Ivy Chen sent a micro-blog, in fact, he wanted to publicize Alyssa Chia's new book, but he had several group photo taken with Shiou and Alyssa Chia daughter, but it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Because of Alyssa Chia's two daughters is too a

Hahaha really didn't expect Hsu Chi to play an assistant. Recently, Hsu Chi sent a micro-blog, Mingming with his pout, and joking, "hum … … I have a pig behind me." Look at the big picture, Hsu Chi stares in the mirror and beeps, it's cute -

As an older generation in the circle, Jackie Chan has been taking care of the older generation. At a recent film conference, Jackie Chan, with Ouyang Nana, Show Luo and other people, publicized the new film. Jackie Chan is still like the elder brother who

South Korean President Wen zaiyin and Mrs. Jin Zhengshu's visit is not what, even accompanied by travel Choo Ja Hyun, Yu Xiaoguang couple, this is the official certification of the influential Korean star trend. He also studied erhu with the first lady of

According to Taiwan media reports, Jordan Chan, a Hongkong entertainer, took Jasper with his beloved son when he was taking "5 where daddy went". Unfortunately, the program is over now. They also want fans to forget their little spring. The day before his

NetEase entertainment reported in December 16th Julian Cheung recently attended the Hongkong ballet "Nutcracker" opening night. Julian Cheung, who appeared in a black casual coat, said it was to support the brand, and later took his wife and children to e

NetEase entertainment in December 16 reported according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Ivy Chen and Shiou for "cooperation" with riffraff hero father and daughter, she is often nicknamed repair daughter, but she has to play each other home, hugged th

Recently, Liu Yan starred in the movie "the sun" in other numerology bra micro-blog, super hot sexy body. - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media information

White fur and green water, my name is Wowkie Zhang! Yes, the hero is the big teacher in this period... And his mother! Recently, the great teacher took his mother to a slow variety called "the three yard". When we took part in the conference, we had a goo

The entertainment NetEase reported in December 16th 16, Wu Lei studio issued Wu Lei privately and teacher learning vocal art tense for video, fans triggered heated discussion. In the video, Wu Lei, wearing a black turtleneck, smooth hair bangs very clever

He Jie's concert in Shanghai was held in December 16th. She talked about the recent turmoil and said that she was being smeared. Some people could be despicable to the interests of money, regardless of their family and friendship. They should put people t

Recently, a net red bread, called dirty dirty bag, didn't know if everyone had ever heard of it. A layer of pastry, wrapped with rich chocolate, with the surface of the chocolate, cocoa powder, eat a mouthful of dirty, even enjoy chocolate quartet. But be

Linda Chung long seen the recent focus on the family, but also did not forget her acting career, she took his daughter 16 months before the date of Kelly, to Hongkong Disneyland Disney filmed a Christmas special and two mother daughter for the first time

Artist Sonia Sui took his family to the United States for Christmas in December, and is expected to stay there for about 1 months. During the vacation, he did not forget to share the daily driblets with fans. He also went out for a photo of skiing with hi

Tencent entertainment news (text / Hu Mengying) the evening of December 16th, He Jie appealed to the stubborn Shanghai concert held in Jingan Sports Center Stadium, this is He Jie's debut for the first time in 12 years in Shanghai held a large concert, at

Some time ago, Li Yifeng in the TV series "photographed in New York during the" and Jiang Shuying came to the The Empire State Building and watch, drying out photos, but photos on the black Li Yifeng moment let fans burst. Li Yifeng, more beware, is going

According to Hongkong media reports, the artist Timmy Hung earlier alleged suspect, female zone into the hotel, Timmy Hung and Mrs. Zhou Jiayu have not had to say in response to events. Today, the family is finally present! At 2:40 on the afternoon of 16,

The peach brother decided to write Jia Ling today, because her brother had always liked Jia Ling, and she was a very hard actor. Jia Ling, the original name of Jia Yuling, is a native Hubei sister. Well, this is Jia Ling's name forward to ha ha ha Jia Lin

Jay Chou and his wife, Kunling, were armed to the airport. Jay Chou wore a flower mask. He wore a black jacket. He wore a baseball jacket and a baseball cap to hide his face. In order to avoid the dog, he walked away from the VIP channel and was protected

Liu Shishi was recently busy giving his new movie "psychological crime" running, probably a long time without appearance, she was said to be fat? Look at the little picture without feeling. It's called fat?? Especially the next one, from the bottom up to

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