Shenhua departure winter Geng Xiaofeng absent from a foregone conclusion?


wuxingtiyu· 2016-12-09 23:19:56

this morning, Shenhua team in the new The coach under the leadership of Poyet, rushed to leave Haikou, officially launched the winter. This phase of training will last until 22. Then, the team went into the Christmas holiday. After the Christmas break, the team will open the second stages of overseas training, this phase of the training period is tentatively scheduled for half a month. And in the team, we did not find goalkeeper Geng Xiaofeng figure. now seems to imply that the absence of winter, Geng Xiaohui will probably become the first person to leave the Shenhua this winter.

or will join the other team

Geng Xiaofeng from the super youth, was selected for the national football. On loan in 2014 joined Shenhua, then in the 15 season officially join. In the first two seasons, Geng Xiaofeng has been the team's main goalkeeper, but with the arrival of Li Shuai, Geng Xiaofeng gradually lost the main position.

last season, He only made 5 appearances in the FA Cup, including 2 starts, at the League Hengda, Geng Xiaofeng also served as the starting goalkeeper.

the last sign of reinforcing the goalkeeper position?

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Shenhua departure winter Geng Xiaofeng absent from a foregone conclusion?

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