It is understood that at the time of the incident, it was believed that two New Territories North anti-black police officers escorted a arrested injured female demonstrator to the hospital for treatment. During the passage through Canton Road near Austin Road, the black was dispersed nearby. The cloth rioters met, and the mob swarmed up and took the opportunity to rob. The police opened at...

At 24 o'clock today (18th), the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will be opened again. Institutional analysis, affected by OPEC oil producers' expansion of production expectations, US crude oil inventories and other factors, during the pricing period, international crude oil prices fluctuated upward, and the current domestic refined oil prices were adjusted on the line....

The picture comes from the visual inspection of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government Office of Hebei, China, for the procurement of the city government Weibo WeChat construction project, the procurement budget is 900,000 yuan. In this regard, some netizens questioned the price is too high. Recently, the person in charge of the government affairs open office of Shijiazhuang Municipal Government...

Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a notice to order the completion of the first-line shutdown of the first phase of the Municipal Rail Transit Line 1 and Line 2, and proposed that two accidents in the near future should be ordered by Line 1 and Line 2 of Wuhu City. Period project shutdown and rectification ↓&dar

The self-study space in the lounge area of ​​the paid study room is separate and more difficult to be disturbed. Although it is more expensive, it is the most popular, and it is the first to make an appointment every day. The clerk said that the seat is not a theater, nor a cafe, but a paid study room. The reporter learned from the Internet that the emerging payment from

■ Liao Muxing / Figure brush face to pay for the heat, or become a successful derivative of mobile payment after the scan code payment. On October 20 this year, the face payment ushered in the national team - at the 6th World Internet Conference Forum, China UnionPay officially released the face payment device

Recently, the Chinese police and the UAE police teamed up to conduct a simultaneous closing action against a cross-border counterfeit and selling gang, arresting 57 suspects inside and outside China, and seized luxury goods such as fake Louis Vuitton, fake Hermes, and fake Chanel. The remaining amount, the amount involved is nearly RMB 1

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] On November 17, the netizen @风中微尘 posted a video on Hongbo that a Hong Kong mob was beaten by foreigners. According to CCTV news reports, a Hong Kong violent protester sneaked back to school after throwing a firebomb at the public, and was caught on the spot by a foreigner. Video display,

On the evening of November 8th, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, from Lukou to Jiangning Tongren Hospital, a white car with license plate number Su A22A** was whistling and flying, and even seven or eight red lights ran for nearly 20 minutes. How many kilometers is it in the car, or is it filming? neither! Is to save

The old women's volleyball team, which has inspired several generations of Chinese people, collectively "debuted" today. On November 14, the "Chinese Women's Volleyball" film made a new notice, and the old women's volleyball team members completed the collective "debut." Surprisingly, the young Lang Ping’s actor is Lang Ping’s daughter Bai Lang, while other old women’s volleyball players...

According to Weibo @广州公警, this morning, the Guangzhou Anti-Terrorism Leading Group held a 2019 Suzaku anti-terrorism peacekeeping handling exercise in Huangpu District. Photo of the drill site Source: Governor of Guangzhou Public Security Chang'an Street (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) Note

When I got a call to the hospital, people were no longer able to. On the afternoon of November 14, Ms. Lu received a phone call from her daughter’s girlfriend, saying that her daughter Xiao Li had an accident during a liposuction operation in a beauty clinic in Chengdu. She needed to be transferred to a hospital for treatment. She and her family rushed past. What makes her sad is that her...

Zhongxin Jingwei Client November 17 (Zhang Yanzheng) Recently, a video of a 7-day hotel bed suspected of vomit was spread online. In the video, there were suspected vomits on the bed and on the sheets. The customer questioned that the 7-day hotel chain did not change the sheets, the hotel staff

This is probably a nightmare for every parent: sending their children to school thousands of miles away, but they never go home again. This is the original words of the American media ABC in a preview of the feature film about Zhang Yingying. This feature documentary featuring the sensational Zhang Yingying case, during the US East

Written | Gao Yuyang Weekend, November 17th, the 6th General Assembly of the International Confucian Association was held in Beijing. Zheng Zhijian (WeChat ID: bqzhengzhiju) noted that at the meeting, the former Vice Premier of the State Council Liu Yandong was elected as the International Confucian Union It will be the sixth president, former Japanese

A video shows that a radical demonstrator in Hong Kong was questioned by a foreigner on the spot during a violent demonstration: "Are you protesting against the demonstrators? Are you destroying the city? You beat those who disagree with you and murder them. , use the fire to point them, do you enjoy it? Isn’t your parents taught?

According to the "People's Concern" report, on the afternoon of November 12, Ms. Wang of Ning County, Anshun Town, heard that there was a parcel, so she opened the door and opened the door. Two people directly rushed into the house. One of the women turned out. Outside the balcony of Ms. Wang’s home, she claimed to jump off the building. Around 3 pm that day, Anshun Town

The following article is from the theory of urban evolution, author Zhu Meijie Yu Ruijun Source: Public No. Urban Evolution From 1750 to 2050, the world will fully enter the city. Affected by the decline in the average competitiveness of China, the United States and Europe, during the reporting period, the global urban competitiveness averaged slightly.

Cao Xuetao. Photography / Journalist Yu Yu On November 15th, the president of Nankai University and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Cao Xuetao was exposed to 18 papers. The experimental pictures of the papers have PS traces and other news on the Internet. As of the time of publication, the foreigners who had previously exposed Cao Xuetao’s paper fraud were exposed.

The U disk is a tool that almost everyone has used in the digital storage era. However, many people do not know that the patent for the U disk belongs to a Chinese company, and on November 14, the patent with a validity of 20 years expired. △ CCTV Finance "economic information network" column video this

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