After Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong divorced, not only did they derail, but they also suspected that they had taken away most of his property and became the object of sympathy for many netizens. Wang Baoqiang also reduced the chance of public appearance after the divorce, and he was filming with peace of mind. On November 18th, some netizens photographed the same rumored girlfriend Feng Qing, and...

Recently, a netizen met the actress Tang Wei while flying. From a recent photo, Tang Wei was wearing a ball and wearing a mask, and seemed to be reading. It can be seen that Tang Wei did not have makeup on the day, which made people a little unrecognizable. However, Tang Wei, who had no makeup, was also very beautiful, and the skin was very white and delicate. At the same time, netizens

It was quite interesting to have something in the last two days. Li Chenghao's clothes hooked up to Rose's skirt, and then Rose's reaction was a bit exaggerated. The following comments say a lot: How did Rose suddenly become so mother? A girl for a scorpion will be spit out too much mother? Is it related to the ordinary people of Rose?

Netease Entertainment reported on November 18 According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Zhiling was married on the same day, and Yan Chengxu’s behavior was abnormal. According to the report, Yan Chengxu’s friend revealed that Yan Chengxu chose Shenyin on the day of Lin Zhiling’s wedding, and there was no news in one day, and the mood has been unstable in recent days.

On November 17th, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun were once again in the same box. The two super-skilled actors attended the 5th Film Forum and acted on the spot. Chen Kun is still the factory flower, not old man, the value is still. I was wearing a black jacket and a turtleneck sweater, plus a micro-roll of hair.

Kunling Sunshine Weekly Frontview Netease Entertainment November 18th Report On the evening of November 17, Kunling Social Network produced a photo of his son Romeo, with the words: The most happy moment of the goalkeeper is to block the ball now. In the photo, a small Monday short-sleeved shorts, with open arms in the toy

Netizen revealed that Wu Yifan and a girl called the recording. NetEase Entertainment reported on November 18th that on November 18th, some netizens exposed the recording of a suspected Wu Yifan and a girl calling. The voice in the recording suspected that Wu Yifan’s boy was at the beginning of the phone. Moses Moses greets girls

Netease Entertainment reported on November 18 local time On November 18th, Chinese movie star Gao Yunxiang and another Chinese man Wang Jing were suspected of raping a Chinese woman in Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney in March 2018, and entered the fourth week of the trial. because

Sina Entertainment News On November 17, Lin Zhiling and AKIRA held a wedding ceremony in Tainan City. At the After Party, Lin Zhiling put on a silver sequined dress and the perfect figure was revealed. The bride Lin Zhiling not only dances with the little S, but also personally helps her husband to take off.

Recently, Zhao Liying sent the following picture on Weibo: The original VS adaptation can be seen from the comparison chart of this burger: the burger representing the original is rich and informative, layer after layer is clearly visible, very full, and represents The adapted burger is quite big, but it is dry and has no appetite. Currently

I don't know when it started, the handsome guys in the entertainment industry are getting better at living in different meta-organisms. The length of the leg is one meter, the waist is fifty-seven, ten days are not sleeping, and one meal is eaten eight times a day. The things that have been said in the words of the tube are not in line with the basic characteristics of human beings. In short,...

Xiao Jingteng NetEase Entertainment reported on November 18th According to Taiwan media reports, Xiao Jingteng (Old Xiao) sang in the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium on November 16th, and thousands of fans sang together. He spoke on the stage and sighed: Every album has my own song, but you guys

The network segment has come true! A few days ago, a network section calling for lipstick and a friend Li Jiaqi to endorse the navigation map sparked heated discussion. On the 17th, Li Jiaqi revealed that there was already a map company in contact with him... This morning, this news was also Like the hot search. Li Jiaqi,

The event of Li Shengli’s nightclub has been fermented for nearly a year. Unexpectedly, the latest news of Korean media is like a big stone, and this event is stirred up. Korean media said that Jin Shangqiao, the original creator of the nightclub incident in Jiangnan, felt that he was being used. He called himself and the A member of the ruling group.

Recently, Kang Hui, Sa Beining, and Zhu Guangquan have frequently said that they can "let group debut" in this "combination" because of "Vlog", "host contest" and "segment". The mind is responsible. "Sabinin is the "face value" Zhu Guangquan? "Sign language to serve" you

Lin updated forest update sun concert live photo Netease entertainment November 18 report Recently, Lin updated to interview, said that he three times three times encounters, cited Jay Chou suspected, how is you every day? On the evening of November 17, Lin updated through the microblogging sun Jay Chou concert, naughty shouting

Lin Zhiling's wedding banquet with hands-on gift boxing Lin Zhiling wedding banquet with hand-opening box Lin Zhiling wedding banquet with hand-opening box Lin Zhiling, Akira Netease Entertainment November 18 report According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Chi-ling, Akira held a wedding in Tainan on the evening of November 18, everywhere Like a fairy tale

Li Yulei's photo with Li Yulei's essays and guesses that NetEase Entertainment reported on November 18th that on the night of November 17, Wang Lihong's wife Li Yulei took photos with Lin Zhiling's Akira couple on the social platform, and said that she finally waited until this day. You are happy, Zhiling

There has been a rumor that there has been an unforgettable love between Jiang Wen and Liu Xiaoqing. At that time, Liu Xiaoqing was already a frontline actress. Jiang Wen was a short-lived actress. It was still a girl. The two men fell in love because of the movie "Furong Town". At that time, it was also a story on the cusp. After many years, Liu Xiao

On November 15th, Elva Hsiao published a message on Weibo: Let us celebrate our 20th anniversary! On the road of life, the difference is not where you went, but who you are with to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your debut, but also promoted your new specialization.

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