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Style= line-height: "25.6px [Android Chinese network] Hello everyone, welcome to the "no Tucao not science and technology" program. In the last month of 2016...... Is 2017 still far?

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Tutu November mobile phone performance rankings: iPhone 7 Mate 9

, former Bunny released the November performance ranking 10 Top mobile phone. In this list, the November release of HUAWEI Mate 9 on the list for the first time, the average run of 146942 grades; and iPhone 7 series of mobile phone still lead the audience, iPhone Plus 7 as the first, the average run of 172644, iPhone 7 followed by the score of 170124 points. />

can see, in addition to HUAWEI Mate 9, and Note 2 in the list of millet, but millet released together with the machine MIX did not occur, according to the bunny, because millet MIX background data always did not reach the standard (single type data > month statistics; 2000), so the list ranking is still absent in November.

HUAWEI Mate 9 is equipped with 960 kylin processor, it is worth noting that in the recent EMUI 5 update version, HUAWEI released the temperature limit on the chip, so that GPU can work long time firepower, so HUAWEI Mate 9 3D part of the mean scores from the original 4W+ directly soared to 5W+, so the the new machine to run an average of more than 10 thousand higher than the previous points. />

view see this week WeChat released what science and technology news!

this week the biggest surprise is that the new Meizu again big move two new machines +Flyme 6 surprises, however ambitious of course more than one, we also see a group of data, other manufacturers have ambitions not small! OPPO, vivo, HUAWEI 2017 shipments target exposure .

recently there is news that the new virus infection every 13 thousand Android mobile phone invasion million account , so we need new version repair vulnerabilities released ceaselessly, the recent Google's action is indeed a lot, is the first confirmed Android 7.1.1 nougat will at on December 5th, and who first get updates, is really the son of Google in December 5th to push Android 7.1, but also a large number of mobile phone upgrade to Android 7.1 Google Nexus 4 in the column . However, there is news that the Google plans to push the next month 6 days to Nexus devices 7.1.1 Android, rather than 5. In addition, Samsung released the S7/S7 edge Galaxy upgrade Nougat Android guide , then also to open the UK S7 Galaxy series Android 7 test application . Hope that the domestic manufacturers to follow up the progress as soon as possible, as soon as possible to update the latest system.

finally come to see some new hardware appreciation , Android Chinese net original:

" how to love you enough Meizu PRO 6 Plus deep space gray version of the real machine diagram Tour " />

" exquisite workmanship / photo life true flagship! A 3T "

" one plus 3T evaluation: 16 million pixels dual speed flagship "

"looks and mysterious charm blue color 5 blue version of Mito enjoy"

"another black & myth! Millet MIX evaluation style= line-height: "25.6px

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