Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Ali Research Institute, said at the 5th New Economic Think Tank Conference held by Ali Research Institute that as of 2019, there were over 4,000 Taobao villages and only 20 in 2013. You buy Taobao East

IT House January 5 News Earlier, it was reported that "Metro: Redux" will land on the Nintendo Switch platform, and related games have also appeared in European rating agencies to obtain 18+ ratings. It is worth noting that Russia has two games zero

IT House January 5 News January 3 360 Gold Medal Speech Event was officially held. 360 Group Chairman Zhou Hongxuan came to the stage and gave a speech. He said that the speech is the same as making a product. It is user-centered and not to please the boss. Zhou Hongyu said that employees want

Titanium Media Note: This article comes from Tencent News Guyu Lab x OFPiX, photography and text 丨 Zhao Tianyi, Zeng Ke, editor 丨 Zhao Tianyi, Titanium Media is authorized to publish. Xierqi people tell stories about the surging people in the subway. Such a picture builds my impression of Xierqi, but as a picture

Author | Chloe Albanesius Translator | Yang Shiqin, Editor-in-Chief | Produced by Guo Rui | CSDN (ID: CSDNnews) death will eventually fall on each of us, even those once great Silicon Valley giants-here are 2019

[Lunyun (WeChat :)] Reported on January 5 (Compiled: Sake) According to Reuters, targeting China and other countries, the Trump administration took a series of measures on January 3 to limit the use of artificial intelligence software For export, it is reported that the new regulations will take effect on January 6. It is reported that an export

After LG, Xiaomi, and Samsung, another manufacturer, TCL, has patented a stretchable screen phone. The patent was included in WIPO's Global Design Database on December 23, 2019.The patent description is very short, but includes 4 colored patents

In a report released today by foreign media VentureBeat, based on the statistics of the television advertising data analysis company from December 8 to January 1, it provided insights into Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

IT House January 5th According to the report from the micro-network, recently, the optical component maker Asia Optical Industry said that this year Yaguang will continue to expand its production base in Myanmar, create maximum operating benefits, and fully promote zoom lenses. Yaguang Chairman Lai Yiren said that Yaguang's consolidated revenue last year reached NT $

On January 5th, MIUI released an announcement in the Xiaomi global community, stating that MIUI will pre-install Google Dialer and Google Messaging applications on mobile phones sold in global markets (excluding markets such as China, India, Indonesia). Xiaomi says that the settings after Xiaomi 9T Pro

Song listening reports for major platforms in 2019 are coming earlier than in previous years. Just before the New Year's Day holiday, Netease Cloud Music and QQ Music sent users year-end reports, and there were two reports in the circle of friends. Regardless of whether anyone really cares about your annual playlist,

IT House January 5 News Following the earlier exposure of the ice universe to the Xiaomi 10 tempered film front view, bloggers once again took real photos of the multi-angle Xiaomi 10 tempered film to take a look. Blogger BAICHA Hey released Mi 10 tempered film real shot and before the ice universe

Titanium Media reported on January 5 that in early 2020, Xiaomi Group welcomed two generals: Chang Cheng, the former vice president of Lenovo Group, and Wang Xiaoyan, the founder of Xiaochi. On the evening of January 4th, some netizens asked questions. Will Li Nan join Xiaomi, when will he join Xiaomi? Li Nan himself

According to a survey by, Microsoft spends more budget on Surface than Apple iPad to promote the product line. In 2019, Microsoft spent about $ 219.1 million on Surface TV ads.

The following article is from Chopped Pepper Entertainment, author Ye Qingmei author / Ye Qingmei This time of year belongs to the highlight moments of Wu Xiaobo and Luo Zhenyu. Their New Year's Eve speech has evolved into a regular program like the New Year's Eve Party of the TV, or a sustainable business. Regardless of site scale, door

On January 4, according to foreign media reports, Apple's mid-range iPhone SE2 may be officially launched at the end of 2020, and it will transfer the fingerprint recognition function from the original bottom to the side, and integrate it with the side power button. Based on previously exposed iPhone S

Author | Mei Xinhao Source | Commercial Street Detective (ID: tananbus) Deng Ting (pseudonym) just after her 36th birthday, like many girls, she always walks on the principle of weight loss, including keeping hips with Keep at home Training, abdomen

As the first year of 5G, the particularity of the semiconductor industry in 2019 is not only the innovation of communication technology, but more importantly, Moore's Law, which has supported the rapid development of semiconductor technology for many years, is gradually becoming invalid, but explosive data needs more sophisticated processing. Technology as support. The industry is facing double

By Niu Geng Editor | Su Jianxun From January 7th to 10th, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in 2020 will be held in Las Vegas. This exhibition was supposed to lead the consumer electronics trend, but the lack of bright and innovative technologies for many years has gradually reduced it to

Is Tim Cook the best CEO of this era? Text | Yang Yejiu Yang Jingjiu In the first trading day of 2020, Apple's stock price exceeded US $ 300 for the first time, with a total market value of more than US $ 1.3 trillion. Apple once again stood at the peak of the global technology company's market value. In apple

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