Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… … little friends recently walked in the shopping malls, can they feel a strong Christmas breath? Yes, one year - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media inform

The baby's head is soft in its head, and it doesn't seem to be able to touch it. Even some older people say that the part can't be touched, or the baby will not speak. What happened? How can a normal physiological phenomenon be said to be so exaggerated?

Junior college department director Evan visited Taiwan winchance big coffee sector in this video from Taiwan to organize an interview at the picture's father Hao Guangcai see Hao teacher to less students message size (the 2018 Taiwan winter research camp)

In the choice of diapers for the baby, many mothers will encounter such a situation: both want diapers thin air, also hope to have good characteristics of soft absorbent etc. However, buy a home, mom found himself always perfectly missed diapers most want

Many mothers feel that they are a little irritation to the baby's hoarding skin lotion and dare not continue to use it. Waste silver not to say, but also let the baby's skin streaking, become dry chap. In fact, a lot of high quality baby lotion is based o

The joy of pregnancy, as well as the healthy growth of the fetal treasure, can overcome all the discomfort during pregnancy and let the expectant mothers finish the ten months successfully. After pregnancy, there will be many changes in the body, such as

One month after the postpartum period is called the moon period, the traditional custom of sitting the moon has a lot, and the matters to be paid attention to are quite a few. However, many of them have become less scientific now, and too much to follow w

WARNING: the long and trying to be patient ^_^ reading slightly you often hear, I talked about a lot of people, but always didn't talk through logical thinking with you a clear break, we hope that in the cultivation of logical thinking ability when the ba

Christmas is coming. What kind of holiday should I have for the baby? If -- if there is enough time; -- feeling pretty enough; -- if the baby looked forward to friends to play, then, want to give the baby a Christmas Party ~ - ZAKER, personalized recommen


Speaking of parents and children, I believe that both parents and mothers are not familiar with them. But how to wear a casual look effect? In fact, parent-child clothing is also very particular about wearing skills. Even with the same colored single prod

Her eyes, prolactin soup nutrition yuenong, grandson of the foot. While nutritionists eyes, yuenong prolactin soup will not only affect the appetite, breastfeeding mothers, but also easy to cause the baby fat indigestion diarrhea. Oily soup is not love, i

In the last few months, I believe everyone has a feeling that the weekend without "where dad goes" is incomplete. Now the program is already ending, we use 100 Tulai to record the laughter and tears of memorable moments! Record the unforgettable journey b

Mommy letter Uncle is good, I am a stay-at-home mom, love your baby to cook, now winter, want to give the baby porridge, and formula ~ - ZAKER, personalized news the local authority of the media information.

Click on the bottom of the white button to listen to music / good time the | source | sugar sugar sugar idyllic dwelling pastoral pastoral dwelling dwelling sugar cold, remember the spring like? Busy work every day, or around children, young girls from th

Escape: mother's words came to the United States when he visited several years ago moved from a friend in Shanghai, who took his son from Shanghai best school district moved to a remote central United States to remote places, to experience a different lif

Many people snoring, most people think that snoring is a good sleep, sleepy, and few people are concerned about snoring. Many expectant mothers have snoring in the middle and late pregnancy. This is because obesity, pharynx stenosis, and uterine enlargeme

Many people have a mistaken perception that they don't need to dress up after pregnancy and clothes are more casual. Pick up a large number of clothes on the upper body, completely do not consider whether it is suitable for yourself. Pregnancy does not me

The birth of a newborn baby is a big event. According to tradition, friends and relatives will visit the parturient and see the newborn baby. In this part, the gift is absolutely necessary. Maybe someone would say why it is so troublesome. It is okay to b

A baby sleeping thing, estimated that many mothers have lost the words to say. In general, babies are gradually getting into the habit of sleeping all night from the age of half. It can be said that the baby that can sleep all night early, is called the b

When winter comes, friends of all kinds of the sun with the baby out of the picture, people can not help but want to keep pace with their baby, also have a say go driving away, to see snow, see yellow leaves, see the different world … … howe

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