With eight days to go before the Witcher live-action episode, Netflix has announced the final Chinese trailer for the show. This trailer brought a lot of brand-new shots, Dandrien also appeared at the end of the film, and talked about Geralt. The first season of the video `` The Witcher '' will be on December 2

Tolki, a new analyst at T1, responded to fans yesterday: I left T1 to work in Europe to help Faker win his fourth championship! The new manager Hajin also tweeted: Interestingly, Faker -bar

After the TGA trailer, this morning's "Fortress Night" relaxed an exclusive episode of Star Wars Skywalker in the game, and even a Pre-Show. Battlefield B (movie clip starting at 8:50) Players look up during this Star Wars event

As everyone knows this year, during the LPL transfer period, the biggest discussion and concern that has caused the IG's departure from the JKL team from the beginning was to join EDG, and then vowed to go to TES, and now join the SN at the sky-high price About JKL's whereabouts

Analysis of Genting's Secret Soul Routine With the 9.24 update, the couple, Xena and Lu Xi'an, also joined Genting, and also brought a new fetter effect-the soul. So today I will give you a wave of 9.24 Light Mystery Soul Flow lineups to help you not only easily score

Yesterday, the popular dark online game "The Road to Exile" international service was officially updated and launched in the last season before the 4.0 version-Conquerors of the Atlas. The national service will be officially opened on December 19 ,together

Ubisoft announces the first update of its music and dance game "Dance Full 2020" Winter Wonderland is now open. In this free update, players will spend an unforgettable magic holiday in the winter party and winter party in the game. Winter party is now open and will continue until

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Recently, GF has been bombarded by many players because the quality of the Pokémon Sword and Shield released for three years has been too poor, perfunctory picture quality, constant modeling, and the repeated Gameplay, no matter how hard other rating media works

Yoshinoya restaurant in Japan announced that it will cooperate with Pokémon Company to launch Pokémon linkage activities in various chain stores across the country from December 19th, add five special burdock (dong) rice and curry packages, and you can get Pokémon by ordering A small toy with a dream theme. The first bomb of this linkage will continue

Good weekend everyone, Dr. X is back again ~ There are a lot of hot game events this week. I ca n’t say a sentence or two. Let ’s go with Dr. X ’s hot tour information this week to see what happens. Focus: Only Wolf gets TGA Game of the Year A large number of new release dates are determined First of all, let's congratulate the palace

On December 12, 2019, under the guidance of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government, hosted by the Mobile Game Entrepreneurs Alliance (MGEA) and the Siming District People's Government of Xiamen City, Shanghai Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shunwang Technology Co., Ltd. Municipal Wenfa Office, Xiamen Industry and Information Technology

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] Recently, "Dota2" was launched with the 7.23e version update. This update is a balanced update. It will remove all experience talents and remove the two shrines in the lower half of the map. Two new heroes, Dian Yan's hands and nothingness, were cut again.

The game of Genting has been updated to version 924, and many related changes have also been made. Xiaobian will take everyone to take a look at the relevant equipment synthesis map in this 924 version! Actually, the 9.24 and 9.23 equipment synthesis Nothing too much

Although the outdoor cold wind is raging, but the interior is as warm as spring! Every inverse fans finally look forward to the anti-war public beta time, and now the anti-world public beta activities have been launched, the welfare twelve hours officially launched! The degree of power is unprecedented! Quickly follow me Check it out! [Chenshi] Chenshi means eclipse,

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] Contributors: Hanama Tanchi talks about playing games, which is estimated to be the only way of life after the 90s, especially those in the early 90s, which has witnessed the history of Chinese games , From the original spiritual opium to the ninth art now, it can be described as a bump.

This article brings you the recommended choice of GTFO weapons. Recently, this cooperative escape game has been officially launched. So what weapons should novice players choose? GTFO Gun Selection Ideas How to choose a gun If you are proficient in your position and close-up weapons, it is recommended to equip

The following introduces the career options of World of Warcraft Kul Tirans. What kind of career are suitable for World of Warcraft Kul Tirans? The fearless explorers of the World of Warcraft Kul Tirans have established Kul Tiran, who have been riding the waves in unknown waters in pursuit of thrilling adventures.

In the 1-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 Remake 2018, players can explore part of the scene in the Raccoon City Police Department within a 30-minute time limit. In a recent update, the official removed the time limit for this Demo and embedded a "

[17173 News report, please indicate the source for reprint] It is reported that the end game "ASTELLIA" under NEXON will be officially suspended on January 16, 2020. "Starry Elf" public beta promotional video "Starry Elf" by BarunS

This article brings you a recommendation from virologists tomorrow. Virologists are a new sub-professional launched in the second season after tomorrow. They have the ability to make serum and use diffusers. So how to add more? Virologists add points after tomorrow 1. Virologists introduce virologists with

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