[12.9]: Chen Caichao correction (deep ultra line) national tour Guangzhou Railway Station is coming up

Guangzhou Railway Station

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time: in late December 9, 2016 9

border-box; location: Sea Stone Music Exchange Center

tickets: click the" read the text "

: alias (Chen Caichao) (SEA) Hainan Ledong people, 18 years old alone day of the South China Sea North drift around, with no literary ideal, run on a hit south wall no head road. The wall knocked down one from 18, down 33 in his words "it is for him always head broken and bleeding for a better life than is already numb if a life will continue to numb, at the age of 18 that simply died to... Men's feelings are changeable. impermanence, rice oil, firewood cooking four drift fall in full rule is full of dogma now than you and I have no place to dwell too much and what is placed to stop? Tired tired too much always be scanty of words like these too big too suddenly broke out when there is a (good)" the life of a good team we can do to do want to do this in parallel in a stop since it is so difficult that we will be in chaos after the check may find parallel really there is the so-called life and music we may wish to check a disorderly mess A check shall cease disorder only well expect you to join this disorder only Oh his attitude, like his music as simply a mark full of vigor from youth into a adult be scanty of words of the present, he had become tired of tired and lazy suddenly broke the blockbuster for him is a very confused bad insincere things he felt suddenly back blockbuster suddenly broke out like a bowl of eater suddenly one day to eat 10 bowls of rice in fact is not so before the world has 1 bowls of rice have eight bowls of rice amount of the outbreak is so then you just laugh the last radiance of the setting sun came as our life as music we should be concerned about the discovery of more than just the. We go back too much so he why into a bowl of rice   this time will always have a different answer to the truth too much even witness to them is to heat the fictional truth..

heavy sponsor, floating in Beijing And for many years has been organized, people appeal to travelers were Yin band has served as many music guitarist producer here can be omitted () "consistent with experimental work unremittingly to the outside of the noise box he is saying to a fusion of elegance to see here the use of dramas like the smell of his passage in twenty-first Century of unprecedented uncertainty never all today's highly developed scientific and cultural environment of these substances has reached unprecedented when our spirit and humanity is extinct, and all the modern civilization in the civilization of science and technology is unprecedented, as if your life is still full of unexpected and you cannot reach these is still not controllable no need to dig Qing it all by listening to the audience. The resolution serene and sound listening session do you think it looks like what it will say what is perhaps far fetched some total Don't you say it like what it is not what to convince you some more would be better if we always say that music has no boundaries but you can't control me to go so far I still want to say boundaries you listen to what it is that it is what you think of....

  drummer, graduated from the PLA Institute of the arts professional percussion band! Under the tutelage of Ma Zhiyong teacher, learning professional jazz drum! In 2011, the formation of a resistance band as drummer, the release of the heart of the heart! The Vatican in 2014 as the band drummer! Join Chen Caichao Music Group in 2016!

" span "color: Malone: < style= RGB (136, 136, 136); font-size: 14px;" > keyboards and graduated from the Beijing modern music school, has been involved in a "behind" lyrics and music arranger "alright," let go "memories in the rain you" etc.. The main achievement: once joined the band as Keyboardist, arranger, involved in the production of major capital program theme music, sound, etc.. In 2016 to join Shen when the super line as a keyboard.

bassist. Graduated from the Midi School of music, learning Beth B and popular professional arranger, 2010 as the echo band Beth in 2013 to participate in Zhuhai art contest won third guitar... In 2014 as the music Han Dong, the band Beth hand. 2016 join Chen Caichao music team.

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micro signal: HeyRock
address: Guangdong Guangzhou Yuexiu District Guangzhou Road East Garden first floor (Zhongshan an overpass next to

navigation: Baidu map search" sea stone music "

Tel: 18666493653

Sea Stone Music (HeyRock)

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