Good sister double back after tear force, Fan Bingbing did not win a prize to ridicule it? The story behind the quest Golden Horse Award winner

Fan Bingbing the story behind the horse.

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awarded the Golden Horse Awards on Saturday night, many people do not keep sleeping? Ha ha Da, don't simply slot too much

Momoco Tao is a big heart. A seemingly "obscure" said Hsu Chi , yo, still wearing high-heeled shoes to the ceremony, ~~~~

, a good hard FML??? Can not wear high heels??? Mrs. Feng is going to be pregnant?????

Hsu Chi

face Meng forced waved Momoco Tao then sew, fine you do not deny nor admit, this thing can keep again three months of news......... />

can not speak to you?

OS: "Fan Ye heart I don't give a fuck!!!?

peach sister like you really doing things......

was the Golden Horse Award after Hsu Chi made a micro-blog to explain this thing, so just eat the belly bulge???

Momoco Tao is scold miserably slightly, her various Tucao no occupation morality, holding a pregnant female guests talk about bad joke, violated the privacy of others what

may be blamed too much, Momoco Tao made a Facebook in Cameron after her " Golden Horse Award had been more the variety of stem " and "I'm going to change the way ", there is no specific explanation about Hsu Chi, just say " other articles to Syria after

" at emergency broadcast, specifically in response to "Hsu Chi pregnant", first a " is wow I guess you really. Most of the attention of this thing" paper

[img1 3]

then said to joking of course Hsu Chi is not pregnant, the organizers deliberately set

Terrier early with Hsu Chi good good?! Her face is surprised because they are winning! How to play! />

is what you are Oh, oh

this song Bang Bang is my Stefanie horse goddess, originally a small master and a little happy, unexpectedly still could not escape the cruel one singing Golden Horse Award will TAT

a small fortune.... Basically listen to not to come out where the accident is, still feel selfish... Pretty?????

is the professional music commentator said after Da

I pose also issued an apology to micro-blog, so cold rice has sung at

#, the golden horse were sorry to trouble you shedding # ha ha ha ha ha is not so straightforward SEI, small owners said off the powder. Never take off powder

Na, congratulations to Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun are take the actress! A 88 year 92 year, the mainland to re shuffle,

two stage presentation when speaking really quite moving, Ariel Lin heard crying ah

students put their cry into an expression package in Taiwan, ang ang Wuli Meng Da Xiang Qin back!!!

!! it the best actress strength in general, 5 individuals who are not particularly bad, who are separate awards to the virtual

judges Xu Anhua put an opinion now anyway in the movie Suo, July and she is an integral whole the , then the week Rain + Ma Sichun as the sixth option.

and the two personal votes must be relatively high, was also the single acting on them is really oh Bing Bing played well, good sisters between subtle are played out of

< br />

that two people at the same time winning the crew happy fried ah, all kinds of pop

; "two girls just came to take the prize is awarded />

looks really good sisters.

who Can think, the day before the awards were still in development through the tear force??

is the cause on the evening of 25, a well-known entertainment blogger micro-blog Suo, a female star studio release send photos, pick the same deliberately sent a female star of the other field technician, but also to help people figure

blue points out in the comments, the figure is Dongyu Zhou. Black is Ma Sichun

FML?? This is the legendary good bestie with photographs, only P you don't P others Biao???

posted the blogger said passers-by netizens photo

, said that this photo, Dongyu Zhou studio released to the site map, in addition to Dongyu Zhou Scissorhands Meng Meng Da, Ma Sichun and Jia Ming look what is />

below the two Zhang, Ma Sichun's legs at least half Dongyu Zhou crude...... />

but very strange Oh, a few minutes after several micro-blog V forwarded this text with a few pictures, almost all

[in fact Ma Sichun's legs are not so rough, why Dongyu Zhou studio deliberately sent this map to look more beautiful compared to Dongyu Zhou?

] week team very sketchy, pick Ma Sichun ugly face, it's really not thinking of the pure dark horse?

] to the three picture Dongyu Zhou is the United States and the United States, and Ma Sichun's dark and strong, look ugly, too]

coincidence. Interestingly, Ma Sichun before the studio put out the map, Dongyu Zhou expression is very strange Oh

here, Masi Jumimi Da, Dongyu Zhou drum mouth

so this story is going, "color:

Heng bitch hit you actually put my little black light!? I also want to let you go!

small pool horizontal slot you should let me black light!? Buy a Navy black death you release ~

or, perhaps is the two studio one restless, dark poke must fight off? Open (~ ~ part)

after all the two little girls came to accept the award and remember to help each other when Na

did not get the prize also very concerned about the Oh, Li Chen forwarded comfort micro-blog still has a little acid

1.6; acid is also normal, in order to win the prize you see his unwinding ordered into what

1.6; a small main are quite big for this movie to look forward to, but it also ha Da

; pre-wrap; indeed, Fan Bingbing in the" I am not Pan Jinlian "in acting indeed, the 28 minute technical supporting actor are hanging her


_ to eat melon people spit Tucao even, did not expect even Pingdao not to face Fan Bingbing! After taking the award for best director, Fan Bingbing

originally, Feng Xiaogang won Best Director, Fan Bingbing is very happy to congratulate the (best actress has not issued

) but the old Feng came to direct said, "Bing Bing is a star," Fan Ye in Taiwan look has been very

(awkward subtext: you are a star. Oh you are not even the actor

Feng said: "to play such a piece of art, and basically is not money", "star to help expand the influence, so that more viewers into the theater"

(subtext: you Fan Bingbing to play my play but also lose yo, your role also left to attract the audience

now Fan Bingbing laughed very reluctantly, weeping (you have to explain to Feng Xiaogang she was moved to praise I have no idea)

actor Wei Fan teacher now face is also very exciting

at Fan Bingbing's face is stiff, the little Lord also is convinced she can continue to applaud

you think so even if finished?? Too young too simple!!

for best director Feng Xiaogang awards for best actress, here he did not miss Fan Bingbing, " she has been burning incense, all donated several temple

so we all know, , yo yo yo Fan Bingbing you heart failure so heavy, so eager to win the prize to prove their

Fan Bingbing, acting is not so anyone can laugh at her? Others also came to award Momoco Tao has been ridiculed a " go a good leg

the red carpet" good. You acting badly you Niubi slightly, but it's really not what Feng Xiaogang laughed at Fan Bingbing

/>< qualification "I am not Pan Jinlian" the film Fan Bingbing is not the first candidate, Feng Xiaogang found a lot of people are not satisfied, before the shooting 10 days to find Fan Bingbing for her to see the script, so Fan Bingbing was equal to , push out other play to help Feng Xiaogang save

"I am not Pan Jinlian" first fired heat is what time? Is the conference Feng Xiaogang picked Fan Bingbing, blurted out " chest so big "

"I am not Pan Jinlian" heat topic was detonated is what? The Huazhong Normal University is the creative point, Fan Bingbing was advised to leave the site,

agreed to debate Fan Bingbing to the whole network, Fan Bingbing was told to come, who let her? Who put the question to "I am very disappointed in Wuhan"? />

may be acting Pingdao aware of the podium to speak too much, in an interview after the horse said to Fan Bingbing, "the excellent performance of if there is no Bing Bing, I it is impossible to get this award"

so what?? Your table would be steady accurate, even Fan Bingbing did not take part in the celebration went

but Fan Bingbing when interviewed also said, ", this thing can turn papers,

The coming days would be long." just a distressed black cattle, but Bing Bing said after taking the prize to get married again how to do />


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