How to recover quickly from 1.5 horses


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when you open this, congratulations on the completion of the first half marathon in life!

when you crossed the finish line of the moment, you should start the recovery plan, reduce muscle soreness, energy supply and return to normal body reconstruction.

here with me, you can know what to do and when to do it, This matter should not be delayed. come!


  • at the finish line when what to do? />

  • don't stop, continue to walk.

    walking can let your heart continue to pump out the oxygen rich blood, thus speeding up the metabolism of lactic acid in 30 minutes, don't stop, even if you are tired. Walk slowly to the end of the supply point, take in about 300 calories of simple carbohydrates (such as bananas and sports drinks), and then with the edge of the friends of the exchange or photo. Back to the first moment of the package, please replace the wet clothes, warm is very important, this time the immune system is weak, easy to catch a cold.

    • or?

    Shaochiduocan, every 2~3 hours should eat a little food, the best ratio is 25%, 20% fat, 55% carbohydrate protein. Style= font-size: "14px drink water and sports drinks until your urine turns pale yellow.

    • "font-size: 14px;" >

      continue to drink water.

      5 minutes spend by hand or foam roller to relax the muscles. If a site is really very painful, and communication with the doctor, you can use some anti-inflammatory drugs.

      run: 10 minutes walk, 10 to 20 minutes of jogging, walk 10 minutes.

      • after a week

      • you can slowly return to the time and frequency before running. In those days when you don't run, you can style= font-size: "14px cross exercise , for example, swimming. If you want to sign another tournament, we recommend 3 weeks after 5KM can participate in the event, 4 weeks after half marathon. />


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