Recently, the mysterious serial killer with a special pet slaughter of British pets in fear. According to the London Croydon advertiser, the British police investigation confirmed that from September 2015 to December this year, the man called Croydon cat

December 13th, Xuancheng, Anhui. Two children ran up and down the elevator after the mall fell, the yellow boy right little finger was pinched off the elevator in two section. After the fire came to the field, the staff of the mall opened the elevator to

In the afternoon of December 13, 2017, a strange car accident happened in Bobai County of Guangxi. A freight car knocked down the gate of the funeral home. In the afternoon, the fire brigade of the county dispatched 2 fire trucks and 14 officers and soldi

December 15, 2017, Linyi, Shandong. Li Xia, 50, is the director of the private kindergarten of Liang Jia North Village, andI Town, Yinan county. The villagers say that Li Xia's students have a mark, and one can see that civilization is polite. In the spri

Around eight a.m. in December 13th, the seven brigade police at Nantong traffic police received a warning from the crowd. A woman was squatting on the emergency lane at 18 km away from Rudong to Nantong. The police rushed to the scene immediately. After t

Overseas network on 15 December, the Korean Democratic Republican president Xu Jingying worked as a presidential candidate for the fifteenth and seventeenth elections in South korea. But this is a quite a reputation for politicians, but was exposed by the

According to the report of lychee network on December 15th, 13, a pedestrian in Lianshui County of Huaian, Jiangsu was hit by an electric car. She was killed because of the heavy injury and died after rescue. The troublemaker was a girl who was only 12 ye

The picture shows the 6 year old daughter was murdered in place (source: "India times") overseas network on 15 December, 13 evening local time, India East Delhi, a 6 year old half India girl mother caught having an affair, and by her mother and her lover

After sharing the bicycle fire, psoriasis also began to aim at sharing bicycles. The behavior of sticking and placing small advertisements on shared car body is also common. The city psoriasis not only damage the user experience, but also greatly affect t

I am a meritorious police who has been forgotten. I have repeatedly exploits have on drug exposure, put my life into two halves: the first half of his life in heaven, life in hell. 1 when the police day was the day I was unforgettable in 1963, I was born

Today, a news scraper in the circle of friends, the story is this: in February last year, Zhejiang Cixi Miss Qin to go to a bank in Henghe, asking for 22400 yuan. Who knows, the teller made a mistake of 24000 yuan to her, and gave her a withdrawal amount

Millions of Land Rover cars were placed near the security booth of the parking lot. Nobody was found to have been dismantled at night. To claim the property, it is told that the district only provides parking space and is not responsible for the safety of

Yesterday, a net friend shared a hopeless story. This wave operates … … wants to kill … … some netizens also point out what the roommates are hinting at; … … netizens say, this key ZAKER, personalization recommend

Today, cheating artifact began stately selling online, some students have to pass the exam by buying crooked trick. Reporters found that businesses on the Internet sell the invisible stickers for cheating in art examinations, and can be put on tissues suc


# Olympic emblem # just now, the Beijing Olympics emblem officially released! As the emblem of the Chinese characters of winter winter dreams as a source of inspiration, on the part of show skater style, second half performance ski athletes yingzi. The mi

Prince Harry and his girlfriend take photos together to announce the engagement of the wedding ring, the overseas network. On December, 15, according to Kensington Palace, the prince of England and his American girlfriend will have a wedding in May 19, 20

[/] Xueying observer network high recently, international SOS released a "2018 World travel risk map", China is listed as "tourists low risk countries. China Daily released 14 video reports that foreigners in China have indicated that compared with their

Putin bye bye? According to Russian media reports, local time 14 days at 12 pm (5 pm Beijing time) Russian President Putin held thirteenth large annual press conference on 2018, presidential election, domestic and foreign policy, pension and regional issu

South Korean President Wen zaiyin's visit to China, the two public mention of Nanjing massacre. In the two days before the start of the visit to China, said in an interview with CCTV zaiyin, the biggest purpose and focus is to restore the two countries mu

The author | cattle Piano (a) in December 13th, the state of Nanjing Massacre Memorial, Beijing a special guest. Several particularity: first, this is his first visit to China as a leader of a neighbouring country. The close neighbor should have been clos

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