The Qixi Festival ## immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon to come out soon. However, the true Chang'e may not be known. She's very sad. She married a dog. Who is chang e? She is the daughter of emperor ku. But in the third emperor Ku Three Emp

There is a pen in the Shi and Gongsun Sheng mana be roughly the same person, his name is Qiao Daoqing, he is ready to start and Gongsun Sheng in reality under the door when an ordinary student, and his learning spells, but he was because he should

China throughout history, those who can conquer the emperor's woman, regardless of their origin or poor, all have a beautiful appearance, is the so-called energy-saving. However, the Western Jin Dynasty emperor empress Jia Nanfeng, looks ugly, short and b

Is the Mayan five prophecy true? Why is the end of the world still here?. The mysterious disappearance of the Maya leaves behind five mysterious prophecies, one of which is the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world in 2012, and is said to be the five maj

The four son of Meng Qi, Tian wen. There are two people played brilliantly in the field of the story, they use their expertise to Tian Wen from Qin Guojiu out, this is after the attack the Qin Qin Tian Wen to cede territory and ask for peace history. But

In Chinese history, to say which woman than the emperor also known, it is one of the characters in Daji, Daji Shang King Zhou's favorite woman, she has worked with King Zhou of Shang do some bad things, she is not long to King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, also


Homosexuality is known to be a love of one another. Homosexuality has long been common in modern society. Of course, homosexuality is not protected and recognized by the state's marriage law. On the other hand, if same-sex lovers do not hesitate to be tog

How did Cao Cao die? In the "historical records" writing, the ingredients are quite in black Cao Cao, but even the black Cao Cao, had to admit that it is a "hero" role, Cao Cao has showed excellent gas in military expertise, but unfortunately,

TV drama "Han Yin weizifu" hit, a lot of people weizifu this woman of interest, the history of the real weizifu end is what kind of person? Weizifu (before second Century - 91 years ago), the name has been lost, the word Zi Fu, the Han Dynasty in Pingyang

"Misty clouds anxious day, Xiao Rui brain gold beast. Festival and Chongyang, jade cabinet, energy-saving......" Li Qingzhao, the eternal first talented woman, when people read her poem, filled all the hearts of a kind of admiration admiration. However, t

Since Pingyuan Zhaosheng's death squads fought bravely, plus Wei Chu rescue, after the war of Handan, Qin retreat, Zhao also turned the corner. Although his Weiwuji save active, but because of the theft of the brother Weiwang Hufu, killed in the Wei Dynas

Mo-tse, Zhai Lu (also name, a song about life, say) in 468 BC to 376 years ago. Mo-tse was a very famous thinker, educator and strategist in ancient China. He was the founder of Mohist school. Mo-tse, like Mo-tse, founded Mohism and represented works

Zhao Wuling and Wang Zhaoyong handed over the political power to the youngest son, Zhao He, who was later King Zhao Huiwen, who followed the minister and ran to the state of Qin as a spy. What is the purpose of Zhao Wang's doing this? In historical record

Wang Zhaojun is a generation of beauty in history, famous for "marriage" and "ancient and modern". The Han Dynasty in the early years of the Republic, and the war drum thunder sun, meet on the battleground. Since Zhaojun and after the two sides bury the h


Tao Yuanming, also known as Tao Qian, is known as the bright character, Mr. Jing, is located in the hometown of Xunyang chaisang. He is the eastern end to the early Southern Song Dynasty famous poet, scholar, has many excellent works spread in the world.

Who can tell me why? The nobles can live like happy? So much pornography, corruption, empty life is my dream has always been good, why can't I do that? Why? God he gave me a supercilious look, Jane

Wise and foolish, Zhao Wuling, who was a fool for a lifetime, was starved to death in the palace by his son Zhao Huiwenwang. In front of the old Fu also said that the king of Zhao when he abdicated, although moved the Qin state of mind, and even personall

From the Warring States period as the four star of the first Qin led the campaign for many years, crippled many countries, completely changed the military balance in this time, laid a solid foundation for the ultimate reunification of the world. But today

Chu, one of the most respected leaders of Chu state, King Chu hui. After 57 years in office, he made great contributions to the territory of the state of Chu by expanding the territory and expanding the territory. But Chu Hui Wang defeated Chen Guo, Cai G

Xianfeng two years (February 11th March 31, 1852), was named Nala languiren. At the beginning of May nine (June 26th), the 18 year old Nala officially entered the palace, the palace in Changchun. This Changchun palace hall hung Qian Longdi Yubi plaque, a

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