Modern Express News (correspondent Jiang Gongxuan reporter Ji Yu) Help, help! & Amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Recently, Nanjing Jiangning Police, while patrolling, found a car parked on the side of the road and suddenly called for help. When the owner saw the patrolling police entering, even the car was gone, and he pulled his leg.

Until Hu Moao, the company's general manager, was arrested by the police, the company's talents knew that the man who lived with them was a woman. On the evening of December 6, Hu Moao was arrested by the police, and his identity that had been hidden for many years was also confirmed: the wanted person on the Internet, whose real name is Hu Leixiang, is a big deal.

Shenzhen's Ms. Han is a newborn baby mother. When she used a diaper for her child recently, she noticed something abnormal. Before going to bed one night, Ms. Han wrapped her child in diapers. I did not expect a baby who usually sleeps well at night. He was restless that night and frequently woke up at night. The next morning, Ms. Han

On December 9, many residents in a community in Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi said that a video was spreading among their owners. A snake plate was on the windowsill of high-rise residents, and they were hitting the windows from time to time. worry. Where did the snake come from this winter? The picture shows a high-rise building

Using gay dating as a bait, the gang members cooperated to set up a trap & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; On December 13, the police in Gaoping City announced that this involved the online telecommunications fraud of more than 300 men across the country and the amount involved was over 1,000

If it comes to play, Japanese players and companies are really big-headed. According to Japanese media reports, GINZA TANAKA, a silver building in Osaka, Japan recently publicly displayed a board game, which immediately caused a lot of sensation among players because it was a board game made entirely of pure gold. This board game

Educating children needs to pay attention to methods and methods. Teachers will always keep in touch with parents to keep parents informed of their children ’s good conditions at school. Home-school interaction can help fuel the growth of their children. This parent who is going to say today is a surprise for the teacher The words actually fanned her daughter fiercely from December

When the weather is cold, the food enthusiasts cannot control themselves. When a few friends get together, it is inevitable that drinking will help. Among them, fruit wine is also very popular ~ However, some people drink fruit wine and drink something big ... In the evening of November 30, Jieyang

Normal walking, normal bed rest, normal sitting and eating ... these are not ordinary for us. But can you think that these actions are more like a luxury to some people? Li Hua, a 46-year-old Shenzhen neighborhood, is one of the & amp; darr; & amp; darr

We have reported this unethical behavior of parabolic aloft many times. It was only a few months ago that the incident of parabolic lethality in the international city community did not take long. At around four o'clock in the afternoon on December 14, there was a high-altitude parabolic incident in the second group of the International City Group F, and this time the

This year, everyone did not eat less melon in the Korean entertainment industry. Regardless of the scandal or good news, many celebrities' names have been hotly searched for many days, causing a lot of attention and discussion. So who are the hottest entertainment celebrities in Korea in 2019? How about it? On November 29, a South Korean website conducted a poll

The elderly Mr. Ye in the 70s of Songyang was very grieved: Not only did his son Ye not support him, he also wanted to drive him out of the house. Ye Mou also had a grievance: his father married four wives before and after, and his money was cheated. Now he wants to marry again, so the house does not want to live with his father. The father and son were so upset about this, Yemou

Recently, an aunt Wang in Shanghai lost her ashes on the way back to the residence! What's even more surprising is that Aunt Wang, who was so anxious to pick up the passengers, regarded it as delicious ... Qian Liyu rushed back to Shanghai just to resettle his wife's ashes some time ago and settled in Japan for a long time

At the end of the year, everyone is looking forward to taking money to celebrate the New Year and care about such a group of people how you chase after his butt and ask for money. People will not pay back this group of people. This group of people is what we commonly call Lao Lai in the early morning of December 7. At 4 o'clock, the Executive Bureau of Jiangyin Court launched a new round of...

At the age of Xiao Bian, everyone should start to be cooks and cooks. We must say that cooking is indispensable for cooking oil, but the oil we buy from the supermarket is a bucket. Many families choose to use a smaller one for convenience. Oiler, but this is a small oiler. If it is not used properly, it will turn into a shape.

The suspect said that the QQ group must set up verification information to verify its identity before it can pass into the group. We didn't have much hope at first, because everyone was deceived only a few hundred yuan. I didn't expect that your small police case was not trivial, not only solved the case in time but also recovered our losses. 2019 12

Modern Express News (correspondent Yang Fang Gao Hao trainee reporter Hou Tianhui) JAVA 97 points, modern history 97 points, data structure and algorithm 96 points, circuit 95 points & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; This eye-catching transcript from Nanjing Industrial University

Xiao Yuehua is a 20-year old village secretary in Huangni Village, Lengshuijiang City, Hunan Province. During his tenure, he has achieved outstanding performance and high prestige among the people. In April this year, Xiao Yuehua was sentenced to withdraw his post in the party because he was accused of a protective umbrella by the local forces involved in criminal activities. Above the market

The picture comes from the network has nothing to do with the text. Xiangtan News, because of his suspected abandonment of his wife, Xiangtan's Mr. Yang was angry, and used a milk powder jar to smash his wife Ms. Hu's head. This action allowed Mr. Yang to receive the "Domestic Violence Warning Letter" issued by the police. Mr. Yang, I hereby warn you in writing against domestic violence

Recently, a mathematics paper compiled by Duanzi in Nantong, Jiangsu, has become popular, and there are ridiculous online popular words before each question: It ’s not that you are old, but you are doing too few questions. Owe, how can you meet. If you owe too much, this question will not be. ; Of the four options

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