[7:25CBA] when strong dialogue tonight 9 wins in 11 straight home court Guangdong Guangsha, how do you see?

Guangsha Guangdong home court

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CBA League fifteenth round

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7:35 this evening, CBA fifteenth first round of war 5 games, nine wins against eleven straight home court Guangdong Guangsha, this will be a focus of the war the most striking. This is the former Guangdong coach Li Chunjiang this season to Guangdong for the first time, is a strong dialogue, but also a master of war.

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the record:

Guangdong 11 wins and 3 losses, No. 3

Guangsha 13 wins and 1 losses, No. 1

War History:

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Guangsha this season to play eye-catching, currently 13 wins 1 of the negative record in the top of the table, there is a 11 game winning streak, strong performance so that they become the favorites. This poor people on the coach Li Chunjiang thumbs up, their overall performance now, somewhat like the Hongyuan eight crown period, many people can play, many people can score, domestic players confidence.

averaged 8.9 points (left), the son of Li Jinglong is Li Chunjiang's right-hand man

9 wins, the standings ranked third, the beginning of the season after the Guangdong team storm, back on track before I met Li Chunjiang. They just opened a series of tests for the next head guangsha. Boozer's condition is getting better and better, Guangdong Guangsha and emboldened to compete, only some people are worried about young Zhao Rui's injury, he played in the last round of a sprained ankle, I do not know whether to play against the poor.

this season Hu Jinqiu averaged 15.9 points and 8.8 rebounds, shooting 70% performance shine, is regarded as a representative of the men's basketball team in the future Chinese inside. The face of the boss brother Yi Jianlian, is just a good opportunity to test their own strength Hu Jinqiu.

as a big brother, now the Las is not significantly older, he still keeps high in the level of domestic players. In the face of the leader and the full impact of the hu man, a combination of the need to have a better performance.

114.1 PPG, Guangsha attack with Shanxi listed first in the league, Guangdong's home court in fear?

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