Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen today! The wedding is too romantic

Zihan Chen romantic Castle wedding

juziyule· 2016-12-09 20:33:01

local time on December 9th, Dai Xiangyu and Zihan Chen will hold a holy wedding in Barcelona!

congratulations, Zihan Chen, Dai Xiangyu! Orange Jun is also the first time for everyone to bring their wedding pictures! Little orange people come and see!

Zihan Chen wearing a romantic white lace, delicate lace outline her convex shape, the design is the tail skirt with her noble temperament foil, like princess charming.

Dai Xiangyu is wearing a black suit and white shirt collocation a tall and handsome prince, accompany around Zihan Chen. Orange king was also the two of them to the United States to the United states!

" two people heartfelt happy smile, orange Jun felt across the screen! Sincerely bless them!

and Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen for a romantic and dreamy castle wedding! The place at the wedding of

has the reputation of being the most beautiful castle in the world of the castle (CASTELL DE Tina Aaron st Florian SANTA FLORENTINA).

castle is located in the beautiful Barcelona in Spain, founded in Eleventh Century, has been Architectural Digest magazine called the world's most beautiful castle, all his windows are moved from Tallat in tenth Century to the monastery of the virgin, will be combined with the prevailing Gothic architecture and modern architecture perfectly intact so far. The appearance is very spacious.

is filled with beautiful decoration, deep art and romantic atmosphere.

" recently hit drama "legend" blue sea is the viewfinder. It can be said that this magnificent castle is a symbol of love of the Holy land.

" and for the selection of wedding venues, including a short story. The original purple letter has been very afraid to take a long distance flight, before this has never been more than ten hours of flight experience. After meeting Dai Xiangyu, he carefully arranged this route, want to protect the purple letter to break through the heart. It's so sweet!

wedding only a very small range of two relatives and friends attended, did not invite the circle of star friends. Dai Xiangyu is hoping to accompany the relatives and friends, led the purple letter to complete the current life, the longest distance of a trip, "marry her to let the whole world know", to the beloved woman a unique holy ceremony! Too warm heart!

the last sentence

sincerely wish Dai Xiangyu and Zihan Chen couple! Also invite you to continue to pay attention to the small orange orange entertainment "Zihan Chen big marriage," the exclusive report yo!

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