Zou Shenglong is a diligent man. This may be the common trait of a technical entrepreneur. Ma Huateng, who is in Shenzhen, is also a technical source, and there are various stories of how diligent he is on the river and the lake. And Zou Shenglong's dilig

A friend of Wang Jianlin Lu Zhiqiang under the name of Oceanwide holdings Chairman: there was no American hiding risk oceanwide chairman Lu Zhiqiang data plan in December 15th, the Shenzhen stock exchange trading platform interactive, oceanwide Holdings (

Reading the text is not spare the heavy money to smash the advertisement, but the R & D is stingy. Six walnut, Ssha F Ai Faith, xiangpiaopiao suffered from the same disease! If the pattern is too small, there will be one day to come out. After seven years


This is a blatant and exaggeration of the Internet era, many celebrated the financial writer, did not receive any formal training in economics. Many familiar high-frequency words, such as block chains and grey rhinoceros, are used by people who use these

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, globalization has been surging. China has made good use of this rare strategic opportunity for great powers since World War II, and has rapidly risen to become an importa

According to media reports, such as Caixin, Fenghuang and other media, Xiao Jie, the Minister of finance, talked about the real estate tax in an article: we should promote the legislation and implementation of real estate tax according to the principles o

All evil capital, without money, want to have money; rich, think more money. Zhao Wei, from Anhui Wuhu town girl to popular national award winner, has the top income flow, not several fold. But on the day when the stars were too angry, Zhao Wei worried th

A few days ago, the Internet big men gathered in Wuzhen and opened a meeting with the latest scientific and technological achievements, looking forward to the future direction of making money. However, the fire is not these, but bigwigs has saved the east

Because the court was included in the old Lai blacklist, in the United States as the founder of Jia Yueting, also appeared on the "New York Times". In December 13th, the New York Times to "Chinese technology giant has get both praise and blame on black li


This week into 360 real (fangdai123) Jun brush card, see such a problem: to buy a house or step in the transition to the first second sets to improve, presumably this is a lot of friends tangled over the problem, look at the comments, and did not see that

The poor are poor because they do not work hard. In agreement with the blur maybe may be in the money, but brother beg to differ. Often hear people say, make big money by luck, make small money by the ability. Are those poor and tinkling people not even a

Dao Sheng Yi, life two, two students three, three living things. The Chinese military strategy of original articles, please contact customer service: WeChat hstlkf Chinese military strategy - Chinese author Zhao Wei ID:hstl8888 Hall of fame, social life c

You are most afraid of your life, but also comfort yourself as ordinary 1, if you have 6 Suites now, the property is worth tens of millions, will you go to work? In Zhejiang, a 29 year old man, his father did the engineering business, and the family was 6

In the early morning of December 14th, the Fed announced an increase of 25 basis points and an interest rate range up to 1.25%-1.50%. This is the third time in the United States to raise interest rates, announces the further tightening of US monetary poli


This year's double eleven, nearly about 300000000000 of the online shopping tide, the express over packaging is making a lot of garbage, but our side is bursting with an ecological disaster. According to CCTV finance, WeChat 15 reported recently, the ten

Now Ali Empire and the Tencent Empire, both into the Global Internet Company ten, you think Ma Yun and Ma Huateng, who is more severe? Perhaps most people have no hesitation in supporting Ma Yun. You, too itching, too kidney broken, sometimes Na Ying dirt

Source: pure science (ID:chunkexue); Author: Wang Tao why Hongkong as the most outstanding representative of the business elite, not think with the current wave of innovation in the large investments in Chinese science and technology enterprises, but to p

New Year approaching, many bank loans have been exhausted, the 56 banks stopped lending! Moreover, the recent global countries have entered the interest rate hike tide, the first batch of 90 slaves crushed the last straw on the body, is about to fall. Rec

By Ali, Alipay, and the huge user base and strong purchasing power, can be said to MA in recent years in overseas but no country Triumphant news keeps pouring in., this market can not refuse China. Plus Ma Yun did help to provide a large number of jobs an


An unprecedented big reversal is happening in the Chinese economy. If China is divided into four parts, the eastern, the central, the western and the northeast, then in the age of planned economy, the northeast is once the same as the East, which is an im

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