Strong adaptability: unless you are a herpetologist, you may not be familiar with the iguana, this gentle animal is very lazy, but they are also in the movie Godzilla prototype, there are a lot of people to the misunderstanding of the iguana. As a matter

A dog owner in swallowed 24 rubber gloves, its owner took surgery costs about 12 thousand yuan, to help it to the belly of the gloves were removed. Click the picture to go to the next page subtitle, half a year ago, 54 year old Michael and wife Jean are i

According to reports, a British teenager had been found dead in the room, after an investigation found that because he never takes a bath, but the long-term use of deodorant to eliminate odor, due to excessive inhalation of butane gas (butane) and death.

Curiosity Kills the cat! According to reports, a man recently met with friends fishing, fishing process suddenly found a strange stone in the water, so they want to pick up, carefully look at. Click on the picture to go to the next page subtitle. Who know

"Uncle Chen, what kind of thing are you planting?" Like a big sole, it's like a big palm." The day before, Zhongjiang Fuxing town Guangming Village Uncle Chen from own vegetable dug up more than 70 cm long and weighs 29.2 pounds, with 4 "fingers" vegetabl

It is reported that the man Terry from Australia, he gave his girlfriend's engagement ring cleverly in a necklace, and his girlfriend with a surprise for 18 months have not found the secret, when the last man opened the necklace ring,

It is reported that the 36 year old Hannah Klose (HannahKlose) lived around relatives and friends very envious of life, because both Hanna and her husband Dan dress and daughter Josie are comfortable life, always go for a holiday all over the world, every

It is reported that one of the "double faced" cattle was sold in the northern part of Queensland, australia". Click on the picture to go to the next page subtitle. According to the Po map of the social media, there are second eyes on the head of the cow,

According to reports, recently, a New York restaurant in Long Island lobster attracts a lot of curious people, but they came here not to eat the lobster, but in order to see this rare lobster, and for their pictures. According to reports, according to the

Ants have amazing load capacity, and can drag more than 1400 times their weight. Indonesia three City 17 year old Frankie (Frenki Jung) recently in the backyard to shoot an ant with its jaws as easy as blowing off dust lifted the whole process of the cate

Philippines: it's illegal to bring in coffee. Maybe you're a coffee lover, and you bring your coffee wherever you go, but according to the Philippines customs regulations, guns and coffee are contraband. In addition, they are not allowed to carry receiver

The world is big, Nothing is too strange. Recently, the eighth session of the world eat French fries in Toronto Canada contest kicked off, tens of thousands of Toronto citizens can receive free chips, participating in the 24 year old CarmenCincotti eat ni

Emma Morane Alka, she is also the oldest person in the world. She was born in November 29, 1899, and Elmar celebrated her 117th anniversary! Click on the picture to go to the next page subtitle. She was born 15 years before World War i.. Britain was still

In South Carolina's Huntington state Ergang silent thunder Beach Park, people see a very unbelievable scene, a group of PA heron and even crocodiles play in the water, with the mouth touch PA Heron crocodile, crocodile uncharacteristically, unexpectedly t

Outdoor camping is a kind of life and leisure method that many people love. It can absorb fresh air, enjoy the quiet, and become closer to nature. But camping outdoors also involves dangerous situations, both thrilling and exciting, and often there is no

White snakeroot is a poisonous plant growth in the North American grasslands and pastures, it is a perennial herb, its every part contains Perrin toxin, this toxin is an unsaturated alcohol, can cause cattle muscle tremors and eventually lead to his death

When men dig herbs in the mountains, accidentally dug a huge meatballs, its size is comparable to the umbrella man, because of curiosity, it will be brought home. Click on the picture to enter the subtitle of the next page. After the event spread, the loc

When a big sister in his pool, washing clothes, a snake, when the eldest sister can not be scared. Click the picture to the next page: originally this is a square pattern strange snake, the snake's body, the head is white, the local folk saying is this

It is reported that a self - taught young woman has opened a new career for herself with super realistic cake art. Click the picture to the next page: Molly Robbins from Lancashire Rosen Dyer, is a former makeup artist.

Is the so-called big world, Nothing is too strange., now follow the cosmetic skills development, increasing people join the army in cosmetic, cosmetic perhaps on some people, can recover self-confidence, back to the young again. In a recent online stir

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