Telling a signal to everyone, not talking about the phenomenon, and not wanting to derive something, but something that really happened to me, is what I said in the title. There are two key words, the first one is the real estate person, which is the practitioner in the industry. The second person in the vertical industry, the deepest person, started to communicate with me, want to be

Guide: A total of 10 new shares will be available for purchase in the new week, of which 4 will be new shares. Source: 21st Century Business Herald (ID: jjbd21), 21 Data News Lab Researcher, Bi Fengzhi

Find a way out for those who are most eager and the hardest to change their destiny. In 2013, WeChat turned out to occupy the mobile Internet high ground. Chen Yidan, a 42-year-old who was the chief administrative officer and founder of Tencent, suddenly announced his retirement, retirement, and turned to an idealistic road. 201

2019.11.18 On Monday, Jinshan Office landed on the Science and Technology Edition on November 18th. Today, Jinshan Office will be listed on the Science and Technology Board. Lei Jun also sent an open letter to all Jinshan employees yesterday, telling a story of persistence and ultimate victory. Inspirational story and express WP

Some people think that using the powerful network to get insider information can get excess returns, but the following case makes this statement horrible. Photo source: Photographed network (unrelated to the text) Guangdong Higher People's Court made a final judgment on the insider trading case of Bauxite Co., Ltd., and recently disclosed "Ru Zhengang, Zhang

Author | Shirley reports | Investment community PEdaily mentions micro-business, what is your first impression? I believe that most people’s minds are nothing more than this: grassroots entrepreneurship, circle of friends, constant friends, product quality is difficult to protect, and copywriting that is treated as a paragraph.

According to Reuters news, Saudi Aramco, the world's most profitable company, said in Saudi Riyadh time today (November 17) that the company's IPO guidance price is 30 rials per share. 32 riyal, follow

An investor sighed at the new bud Newseed, and now at this point, who dares to vote. Less than a year before the capital swarmed in, the wind has completely changed. This addictive enthusiasm, after the ups and downs, finally ushered in the original source of the industry. Author I

School district, as the ultimate problem of the property market, expensive? How expensive is it? How expensive is it? It is also the kind of friend who asked me the most in the property market. This is not surprising. In fact, I have always wanted to buy a school district, which is generally the dividing point of one's life. The front is alive for myself, and the next generation is to carry the...

2019, the seventh year of this product launch today, it ushered in the third CEO. Like the previous CEO Chen Lin, today's headline new CEO Zhu Wenjia was also officially unveiled at the event. The wind started in July this year, Zhu Wenjia was exposed

The regulatory network of the P2P industry continues to tighten. On November 15, the Henan Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration announced that since 2016, the network lending industry in Henan Province has been undergoing special rectification. So far, no platform has passed the acceptance inspection in full compliance, and the province is engaged in online lending business in...

Wang Sicong's debt, two things: the enterprise belongs to the enterprise, the father and son belong to the father and son. Lightly fat horse, smashing the horizon. God's yearning. Wang Sicong’s once, young and frivolous, unobtrusive, achieved a landscape of China’s online world, and e-sports won the championship and made the world look impressive; Wang Sicong’s today, gray face, silence...

Click on the blue word above to pay attention to 21 Jun~ into all the economic life guide: Recently, Amazon lost a big bill worth billions of dollars, and the founder of Bezos, the world's richest man, was named by Microsoft's co-founder Bill. · Gates snatched away... Source 丨 CCTV Finance, Daily

Perceive the true temperature of the Chinese economy and witness the progress of the dream-seeking era. Who can represent the strongest driving force of business in 2019? Click on the vote to vote for the 2019 Top Ten Economic People in your heart. [I want to vote] Video loading, please wait... Original title: CCTV financial reporter

Author | Noletuji Data Support | Pythagorean Big Data Enters In 2019, the demise of P2P is accelerating, and the industry's demise is already on the verge of no suspense. On November 8, the website of the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision issued a notice saying that

Author: Wang Zhigang Zhigang think tank founder Picture: IC photo Source: Zhenghe Island (ID: zhenghedao) This year, has written so many regions, only Hubei is the most difficult to write. Many provinces in China have their obvious cultural characteristics, Shandong Haoshuang, Shaanxi Yusuke, Lake

The following article is from the World Chinese Weekly. The author of the weekly magazine is not the highest-profile of the gambling kings and children. Compared with He Yujun and He Chaolian, the authors stand taller. But at home, she is not allowed to do anything. The heart of the child is obvious to all. He Chaoqiong, 57, will be the deserved queen of He’s business empire

Huaxia Times ( reporter Jin Xiaoyan Beijing reported on November 15th, COFCO Packaging Holdings Co., Ltd. (00906.HK) issued a notice saying that on November 14, 2019, COFCO Packaging Investment received Hong Kong International

Photo by Kseniya Petukhova on Unsplash, everyone knows that South Korea and Singapore are among the four Asian dragons. They played an important role in the rise of the Asian economy in the 1980s and 1990s. Now standing at the end of 2019,

36 氪 It was learned that on November 15th, SF Holdings conducted an online roadshow for the public offering of convertible corporate bonds. On the previous day, SF Express introduced in the Announcement of the Prospectus for the Public Offering of Convertible Corporate Bonds (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement) that the people who intend to issue convertible corporate bonds will...

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