No business can escape the problem of commercialization, even B stations that often compromise users. On November 19th, Station B announced the unaudited financial report for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019. During the quarter, total revenue of station B reached 18

Net red economy becomes the dominant force China's service industry, basically every sub-sector, can be 're-do it again'. 58 Group CEO Yao Jinbo has made such a judgment. The mobile Internet has developed rapidly in the past decade, and the early traffic dividend has long since disappeared, but the huge stock market has not penetrated sufficiently.

IT House November 21st News At the end of each year, Xiaomi will hold a family feast. This year, Xiaomi will hold the first family feast in Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. Xiaomi’s new media director Lu Wei said that Xiaomi’s family dinner this year is under intense preparation. Lu Wei said that the first home of Xiaomi Science and Technology Park

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first contact lens for slowing the progression of myopia in children aged 8-12, called MiSight, which is a one-time daily disposable type and should not be worn overnight. According to the World Health Organization, the first "World Vision Report" was released.

In the past, Apple updated the large MacBook Pro product line to bring a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen. Our boss bought one and came back to see what changed in the end, but after I got it, I grabbed it and first passed it on.

Ma Yun did not know why he ran to a foreign university and went to talk to foreign university students: Young people pay less attention to the world and national affairs, and worry more about themselves. But very quickly, this sentence was passed to the country, which led to a lot of interpretation of this sentence, both positive and negative. In order to prove this sentence, Ma Yun said that...

Like a tornado whirlpool, the entire data credit industry will be engulfed. Recently, the Huai'an police in Jiangsu province has smashed seven companies suspected of infringing citizens' personal information crimes, allegedly illegally buffering more than 100 million personal information of citizens. Among them, Lakara paid its koala credit for allegedly illegally providing identity cards.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology research team announced on the 19th that its deep artificial character (DeepRole) has outperformed humans in an online game like killing games or werewolf killing, becoming the first multiplayer player with unknown player characters and motives. in the game

Netease Technology News November 21st news, according to foreign media reports, local time on Wednesday, US Congress Democratic Senator Ed Markey (Emarmar) asked Tesla to disable its Autopilot autopilot assist system until the

This article comes from: understand the notes, the cover comes from: Oriental IC Some things can not be carefully pondered, look good at a glance, a look at it is full of doubts. Lenovo's recent voice is very high. The new quarterly earnings report has just been released. The online commentary is all about the strong performance and the substantial increase in net profit. Also at the product

Recently, the tubing Boomstick Gaming released a video showing his ski resort in Death Stranded. The original "Abandoned Death" is not a courier simulator, but a ski simulator. From this show video we can see that Boom

In 2019, operators in South Korea, the United States, China and other countries have launched 5G commercial services, which has led many people to believe that the popularity of 5G will lead to the demise of Wi-Fi. The basis for this judgment is that, on the one hand, the price of traffic in the 4G era is already cheap enough, on the other hand,

For the purpose of setting a dedicated ringtone for your mobile phone, people who come from the era of functional machines should have the most say. If you remember the back cover of a best-selling magazine like "Reader" or "Story" more than a decade ago, you should remember the full version of the young lady's head and a list of various numbers with a number. ▲I

IT Home November 21st According to the user's response, Apple's iOS 13 system (especially the first few versions) has more bugs and vulnerabilities than previous systems. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is changing the way it develops internal versions of its operating system to prevent it.

Have you seen the fifth season of "Black Mirror" recently? I know that everyone is not satisfied with the plot, and I am the same; but I have to admit that the first episode of "Live Man Fast" game looks really fun, it is simply a sandbox sex game, it is really exciting. . In fact, this matter has always been blown out of special fire, investment public

Moore's Law is like a string of arrows. Since 1965, it has been through more than half a century. It has passed through the numerous chip-making battlefields, and this time it will steadily aim at the bullseye of the 5nm process. Recalling the last 7nm process that was stirred up by TSMC and Samsung, the war has not really fallen.

On August 7, 2019, AMD CEO Dr. Su Zifeng shouted on the stage of the San Francisco landmark architectural art palace. This is currently the most powerful X86 server chip. Since then, AMD’s empire’s counterattack has entered a high

Wise things (public number: zhidxcom) text | Xuan window wisdom things reported on November 21, today's first world 5G conference kicked off in Beijing International Exhibition Center for four days (November 20 - November 23) Beijing Municipal People's Government

IT Home November 21st News According to all-weather technology reports, Xiaomi responded to the news that Xiaomi's self-built factory: Yizhuang factory is a pre-production trial plant, not that we want to make mass production phones there. Earlier today, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

According to foreign media reports, US President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited a manufacturing facility in Texas on Wednesday, a factory used by Apple to assemble Mac Pro desktops. This factory is owned by Flex. The main task is to create an Apple Ma.

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