There is a Chinese saying that ten people and nine hemorrhoids are enough to show that this disease is very common. In addition, the pain of the hemorrhoids was unbearable, and everyone was far away from it. So if the pregnant mother hits the hemorrhoids ... How do you handle the pregnant mother before and after the belly and hemorrhoid disease? How to care

I'm all for you! You'll know when you get old. Others are better than you. Can you compare with others? I just gave birth to you without confinement, and now I'm sick! In the future, it hurts and is uncomfortable here, don't tell me, saying too much seems to hurt you! —— Classic Quotations from Confinement Mother-in-law

As the post-80s and post-90s birth peaks, in recent years, the maternal and child health industry represented by the confinement center has developed rapidly, and more and more young people choose to confine at the confinement center. However, many confinement agencies have been unsatisfactory in terms of professionalism, security, and services due to their interests. So novice dad

Because of the incomplete development of the skin barrier function, the baby will have small bumps and red spots from time to time. The more common is pimples urticaria. If the parents do not take care of it in time, the baby will be itchy and uncomfortable. How do parents distinguish the type of rash? How does mom care at home? Take a look at the case! XX mom

At 1 in the morning, my husband was awakened by the child crying: Then you go to bed early after feeding. Since you gave birth, you have entered a long night feeding. It is far more painful and choking than you think. 5 plus 2, white plus black is normal. Late 11:00 AM 1:30 AM 3: 1 AM

END The weather is getting colder and colder, and it ’s time to change your wardrobe. How do you say goodbye to old clothes? Respond to the public account by donating clothes. Keywords can participate in the new clothes and kitchen, old clothes donate love program, can not only discard old clothes, but also help children with congenital heart disease, kill two birds with one stone.

Many celebrity mothers with rich hair also post blogs and complain about their hair loss after delivery. Not only celebrities, in fact, the average mother will face the terrible problem of hair loss about six months after giving birth. Do all moms lose hair? After giving birth, most mothers will face several major physiological difficulties: stretch marks, dissection

What would happen to a person who is usually not good at speaking, and was suddenly pushed onto the stage to ask for a speech without being prepared? In the face of thousands of audiences, what would happen to him? (Image source: Sogou Pictures) This is the case for premature babies. When the organs of the body have not matured enough, they can normally contact the outside world.

Let's test everyone's questions about postpartum repair and see if the moms do enough homework? Why are you laughing? A. I ca n’t hold it. B. The pelvic floor muscles are damaged after giving birth. C. A seam appears in the middle of the pelvis.

The Paris Prom Ball of the past two days has earned enough attention, and countless netizens lamented it-just the daily life of rich people. Every girl at the ball was wearing a beautiful dress and a gentleman of the same noble origin. Alas, isn't this the dream of every little girl! Qiu Shuzhen's daughter Shen Yue is in Paris

Baomas know that the baby is not only a paper shredder but also a paper shredder. Wipe your hands, mouth, and ass, and use up a pack in a while. Baby's skin is delicate and susceptible to external stimuli. Even if the amount is large, many mothers will still use the best quality paper towels. Many mothers have targeted the business

Many pregnant mothers will directly equate entering the pot with normal labor and childbirth. Naturally, many questions about the relationship between them will be generated, such as the following two: Premature mothers are worried about premature birth for many reasons such as double Fetuses or multiple babies, polyhydramnios, intrauterine infections, cervical insufficiency, etc. So, into the...

In the autumn and winter seasons, lambskin coats, vests, hats, socks, and shoes have been greatly favored by Baomao. The reason is of course that it is both warm and comfortable. However, this material is also easy to wear a bloated feeling, so I ’m going to do some more work. Today, let ’s take a look at how to wear lamb hair.

A gale cooling forecast directly blew the anti-cold assembly number of Baomao. They stood at the entrance of this winter and swore collectively: This winter, we will only set a flag to protect the baby's immunity and say no to repeated colds! The slogan is loud, but in order to achieve this, you need to have

Newborns can't speak, and the way they express their status is-shit. Especially the stool, there is a lot of baby information hidden in it! The case shared today is green thin stools of newborns. Parents have two questions: What is the reason for the baby to thin? Can net red products protect the umbilical cord from thinning? Look together

Wipe a small hand when it is not clean, wipe it when changing the diaper, wipe it when cleaning the toy, and find that many treasure moms like to use baby wipes. However, some babies are sensitive to skin and are allergic to the chemical components contained in the wipes. Therefore, the child’s father and his mother always emphasize things close to the skin.

Speaking of baby wear, many treasure mothers are full of experience, according to the actual situation of their own baby to choose the most suitable clothes and accessories is the most important, so we have specially opened the treasure mother contribution column, to the passionate to wear the treasure mother We have a chance to showcase and let cute babies show up on a bigger platform. we

If you can choose, which kind of woman do you want to be? It is slender, elegant, and expresses self-confidence; it is still bloated, old-fashioned, and looks like a vicissitude for its peers. 100% of women will choose the former, but only 20% of women can become. But actually, it’s big

Editor's Message: It is said that ~ middle-aged mothers have three fun: than children, husband, buy things! Watching the baby during the day, online shopping at night, the mother spends money, that is not enough... Just ask if you are not satisfied? ! The following article is from Kai Shu's story, the author Kai Shu tells the story. Double eleven is a cool time, has been spending money has been...

What kind of face is the most for a man to fall in love with, and never forget? There are three criteria for the so-called beauty face: First, the face is firm and tender, not fat or not, and the flesh is even and unforgettable. Secondly, the face is agile and natural, and the smile is the most romantic. Finally, the skin is fair and smooth, in the eyes

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