| Author: Tang poetry in recent years, in the promotion of broadcast by the booming audience of video game content continues to grow. According to a market research firm released the SuperData days before the latest report shows that in the global scope,

The latest DLC role of combat game "Street Fighter 5" is on the line in October 24th, and the official twitter announced that there are three pieces of clothing DLC launched on the same day. For God Karin equestrian rider suit, Colleen skater suit, Sanghi

In fact, speaking of the VR mine, before the steam platform has been called a "MineSweeper VR" of the VR version of Minesweeper game, game player can move freely in the game area, and like the Windows version of the same choice of three different modes of

"Grape" is a view to every weekend launch program, through an article presents an interesting view to invite you to discuss. In view of the S7 finals four who do you like best? In the 1/4 finals of the S7 World League finals just finished, WE3:2 reversed

Next week, "war machine 4" will usher in the October update, in this update, developers The Coalition will add two new maps for the game, and join the Halloween activities. In addition, they also confirmed that the update will also add "war machine 4" to

"The evil spirit possessed 2" compared to before the big change in the overall number, including many new gadgets set in more scary scenes. If you feel like playing this walking zombies in a tense atmosphere not exciting enough, just fun or PC version of

Neogaf, a famous and influential Game Forum in the game circle, has not been able to access since yesterday. At present, click on Neogaf website will still show 503. It all started at the end of last week, when a woman in social media said she had been Ne

The new host Ataribox of Jadali, the former videogame giant, has been determined to be launched in the spring of 2018, but little is known about the lineup and business strategy of the host. In the recent interview with VentureBeat, Ataribox - ZAKER, pers

BNEI announced that its works "Pirates unparalleled 3" will be included in all DLC (more than 40) version of "Pirates unparalleled 3 Deluxe Edition", landing in December 21, 2017 Switch platform. "Pirates of the world 3" is based on a cartoon - ZAKER, per

Work according to game version of the query page, "Sonic power" PS4 and Xbox One country line version have been given over the trial, other parts of the version will be on sale in November 7th, the state line version may be synchronized on sale and other

Speech is the most primitive reflection of the industry ecology. In the game of grapes every weekend out of the vineyard of quotations, industry condition, judge characters, the game industry will touch, down to earth on one side of the feedback to the re

Recently in London Games on the RTX 2017, Arc System Works announced a new fighting "taokaka cross team battle" (Blazeblue Cross Tag Battle) the real machine demo demo. B station -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative media in

Last year there was such a game, from the beginning of the announcement to earn a lot of love Japanese reasoning AVG players attention. However, once sold, it fell into hell from heaven, bad reviews, price collapse value, less than half a year to join the

Always speak freely brush push mad devil Valley English tree on twitter evaluation of a "3" and "cry cry 4". Evaluation of the two works are very simple and direct, "said:" the Devil May Cry 3 the script is good, while that of "4": the dice is our shit. D

This paper by the author [17173 for exclusive release, please indicate the source] you may have seen many Webpage Game advertising video CG, there may be a variety of marketing in the brush micro-blog push Mobile Games, or a dynamic map of a gorgeous visu

Recently, the network exposed a group of husband's wife's dog food, the man changed the basement into a game room for his wife's entertainment, which can be described as a luxury force. Game player: [to] a bowl of beef powder, house decoration company, th

Hello, this is a serious game. I'm a real brother. A few days ago, the real brother just reported that there were Internet cafes that openly resisted the players. But this does not mean that all Internet cafes have this consciousness. No, recently, there

Hello, I'm a bus driver, I don't forget to play games, Dr. X. As an office worker, Dr X often took out a mobile phone when a crowded bus, such as the king of glory and play some fast track MOBA Mobile Games. However, playing MOBA hand in the bus is a litt

The day before, "lightning eleven" new finally released some accurate news: "lightning eleven Ares Libra", in the summer of 2018 on sale, corresponding to PS4/Switch/iOS/Android. In the live broadcast of October 21st, the official announcement -- ZAKER, p

A few days ago, the Japanese netizens share a picture (see below), from the Fate series that curse set, from "Fate Stay Night" and derivative works. This map users alveley home, @ said: "big ship cannon can distinguish the ZAKER, personalized recommendati

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