Here is an introduction to the acquisition and use of the cherry blossom knife in the alienated place. How to use the cherry blossom knife in the game? How to get it? Let's take a look. How to use the method of obtaining a cherry blossom knife in a place of alienation 1. Collect gold and two double198 to complete the collection of cherry blossom knife; 2.

Where there is a battlefield, there is victory. "Soul of the Gun" cross-service battlefield supports cross-server players to manually duel. The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. He speaks with victory and defeat, and treats all kinds of dissatisfaction! Click the Start Match button, and the system will automatically match you with players with similar online strength. After the...

Foreign media reporter: kiin won in a million contract battle with Chovy ESPN reporter Fionn updated Twitter and praised the AFS team performance yesterday. Kiin wins $ 1 million contract battle with Chovy, AFS looks great and is happy

Recently, the first-person open-world game Wanking Simulator developed by MrCiastku has launched a free trial version on the Steam platform. Interested players can try it out. Your browser does not support this video

Obviously, the new and old players are not at the same time when they contact the dusk series. The launch time of the three works of Aixia, Aishka, Roggie, and Xia Li has a certain span, and the PS3, PSV, the original version and the PLUS version experience There is also a big difference, which has not been said to be a big ticket launched in the past 8 years

Many people are familiar with Nintendo's fitness ring adventure game. Recently, a Facebook player named Migui Minaj shared on Ins the results of his one month ’s fitness ring adventure. Let ’s take a look. M

The winter sale has just passed, and now G Fat is eyeing the New Year's money of domestic players. Recently, according to Keygun (formerly Steamcn) boss Pinkgun, this year's Steam Spring Festival special offer will open at 2 am on January 24th, and last

Bandai Namco released the latest trailer for "Dragon Ball Z Carkarot". The trailer shows all aspects of the game, including battles, stories and basic systems. Of course, there are also famous scenes that are equivalent to Finished the previous information. Video address book for 2020

For PC gamers of Resident Evil 2 Remake, all kinds of strange mods are a great game fun. Recently, the well-known MOD creator [Darkness Valtier] has brought a new MOD, he will be the heroine Clay

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. What would you buy if there were 3.91 million? Buying a house? Buy a car? Recently, some netizens spent 3.91 million to take the phone number 15077777777 from the Internet. I can only say that poverty limits our imagination ...

With the release of the PC version of Halo Master Chief Collection, more and more new players are exposed to the Halo game series with a huge story structure. However, at present, the series of prequels "Halo to Far Star" is only released in chronological order. It is really suitable for newcomers in terms of plot, because it tells

Announcement about the penalty of JDG for breach of the player service agreement. Prior to this, the League of Legends professional game discipline management team (discipline management team) received relevant information that the JDG club had submitted to the player Seo Jin-hyeok (Kanavi)

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Not long ago, game data statistics company SuperData Research released the 2019 global digital games annual summary report. Report, what are the mysteries in the gaming market in 2019? Younger brother

League of Legends was developed by Riot Games and was officially released on October 27, 2009 in the United States. On September 22, 2011, the League of Legends National Service was officially launched and operated by Tencent Game Agency. From the national service

It's been more than three months since the last series of King of Eldor in "Magic", and today's game time brings you an exclusive preview card, which belongs to the new series Theros that will be released on January 17: To survive. Today happens to be New Year's Day, the number one in 2020

Bird Shield returns to Genting. Bird Shield in the popular game of Genting will surely impress many players so far. There are several versions of the S1 season. As long as you get two Bird Shields, you can lie down and take the first. After a few times, it disappeared, and this piece of equipment became unheeded. But on 9.24B

This is the second-to-last poll in the UCG game awards election stage. Yesterday's voting is still ongoing. If you have not participated yet, you can click here to participate. This year's election rules are the same as last year. Votes are cast on a monthly basis, and there is no limit on the number of votes. Vote for all candidate games in the month.

VG chat room has been registered on each major FM platform, this program link: Himalayan FM | Litchi | Listening | B Station | Netease Cloud Music | QQ Music | "Subway: Leaving Home" hits people's hearts,

Station B address ED: BULLET MERMAID (Kandagawa JET GIRLS Animation OP) (Cover: Hakuba Hiroshi (Xiaoyuan Aya), Aoi Aoi (Kohara Riko))-Kyle Xian New Year, New Game! High-profile January tour

Total value of RMB 280,000: The list of FPX winning championship celebration prizes was revealed yesterday. It is the second anniversary of the FPX team and also the S9 World Championship winning celebration ceremony. At the celebration, the FPX team issued a total of about 280,000 yuan prizes. The prizes are as follows: Grand Prize: LV

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