According to a report on the World Wide Web on November 14th, at around 8:55 pm on November 11th, residents of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, saw a dazzling North Taurus meteor and illumined after hearing a loud noise. The whole night sky. (Editor Wu Yuran)

Just as the super drug scorpion Dwarf Guzman served his sentence, his wife, former Mexican beauty queen Emma Cronel, was highly involved in the shooting of a drug lord family reality show to show that she was in the poison The status quo of life after prison. However, this new film has been released before the release.

[Compilation / Observer Network Guo Han] On the 13th US Congress impeaching Trump's first hearing, Republican Congressman Devin Nunez was eager to reveal the Democratic Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in 2017. Anecdote: being played by Russian pranksters

Recently, Weibo users began to brush up an anti-Japanese drama. Different from the many anti-war dramas on the TV, the Chinese audience is more and more resentful. This "Anti-Japanese Drama" called "Dragon" was shot in 1944, with high quality, and also won the Oscar "most Good girl supporting role", "best photography"

Above: Mswati III, the king of Swaziland in Africa, has a total of 14 wives. Recently, he spent 19 million pounds (about 120 million yuan) to buy 19 Rolls Royce and 120 BMWs for his wife. Comprehensive foreign media November

[Western comics, politics is not correct, look is still very interesting] From November 13th, for the Americans, what is a big event in the world, because in the United States, the most important political event began. One TV after another was broadcast live, one after another found the headlines, social

[Compilation / Observer Network Li Huanyu] On November 13th, Korea’s largest newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, reported exclusively that Abe’s National Security Director, Ichiro Tanu, was secretly interviewed by a special envoy during the period from May to September this year. In the DPRK, the letter mainly mentioned the normalization of the relationship between the DPRK and Japan.

You must be fully armed or you will get respiratory illnesses. I chose India for this year's annual holiday destination, but when I learned that I was about to leave for northern India, friends from Bangalore sent such news. He is not the only Bangalore who said this. Air pollution is a whole for India

Trained riot dogs can smell the flammable and explosive materials, and the Pentagon recently announced that they have developed bacteria that can detect landmines. This new type of military-trained bacteria consists of two strains of bacterial strains.

Source: British "Mirror" overseas network November 13th Recently, an American man ordered a meal at a McDonald's restaurant in South Carolina, but found marijuana in lemon iced tea. According to the British "Mirror" reported on the 12th, Parrish Brown (Parrish Brown)

[Comprehensive / Observer Network Qi Qian] At 10:00 local time on the 13th (Beijing time tonight at 11 o'clock), the US Congress will conduct an initial public hearing on the Trump impeachment case. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party will openly confront each other to discuss whether Trump’s actions against Ukraine constitute a crime of impeachment.

[Text / Observer Network Zhao Noah] After becoming prime minister, Boris Johnson felt that it was difficult to take out the delivery... On the 12th, local time, the Conservative Party released the latest election in order to welcome the British election in December. video. In the film, Johnson walked around the Conservative Party headquarters and answered

On Tuesday (12th), Dean Foods & Ensp (Co), the largest dairy company in the United States, announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law to maintain its business operations and to seek debt settlement when selling the company. But Dean Foods says it has earned 8.5

Manaus, the capital of Brazil's Amazon state, is a relatively isolated city. Many places have to take a dinghy to cross the river to reach. The transportation is inconvenient and there is a rainforest cover, making Manaus a drug sales in Brazil. The most serious place, the robbery, rushing, shooting, etc.

Eastern War zone spokesperson Zhang Chunhui Air Force University said on November 13 that the US cruiser Cruises sailed through the Taiwan Strait. All activities of the US warships are in the hands of the Chinese military. We demand that the US adhere to the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint

The picture shows Monroe (Source: Fox News) overseas network November 13th Recently, the Philadelphia prosecutor revealed that a baby boy under the age of 1 had not been out of danger because of his 4 shots. The culprit was the father of the baby. According to Fox News, the incident occurred

According to the November 11 report of the Mirror, members of the Welsh local council were suspended for six and a half years and still received a salary of 135,000 pounds (1.215 million yuan). The member was then dismissed by the parliament. Anthony O'Sullivan, 60, is a former Cavalieri committee

The US Wall Street Journal website published a report on November 10th entitled "The economic and manufacturing recession in India has slowed down its pace of rise", saying that in terms of the economy, India split into two worlds. The report said that one is rooted in its city. Here, companies trade on the global market, through

"Gossip Girl" is going to return! Warner's new streaming platform HBO Max announced the resumption of Gossip Girl, and has booked 10 episodes in the new season! The old producer Joshua Safran is the screenwriter, the original master Josh Schwartz

According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 11, the 71-year-old Carmarthenshire man Jeffrey Bran in the United States, after the dispute, poured the hot oil in the frying pan to his wife, who lived for 30 years. Weiss Bran, six days later the victim was declared dead by the hospital. The deceased was called

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