Beijing time on the evening of August 23rd, Samsung held a press conference in New York officially released flagship Galaxy Note8, Samsung Note8 released last year, Samsung Note7 explosion and the background is next month Apple will release iPhone 8, as a

At the end of the last century the pixel Games bring us in addition to a variety of pleasant memories, there are a variety of game cheat codes, and one of the most well known, also called cheat codes in milepost type cheats, is up and down around about BA

[mobile china news] full screen as one of the popular trends in mobile phones this year, there will be a variety of full screen mobile phone coming out. Last night, Samsung officially released its flagship handset Samsung Note 8, and next month, iPhone 8

Today morning, the orange Mobell bicycle appeared in the streets of Sapporo in japan. Island people ride long lost bikes. Take the subway back past, ride a bike, too convenient, 22 day bicycle Mobell held in Sapporo will experience. When traveling to Chin

Tonight 23:00, Samsung will release a new generation of flagship machine, Emperor Galaxy Note 8. As competitors, HUAWEI certainly won't sit back and take out its new flagship, Mate 10, to compete with it. Previous exposure of the concept map today, HUAWEI

According to reports, a major Japanese technology giant will quit the mobile phone industry. It is reported that Fujitsu is seeking to sell smart phone business, spending more time on artificial intelligence and Internet business. The Nikkei pointed out t

Take a look at what makes Google's new system different from the old system. Tencent (Hamish) digital news shortly before Google officially next generation Android system named Android Android Oreo (Oreo), Google will obviously for this version of the sys

San August 24th news, although Samsung did not disclose the price of Note8 at the conference, but the United States operators have given this information. The official launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled for September 15, 2017, but bookings

Samsung officially launched the annual Andrews machine king Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Note 8 has a 6.3 inches QHD resolution 18.5:9 full screen surface. Compared to the Note series, the S series is more proprietary, with more visual effects - ZAKER, personal

Early in the year, Samsung Galaxy S8 series after release, whether it is wind review or sales are quite good. This allows Samsung in the Note7 Series event, finally a little relieved. By the second half, when Note8 was ready to take off, Samsung's slightl

The smartphone industry has different popular elements every year. The most popular element this year is obviously a full screen. However, on the price point of view, the domestic market has been fully mobile phones are relatively expensive. Samsung Note8

On August 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 starting soon, while rival LG is in the YouTube short bursts of video is 15 seconds long two roads, short duration, but the other Samsung means more obvious. In the first parag

Q: how to describe Samsung Note8 in a vivid sentence: Samsung spent a year putting S8+'s hardware into the fuselage of Galaxy Note7, and adding a pen. As for you, is it more like "S8+" or "Galaxy Note7" -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation news, local au

Wei Feng network news, Apple will have to attract business users and 1 mixed equipment competition and 2 tasks to the iPad Pro. IPad Pro now has different sizes and storage options, and it has the capabilities of the notebook and the capabilities of the h

In addition to the much anticipated iPhone 8, we should not ignore the existence of iPhone, 7S, and 7S Plus, even if they have very limited upgrades. An upgrade of iPhone 7S may be reflected in Yang's ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local aut

Recently, a hammer can be said to be in love with cross-border marketing, before ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) reported Okamoto jointly launched Okamoto hammer nuts Pro custom version bundled Okamoto ultra-thin condoms ten, buy a mobile phone also he

Tonight, slower video released new content, unmanned aircraft hit millet Max2. Way is: the millet Max2 tape hanging with great effort, the tester controls a drone flying over the front, at speeds of 185Km. Previous attempts, UAVs failed to hit well, while

PHILPS electric toothbrush won, but the price has been superior, even some 1, 2 thousand yuan. And PHILPS Sonicare Elite+ series gingival care type electric toothbrush has sold 110 thousand, recently ushered in sales, the original price of 299 yuan, strai

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