Chinese Pakistan iron eventually unfinished

On the road Chinese wide.

TechCrunchzhongguo· 2016-12-09 16:45:49

" this summer, the Chinese wide overhead trolley (commonly known as the iron bar) in Qinhuangdao on the test. BA's future is portrayed very beautiful, it seems that it will soon be able to put into formal use, but unfortunately, this desire is eventually lost.

a number of media reports, a Palestinian iron is currently idle dust in Qinhuangdao. In fact, in August after the commissioning, the official People's daily Chinese had questioned the Palestinian iron company background, then investors have withdrawn.

boom, people began to return to rational thinking -- the car itself only feasibility Palestinian iron straight line, can only accommodate highly limited vehicles through, not even by a traffic light, not to mention a large area on the road loss. In addition, the media pointed out that the existence of this project involves the phenomenon of illegal fund-raising. Under all kinds of accusations, Pakistan iron quickly became a joke.

the test car "batie No. 1" was found to have been parked for several months in the shed, the site has a year before the end of the contract, but apparently has been in limbo. In any case, people have been on the road to solve the traffic congestion, and once again encountered setbacks. Figure


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Chinese Pakistan iron eventually unfinished

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