In 1970s, a film called "glittering Red Star" hit the whole country. Because of this film, people remember the hero of the film, Pan Dongzi. Pan Dong Zi is like a flickering red star and always shines in the hearts of people. However, many people do not k

Overseas network on 27 December, AIA Taiwan Honduras presidential election in November 26th, the Taiwan authorities so deep in the diplomatic crisis very nervous, fear for the people on the ROC instability. Recently, he learned that Hernandez was re elect

In recent years, the war Oratorio in bizarre plot, poor props to make military fans very distasteful, although the recent 2 years has improved, but Sherman M1 such brain hole still keep the overhead weapon, recently found ZAKER Oolong appeared again premi

Not long ago, a Japanese plan to introduce American JASSM-ER space stealth cruise missile plans developed land attack cruise missiles news is very popular, a lot of media will focus on the United States to sell them relaxed attitude, while ignoring the Ja

At an unprecedented level. Recently, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has made such a judgement on us - Russian relations. Facing the relationship between the two countries that has never been able to warm up since 2017, a series of unfriendly acts in the

The amazing -5 of the rainbow is reported. According to the influential Arabic newspaper in the Middle East, Egypt recently signed an armed UAV purchase contract with China to purchase the newly developed rainbow -5 large armed UAV in China. This order is

The British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website published an article claiming that there China air force equipment to fly fighter -10C fighter carrying new BVRAAM pictures, this new type of missile is probably the long rumored Charlie -15, it is also the main

The life of the Russian engine has been the object of the outside teasing, the main reason is that the life of the Russian engine is too short. For example, the basic repair period of AL-31F is 300 hours, the largest 900 hours. By the beginning of this ce

[observer network comprehensive report] the US defense news weekly website reported on December 28th. The Pakistan Navy spokesman first confirmed publicly to the media. It signed the purchase of 1 054A frigates with China in June this year, and plans to a

Since the Second World War, both in the Pacific and in the Atlantic, the two fleet of the United States Navy has been truly invincible. With its 155 aircraft carriers produced in World War II, the US Navy can say that it can really do it, and all other co

The forthcoming 2017 is a special and important year for both the world and China. This year, Chinese foreign relations not only successfully deal with the crisis of the peninsula, the South China Sea dispute and the old problems, but also withstood the s

May 7, 2017 is a memorial day, the day the longest China Navy warships -- military service for 41 years 516, Jiujiang ship announced his retirement. In the mid - 90s of last century, the Chinese Navy had a serious shortage of land Firepower - ZAKER, perso

The United States Air Force first KC-46 tankers completed the first flight, the aircraft will be in the United States Air Force in the future, instead of other gas machine, this machine is 767 body and improved gas machine, not only the United States Air

Recently, an internal photo on the Internet has been widely spread to help climb Mount Everest and help Weilong. There is a view that China's aviation engine is usually named after the famous mountain river. This map may indicate that the final version of

Recently, the "national interest" in December 17th published bimonthly website reporter Chris Osborn's article "F-35, the six generation machine has big plans", the United States Air Force has begun to experiment and design on sixth generation aircraft, t

Went to the end of the year end inventory of the moment, in the past year, Chinese forces to produce a rather awesome answer. Whether -20 is officially serving and participating in military exercises, or -20's accelerated service, there are many achieveme

An advanced offshore platform system has been introduced in the report of China's middle ship heavy industry. This platform is mainly composed of several hundreds of meters wide, hundreds of meters of large offshore platform preset together, in combinatio

The recent news that the number of F -20 f -20 settled base continues to increase the reform, has been to 5. And the output of the annihilate -20 was maintained in 18 in 2017. According to the plan, the fighter -20 stealth fighter, the future if 4 pulsati

In the history of the export of Chinese aircraft, the engine has been an extremely fatal problem. As the power heart of the aircraft, the engine performance is not good, the performance decline fighter will be very serious; and the reliability is poor, it

2 million 740 thousand on the list for 15 consecutive months, the new national public number total top 5 welcome to reprint, shall be signed and annotated out from WeChat, or legal liability. According to the French "Le Figaro" website reported on Decembe

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