Tonight, caravan Music Concert

Caravan music

haishiyinle· 2016-12-09 23:43:55

time: in late November 30th 10
border-box; location: Sea Stone Music Exchange Center
fare: free
guest: Laopan, the Yangtze River and the far

"people often 'will do' to scare. After that long, not to come out, is out of the."

folk singer, northeast, upgraded to Daddy, 8 years ago, he thought the band idiot do get rich, so they set up a band of BASS hand every day rehearsal performance, four years after the dissolution of the band went to Hainan to start a wandering wandering singer, after doing a great The decision way singing ride back to the northeast, the results to the Guangzhou was closed, would have a happy life, active in Guangzhou's major representative "bar," "summer wind" oysters etc..

old name, a nickname Pan Yunfeng pan. Born in Guangdong, Guangdong, new folk rock representative figure. 22 years old, Laopan back a guitar, penniless, decided to leave home, only to find outlet for music dream. In more than and 10 years, the tour of Yin footprints all over the country. 2011 by the sea stone music released the first record "hey! Laopan ", won the Chinese Golden Melody Awards in December ten Chinese album title. The famous music Qiu Dali evaluation: This is the most authentic voice in 2011.

drummer, and Laopan stand up to a seamless heavenly robe collocation. A piece of muscle he never hide belly drum extraordinary, good sound line total mistaken to capture a singer.

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micro signal: HeyRock
address: Guangdong Guangzhou Yuexiu District Guangzhou in the first floor of Oriental Garden Avenue (Zhongshan overpass side)

navigation: Baidu map search "sea stone music"

Tel: 18666493653

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Sea Stone Music (HeyRock)

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