Zheng Shuang speaks at the United Nations. Netease Entertainment reported on January 5. Recently, Shuang Zheng talked freely at the UN Climate Change Conference in December. She said that although she was nervous, she was also full of expectations and had more opportunities to explain to the world. Own point of view! Also hope to

Screenwriter Wang Hailin is on the hot search again! But this time, it wasn't the familiar bombardment of Xiaoxianrou, but he was spit out. On the evening of the 4th, in the latest issue of "Tucao Conference", Taiwanese singer Dong Youlin, who was born from "Idol Trainee", talked about Wang Hailin. He

Netease Entertainment reported on January 5 that now that it has just entered the new year, major TV stations will once again compete for ratings in various fields such as film and television dramas and variety shows. "Not enough love" hosted a press conference, but what was unexpected was

On February 17, 1994, 44-year-old Tan Yonglin released a Cantonese song titled "Can't Say Goodbye": Floating waves are like crowds, but I don't miss them; it's better to go forward or retreat. Can't say goodbye. He used to be spirited, but now he is a gentle old man

Not long ago, a media published a statistical report, calculating that Leonardo DiCaprio had a total of 57 girlfriends, and almost all of them are young and beautiful supermodels. Since then, the Grand Slam film king got a loud nickname-the supermodel harvester. Little Plum's girlfriend is Argentina Super

The following article comes from the gossip three missing one. The author's gossip three missing one. Source: gossipX3 You see, from the beginning to the end of the year, from TV series to movies, all kinds of trends emerge endlessly cp 愣 is not let

On January 5th, Luhan social network took a selfie, saying: I want to eat haha, then Deng Ziqi saw that there was a toilet in the background of Luhan's selfie, commented: Why did you want to eat and went to the toilet? Luggage, Deng Ziqi Comments: Luggage is all light, will it suck?

According to Taiwan media reports, the producer of "Kangxi is Coming" Chen Yanming (B2) registered with the grandma in March last year, and completed the engagement ceremony with the grandma in Xiamen on December 15 last year, and today (5th) in the Taipei Cold House Emmys has a 35-table banquet hosted by Wang Weizhong and Zhan Renxiong

Xi Murong wrote in "Writing to Happiness": When I was young, in those long afternoons full of sunshine, I was idle and fearless, just because I knew that there was one in my life Wait forever. Frustrations will come and pass, and tears will shed and will be put away. nothing much

On January 3, Zhang Ziyi announced the good news of a successful birth on her account. He Ye, Yao Chen, Wang Lihong, and many other friends in the entertainment industry also sent their blessings in the first time. After all, this is Wang Feng's fourth time as a father, and finally fulfilled his son's dream. Before long, there were netizens in the United States

Various activities gathered at the end of the year. What Amei is most looking forward to is the headline ceremony on January 8th. The reason is without him. Recently, he was fanned by Uncle Xiao Yang ~ Did you watch the movie "Manslaughter" starring him? This movie is a dark horse at the end of the year. The box office goes hand in hand with word of mouth.

Not long ago, Zhou Dongyu exposed a group of fashion blockbusters starred by Chen Man. A unique mechanical Ji, full of futuristic shape ~ while many netizens marvel at the cool shape, the magazine's fashion editor published a post to reveal the secret of shooting. Said that Zhou Dongyu's cover hair was not her hair, but she found a person

The following article comes from the pickpocket author, the source of the pickpocket author: IDpo (bapo818) Ling Xiaosu's second wife, Tang Yifei, has a moth. To be more precise, it was the couple who worked together to get things going, but Tang Yifei's performance was more outstanding and aggressive. Here's the thing: & amp; darr;

On the first day of the new year, in addition to Zhang Ziyi's birth (review here → Zhang Ziyi's birth), Olympic champion He Wenna also announced the news of giving birth to a girl on Weibo: 2020.01.01 Peaceful birth, welcome our little princess, my parents love you! It's really unexpected that life is going too fast. He Wenna

The following article is from Wind Exposure No. 8, the author eats melon. Sister Source: Wind Exposure No. 8 (ID: entifengvip) 2020 is really lively. I do n’t know if it ’s a rage. After Kim Hee-cheol and MOMO announced their relationship, the stars of your circle also played drums and rounds.

Recently, a netizen met an actor Lei Jiayin and his wife Zhai Junfei while shopping in a supermarket. At that time, the shopping cart in front of them had been filled with a lot of goods, and it was quite fruitful. I saw Lei Jiayin and his wife constantly loading things into the shopping cart. Also, celebrities are often recognized when they go shopping, it is better to buy more at one time....

"Elite Attorney" acted, and it turned out to be "Elite PUA". The damn charm of Jin Dong's nowhere to be placed is more impressive than roasted yam. Every woman sees him lose heart. One night under heavy rain, Dai Xi suddenly ran to Luo Bin and was soaked. She chattered

Sir flashed into his eyes with a photo. Silver-haired inch toe, broken eyebrows and eyebrow nails, and metal style suspender skirt. A future Ji Ji feeling full of Zhou Dongyu. Pretty? At first glance, I can't feel it. But isn't it beautiful? Today, female stars are becoming more and more red-faced, and girls are assimilated. Today, they can repeatedly impact

Today, Wu Zun took a photo with Wang Dongcheng and Chen Yiru on his Weibo. After so long, the brothers reunited together. Wu Zun said that everyone is very busy, but we will never forget the days when we worked together for our dreams. Although there is no Yan Alun at this party, we can get together on WeChat. Chen Yiru

Last night, Director Li Yu was invited by Liu Chun to participate in the 2019 Phoenix Food Festival, and Fan Bingbing was also invited to participate. In the comments of Li Yu's Weibo, netizens called on how we should deceive you and Bing Bing to create another masterpiece. Li Yu replied, Don't worry, it's on! It really shocked everyone

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