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Concert Beijing

haishiyinle· 2016-12-09 23:42:47

early Before the namo band held a launching new single "Dancing Tonight" concert in Beijing, in addition to song and dance with the premiere scene, also announced that next month, held the first large-scale rock "Buddhism" day to Zen special concert in Shandong Linyi.

friend guest force to help out   it surprisingly new pattern   new and old songs again and again by

starting site, the band also invited two Yunan friends band black mint and deer report as guests at the scene. Before the show site has filled the waiting fans, and the black MINT "rock your life" in hot opening, and just had a new album the first report with a deer, the well-known "refined and cultured ten spring" performance will be pushed to the climax.

namo band for the Beijing concert in mind, from the retro lantern street background layout, contrasting to the Chinese clothing and robes, with many modern electronic elements songs form a perfect visual and auditory impact to the song "Dancing Tonight" is to dance to help out Zhang Shuo, small percussion from "Elvis Presley" drag "leopard baby" to win many of the flash and eye. On the stage play a repeated chorus, fans waving homemade "namo banner", shouted "like new year", "namo scene too happy" just enough "".

"special interpretation of rock a day to listen to Zen Buddhism" Shandong Premiere of

just ended this live house special namo band said, after a performance is not really ended, it indicates that the more likely and began rehearsals and non-stop concert after preparation for example, in December 9th in Shandong Linyi a day listening to Zen concert. This is a breakthrough in the rock band and the impression of a completely different, following the Beijing "one day to listen to Zen," the first time in the theater after the rock and roll. Also and the traditional sense of the "Zen" is slightly different, there is no small bridge, there is no need to be quiet, but in a quiet way to explore the heart. Namo band said that may need more young people to learn from, understanding, and inheritance. From the look of the audience and the degree of ticket sales also showed that this breakthrough has been the first namo band recognized by the public, less than 24 hours after invoice, all seats are in front of VIP region shows sold out.

it is reported that the band was namo for this "day to Zen" in making the final preparations, the scene will have any surprises, please look forward to.

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