(Text / Observer Network Guo Guanghao) Japan ’s largest circulation Yomiuri Shimbun published an exclusive headline on January 5 stating that the Japanese government is coordinating and renamed the Air Self-Defense Force to the Aerospace Self-Defense Force. The move aims to make clear that space is also part of the field of defense,

▲ Video source: Xinhua International Turkish Parliament voted to pass a resolution on sending troops to Libya on January 2. This means that the Turkish government is authorized to send troops to Libya. On the same day, leaders of the two countries talked on the phone to discuss issues such as the situation in Libya. Analysts believe that the situation in Libya is deeply affected by the big...

[Article / Observer Network Guo Han] Due to the lack of wheels during take-off, a twin-engine regional airliner in Canada was forced to return to the voyage and eventually landed without any injuries. The entire process was photographed by a passenger on board with a mobile phone. The two photographers seemed very calm and laughed at their encounter. Netizens have said

[Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying] CNN quoted a senior US government official on the 5th as saying that on the evening of the 4th local time, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was monitoring the operations of the US Government Publishing Office (GPO) of

Tucker Carlson, the popular host of the Fox News Network, can be said to be one of the most pro-American media in the United States-even some American media who hate Trump will use The word toxic is used to describe two people

[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] The Trump administration did not declare war, and suddenly launched air strikes to kill senior Iranian officers. All their own parliaments and allies were blindfolded. The move upsets Britain's hard ally, Britain. British media "Guardian" reported that the British Prime Minister on a Caribbean island vacation

[Text / Bernhard Sander, Senior correspondent in China, Der Spiegel, Germany / Translator / Observer Network Wu Shouzhe] Li Jiang is a businessman specializing in banner and small flag business in Yiwu, Zhejiang. Usually can receive orders from a large number of loyal customers in China.

Japan Air Self-Defense Force is about to change its name. The new name is Aerospace Self-Defense Force. On January 5th, Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" released an exclusive news saying that the Japanese government is preparing to change the name of the Air Self-Defense Force to the Aerospace Self-Defense Force, which will be completed as soon as 2021.

In the early morning of the 3rd, Trump ordered an air raid on Baghdad airport in Iraq, and Iranian senior general Suleimani was beheaded. Iran vowed to retaliate against it. As the situation escalated, the Americans really panicked. In addition to the World War III WWIII board on Twitter, another hot word to hide

At least 11 whale collectively stranded on a beach on the North Island of New Zealand on January 4 local time. About 1,000 people were reportedly rushed to the scene to help them, of which 7 whales returned to the ocean in the afternoon under the guidance of a ship, but 4 were killed. Local time

(Compilation / Observer Network Tong Li) As the situation in the United States and Iran escalated, Americans became more and more panic. On the 4th, demonstrators also took to the streets of American cities such as Washington, condemning President Trump for issuing orders against Iraq.

President Trump has said that if American and U.S. targets are attacked, the United States will not hesitate to destroy 52 Iranian targets. He also said that some new and beautiful equipment would be launched on Iran. Earlier, Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials said Iran had targeted the U.S. in

[Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying] If Iran attacks US bases or any Americans, we will launch them some new beautiful equipment without hesitation! In the early morning of the 5th local time, Trump continued to tweet and threaten Iran. A few hours ago, he warned Iran fiercely,

Associated Press screenshot [Global Network Reporter Wen Jiayue] Somali extremist group Al-Shabaab on the 5th attacked a military base used by US and Kenyan military personnel in Lamu, a coastal area of ​​Kenya. According to the latest news from the Associated Press, the Kenyan military says at least 4

[Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying] Who will report my father's blood feud? The daughter of General Suleimani, senior commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard, who was killed by U.S. air strikes, asked such questions when facing Iranian President Rouhani on the 4th. Rouhani (right) and daughter of General Suleimani (

China News Service, January 5: According to a comprehensive report, recent days of heavy rain in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, caused floods and landslides. Authorities said on the 4th that the number of victims had increased to 53, another was missing, and about 175,000 residents were evacuated. Home, temporary shelter.

[Text / Observer Network Xu Qianang] Iran's No. 3 character Suleimani was beheaded by the U.S. forces in the early hours of January 3, and his successor promised to make Americans corpse in the Middle East. As a result, on the evening of January 4, local time, thousands of mourners ended their visit to Suleimani.

[Compilation / Observer Network Guo Han] The United States bombed Iran ’s Holy City Brigade Commander Suleimani in Iraq on January 3, causing tens of thousands of people in the country to protest on the streets, and Supreme Leader Khamenei vowed severe retaliation. On the evening of the 4th local time, many places including Baghdad were hit by rockets and

China News Service, January 5th. According to a comprehensive report, recently, Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., escaped from Japan to Lebanon during bail, which has continued to attract attention. The outside world has paid attention to the truth of Ghosn ’s dramatic escape statement. Recently, more and more new details have surfaced, the truth

According to U.S. National Security correspondent Peter Bergen's new book "Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos," U.S. President Trump has blamed former President National Security Assistant Michael Flynn and Other senior White House officials because they did n’t

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