No surprise, Samsung S9 will be released in the spring of 2018. Recently, a variety of S9 pictures and configurations have been released. According to these exposures, S9 still has a lot of amazing points. Toni today gives you a brief summary of the summi

In December 14th, the iMac series of Apple's first workstation, iMac Pro, was officially sold overseas. We can see this product in Apple store in China now, though the date of sale is not yet confirmed, but the price has already come out, the price of the

What has changed over the last two years by the surface display, the surface can be said to be burning the entire display industry. From the surface to the surface to the mobile phone TV, without a surface display, not now display the most popular product

IT's home December 15th news, foreign revelers OnLeaks exposed today's Samsung S9/S9+ factory CAD rendering. According to its previous experience, the final product may be different from the current rendering. With the S8 Department - ZAKER, personalized

In the eyes of different people, Lan Xiang has different meanings. I am in your opinion, the pan entertainment symbol Lan Xiang might just be a ghost, and a brainwashed animal advertising vice president pies has advised people to learn excavator Tang Guoq

Zhongguancun online news: iPhone X has been listed since November 3rd, has been in a hard to find, partly because of its buddy iPhone 8 not so awesome, we would rather lead to two thousand yuan more experience of innovation of science and technology; on t

When the design of the iPhone X's heteromorphic borderless frame became clear, there was a great difference between people. Steve &bull, Jobs will never allow such a thing to happen for a while. Many Apple fans have condemned the design, and ZAKER, person

This article reprinted from WeChat chief public number character view (ID:sxrenwuguan), author: Xiao Fang, Jiang Yue, has been reprinted geeks Park authorized reprint please contact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ZAKER, personalized recomme

Editor's note: This article is reprinted from the public number keso (WeChat ID:kesoview) and the reprint has been authorized by the author. A day ago in Guangzhou Fortune Global Forum, Silicon Valley senior reporter, "fortune" magazine executive editor A

In December 13th, Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller told reporters, talked about the iPhone X, which also specifically stressed the importance of physical removal of Home keys, in addition to the touch operation more thoroughly, we also love t

Although Samsung GALAXY S9 series has been coming on the stage of CES2018 exhibition in the past, it seems that Samsung didn't launch the new flagship idea ahead of schedule. According to the latest report of thebell in South Korean media, Samsung has con

Frankly to say, on the two day that "a 92 year girl by Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us" caused controversy and then 360 and Zhou Hongyi's back, and not to be discussed in this article, even a tiny bit. The old driver who used to linger in various communiti

At the end of PC, the NetEase demonstrates his new ambition...... if you want to say to the two very topic of domestic mobile phone game works, in addition to the "king of glory" that the Fame Monster level work, many people will think of the two dimensio


According to science and Technology Daily reported on December 14th, China has built the fastest unmanned boat in the world, which was learned on the 14 day at the Fifth China Marine Economic exposition opened in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. The unmanned yacht w

Apple has opened the press conference in the United States. How do you come to China to launch a press conference in Google? A lot of children's shoes have created a bold idea: whether Google is going to return to China. Why are all reading Google good, l

Last night, @ millet company administrative micro-blog released a notice that the event will be announced today, and is the ultimate reward of the most unique millet annual There was no parallel in history.... Indeed, today morning 10:00 millet official a

The Fang Hao into the last month of 2017, about ofo and Mobell merger news as one falls, another rises. Unlike in the past, this wave of shouting 'together' is not someone else, it's the investor of both sides. Real ofo's early investors Wang Gang, Zhu Xi

Jia Yueting, you didn't scold the idea to remind you: in December 12th, there was news that Jia Yueting was first restricted by a court. The provisions of the act, Jia Yueting in the future by means of transport shall select the plane, train, ship two cla

For more than a year, the price of memory soared, and single 8GB once approached a thousand yuan. Although it has recently begun to fall, it is still far higher than normal. Suddenly, this to their own computer with how much memory became a very tangled t

After a long time, apple finally sold the first square lightning 3 (Thunderbolt 3) USB-C cable in the official network. Apple launched MacBook Pro with USB-C interface only more than a year ago, which supports faster thunderbolt 3 -- ZAKER, personalized r

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