Recently, Guizhou, a country famous for its wines, has issued a general prohibition on alcohol! Since September 1st, all alcoholic drinks have been banned from public service activities in Guizhou, and personal wines are prohibited. If you want to drink i

Legal Evening News News (reporter Li Wenji view editor Yue Sanmeng) today newspaper published a special article, the author is a female writer blessing army general, supplement 4000 issues long march. View news reporter noted that the generals is marshal

National Health and Family Planning Commission yesterday (21) issued the "2016 China Health and family planning career development statistics bulletin.". "Bulletin" shows that all the two child policy effect gradually, in 2016 the national birth number is

Legal Evening News News (reporter Zhang Ying view editor Yue Sanmeng) recently, the meeting held at the Nankai University physics Chen Shengshen mathematical research, more than 30 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to celebrate the 95 birthda

What are the regrets for college graduates? University did not fall in love, has been included in the list of regrets. Tanabata approaching, there are survey institutions statistics of college students love situation, currently 48% of college students did

Xinhua news agency, Chongqing, August (reporter Ke Gaoyang Chen Yanyun) Hello, yourphonewaspoweroffwhenIcalledyou, 23. Yourmealhavebeenputbymeonthevendin - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative media information

Modern Express News (reporter Wang Yi) we all know, Nanjing subway cars prohibit eating, not only for health, but also for safety. Although the provisions of the implementation of three years, the car eating a lot less, but occasionally there are people w

According to BBC News reported on August 23rd, to 2050, the population of Africa is expected to double the world for African countries with the highest birth rate in Niger, this figure is not what, because the population of Niger in 2050 will be over thre

Check the system in full swing, national financial violations and then a heavy blow. In August 23rd, the Supreme People's Procuratorate issued a notice, to resolutely investigate and deal with deep financial predators, engage in bartering and transfer of

Yesterday (August 23rd) 6:24, the _ sweet shell made a long micro-blog on the Internet, about his experience in Hangzhou city station (from the users of micro-blog, abridged) - (morning) 12:27, I in a driver master (f) with the help of my luggage, ZAKER,

The two day is being staged in the "Cultural Revolution" of the United States, there is a more shocking scene … … saying, everyone should have heard: in the past few weeks, the United States is reeling from a more intense racial conflicts ca

The 23 day of this year, the strongest typhoon landed in Guangzhou at the same time Chinese Columba, swept the circle of friends friends. The last typhoon in Taiwan, an aunt eating buns photos in micro-blog fire, and even fire to foreign countries, was BB

Data picture: this year's May Day holiday, the famous scenic spot in Taiwan, the lake of Riyuetan Pool is very quiet, once noisy pier rarely seen mainland tourists figure. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Junxi Photo Reference News Network August 24th Taiw

Yesterday (August 23rd) Hangzhou Wu aunt call to reporters said: I am 67 years old, in the West Plaza Wumart supermarkets buy vegetables and pots, pot 50 yuan. Before going to the supermarket, I went to the hospital to check the body, the result is not ve

According to the Chinese youth network today (23) reported that the thirteenth typhoon this year, Columba was the center of today at 12:50 before and after landing in China in Guangdong, the southern coast of Zhuhai, landing wind near the center 14. Accor

Driving most afraid of traffic police posted a ticket, but in the Heping District, eleven weft Road near, a unique handwriting violation parking ticket, but make the way people laugh and cry. The ticket is a pencil handwriting, even with an air of importa

In August 23rd this year, Typhoon No. thirteenth in Guangdong Zhuhai to Columba Yangjiang along the coastal areas of Shenzhen City Meteorological Station 23, 10 00 the city will be upgraded to red orange signal warning of typhoon, typhoon especially into

Remember this year during the college entrance examination, a Shanxi for the first time for AIDS infected people set up an independent entrance examination room news has caused many controversy. Now, new developments have taken place, and 15 of the 16 col

Trump followed Hilary closely. The visual China data of former US Secretary of state, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hilary's book "what happened" will be published recently in the book, Hilary recalled summed up the U.S. election last year. Among

Figure: August 23rd morning in purchasing Lotte duty free shop waiting to open local time on August 23rd, South Korea, "Asian economy" reports: South Korea duty-free association data released in July this year, South Korea duty-free sales of $982 million

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