

(CCTV news reporter Gao Lin Wang Tao editor Zhang Qing)

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