This weekend special offer publishers, in addition to the Shogun death squads, I also recommend you to buy this.

Weekend publisher special offer steam

jihewang· 2016-12-09 22:02:12

" this week's publisher weekend special offer belongs to daedalic entertainment, is probably not a publisher but known to every family, the company issued works are very distinctive. So this weekend's special offer is a very important component, and it is worth recommending.

(Shadow Tactics: Blades "death squads" of the Shogun

) is the immediate tactical game "recently in the media and social networking platforms caused a fiery discussion of shadow strategy: general edge" is daedalic issued by entertainment.

for a lot of old players, the type of instant tactics is a wonderful name, but also only exist in the memories. In a very long period of time, this type only belongs to a game: "commandos".

for different game player, "commandos" the memories are various, each one is very beautiful: such as ability distinct images of different characters, each one so love; such as dead dead points, but after the open is so rewarding; such as memorable World War II stage. The tension behind the action memorable...

to me, the most impressive addition to "look at Raiders beat", and "commandos" from the 2 generation to the 3 generation of change. "Commandos 3" changed the input logic, canceled shortcuts - so let me deeply aware of the importance of this thing in the end there is the shortcut key. 3 "commandos" boldly enabled about fast switching items using the logical layout, ultimately self defeating, left me a very deep impression.

so, for "shadow" policy, in fact, not too much to say, it almost can arouse you most about "commandos" memories - not just the commandos series, there are several quality outstanding works to follow in the same period.

this game is a very good successor, it not only has the original taste, and in the design of a more "modern". In fact it is closer to the "bounty" cavalry, and do some optimization items from the system using a direct transition to the skill system in logic, the operation is more consistent with the habit now.

in addition, the art of the game as a whole is a plus. The picture is full of antique style not only a dozen years ago, by losing details and fashionable, in my opinion, directed at the main menu screen can be bought, this action figure could eat.

need to remind you that localization is doing pretty bad.

Deponia (Deboniya)

finished the game, strongly recommend Daedalic Entertainment's own works. The German development and distribution company has a unique temperament, is representative of the "Deponia" ("Deboniya").

"Deboniya" is not a new game, "Deboniya" first appeared in 2012, and now the whole story line has ended. This is a "click puzzles ancient flavor", game player only need a simple click on the elements in a scene to interact with and solve puzzles and advance the story step by step.

" as a story driven game pure, you can't have the whole story set out the care in the recommended, but I can assure you, "Deboniya" of the story is very exciting, relaxed, interesting, ups and downs, most of the time amazing. The story and the match, "Deboniya" puzzle design is also very traditional: traditional but hard. The traditional reflected in the real difficulty, who is difficult to solve by exhaustive violence: the beginning you can also consider the test items by hand, but with the process forward, behind the puzzle interlocking, need you mind. The

may also be a standard of "edutainment" game, particularly suitable for improving English reading comprehension ability. The amount of text is not small, but it will not give you a very large reading pressure. Take a good dictionary on hand, you can easily get through the game.

the "Deboniya" series a total of three, is a very typical slow, slow rhythm, high immersive adventure game. It is very traditional, very solid, so it can withstand the baptism of time, until now it is still worth a play.

on the weekend, this may be my best recommendation to start with the work.

finally to remind you that "Deboniya" the story is very long, so "Deboniya" there is a problem, this problem affects almost all of the story line long game - you may be on its end and not so satisfied, just maybe.

very magical is that I just put the game on Wednesday to recommend this game to the teacher, Ando immediately on the special, god. "

level" (Black Guard)

the game is very magical. On my personal opinion, this amount of the game made this appearance, it is a surprise.

in fact Blackguard is the one I bought a free Humble package - at that time did not pay attention to the game in the end what is done. The spirit of "to buy the game I said to have open to try" principle, to download these games one by one try, the result of a sudden fascination with this Blackguard.

by such a margin of the game is to meet the "magic mountain legend" (Legend of Grimrock), the 1 generation mobile phone games are fun and PC, no reason, anyway, not much said paoti.

simply said, this game is very very small body size, please do not take too much to look at it. A lot of game Daedalic entertainment has an old nostalgic feeling, "" level too - it is an old RPG. The map transfer mode of old, simple techniques to NPC interactive simple, there is a very traditional lattice walk turn based combat system, on the whole it is difficult for you to pick out what is wrong, but in your feelings, also do not say what shortcomings.

(again, the biggest mishap is the hit rate of settlement - reference Xcom series. Some people can not stand)

" in the series two is a kind of plain but solid RPG, you also don't expect to play in it what the "eternal" column type depth, but enough to kill time.

in the special time to start relatively good, as it is now.

need to add is 2, than the 1 generation has made great progress.

"language world" (The whispered World)

me and the publisher of the first love is the game. This is a very pleasant love art style puzzle game, but personally, this game is not satisfied me from the evaluation of steam is so. Whether or not the rhythm of the story puzzle design "Deboniya" so clever.

" is not very recommended to buy, but if this wonderful picture can warm to you, but also a good choice.

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